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S7 Priority - for little and adult travelers


S7 Priority - for little and adult travelers

Pleasant changes in the S7 Priority programme: cost-efficient flights in exchange for miles, award tickets and privileges are available to all members aged over 2 years without any exceptions. Parents can easily register their children in the programme additionally indicating their account number, and each family member will get an opportunity to collect own miles. 

You will need the child’s birth certificate or international passport (if any) for registration in the programme and ticket purchase. Miles for children’s flights are credited under the same procedure as for adults — in accordance with fares eligible for mileage accrual. Every traveler aged from 2 to 12 years will receive a gift — 1000 miles for registration after the first flight with S7 Airlines, as well as an opportunity to earn and redeem miles, purchase award tickets, and enjoy the same privileges as adult programme members. And the most pleasant feature is that miles have no validity term, until the little traveler reaches the age of 12!