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What is an electronic ticket?

An electronic ticket, or e-ticket, is the modern equivalent of a paper ticket. E-tickets are now used for flights in most countries of the world, and are gradually replacing their paper counterparts. Since 2008 all members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which includes S7 Airlines, have been obliged to use e-tickets.

Purchase is done in the usual way, but the booking information is kept securely by S7 in an electronic database, rather than being printed on a blank ticket. The quickest way to purchase an e-ticket is to book it online using the «Book flights» tab on the main page.

Why are e-tickets better?

  • You save time: you can buy a ticket online without leaving your home and it only takes a few minutes;
  • You can use «Manage My Booking» (just click the tab on the main page) to check flight status, change your details, arrange a refund, and more. You can even post messages about your trip on your favourite social network.
  • No paper ticket to lost or forget: your booking is safe on the S7 database.
  • After purchasing tickets you can easily send your trip details to family, friends or business partners.
  • You can buy tickets for a group of passengers in one transaction.

How do I book a ticket online?

Open the «Book flights» tab on the main page and fill in the search form.

Which time – local or Moscow – is shown at ticket purchase?

Our website will always state the local time of departure and arrival airports. For example, if a departure from Moscow is shown as 14:05, then that means 14:05 Moscow time. If an arrival to Irkutsk is given as 15:20, this means 15:20 Irkutsk time.

What is «Flexible search»?

Tick the box next to «Flexible search» if your travel dates are not yet fixed. You will be shown a calendar displaying the best tariffs from the weeks before and after your selected date.

I received a «Session timed out» message. What should I do?

There is an inactivity time limit of 20 minutes on our online service webpages. If your computer is inactive too long, you will see a «Session timed out» message. In that case you have to start again.

I received a purchase confirmation by e-mail. Why do I need it?

The purchase confirmation verifies that you have ordered and paid for an S7 product or service. It contains general information on your purchase, including price and charges. The purchase confirmation is intended for your information and is not a requirement for travel; you don’t need to submit it to airport officials.

Can any person purchase a ticket on the website?

No, unfortunately not everyone. Because some passengers require special booking procedures and mandatory agreements with the airline regarding the terms and conditions carriage, it is not currently possible to issue tickets online for:

  • unaccompanied children (those under 13 travelling without an adult);
  • adult passenger with infant under 2 years old occupying separate seat;
  • wheelchair users;
  • those on a stretcher;
  • gravely ill passengers;
  • blind or deaf passengers.

Tickets for passengers in these categories can be bought via an S7 sales office, where a ticket sales agent can take all the necessary details and make enquiries about the possibility of such a flight.

Can I buy tickets online for a group of passengers?

Yes, you can. There are two ways to do this, depending on the number of people in the group.
For a group of up to 9 people, open the «Book flights» tab on the main page and book your tickets online.

If the group includes 10 or more people, you can buy tickets:

  • via the group bookings special offers page;
  • by making multiple bookings via «Book flights» tab on the main page;
  • by dialling our Contact Centre on 8-800-700-0707 or 8-800-200-0007 (free within Russia), or calling direct from the website by hitting «Click to call» at the bottom of any page.

Can I buy an international ticket online if I don’t have a visa for my destination country?

Yes, you can buy a ticket for an international flight without a visa. However, it is recommended to obtain a visa, if required, at least 24 hours prior to departure. Ensure that your visa will be granted in time for check-in!

I bought tickets online for the same route on two dates, but three days apart. Later, one of my tickets was cancelled. Why?

When two tickets are booked under the same name for the same route on different dates of departure within four days of each other, we cancel one of those tickets regardless of whether or not it has been paid for. This is necessary to avoid the ‘freezing’ of seats. A refund is issued according to the fare rules.

In order to keep both flights, please call the Contact Centre on 8-800-700-0707 or 8-800-200-0007 (free within Russia) and let us know. You can even call direct from the website — click «Click to call» at the bottom of any page.

Can I book a ticket online and pay later?

Yes. On s7.ru you can book a ticket and then pay for it within a set period of time. If the ticket is not paid for within that time, it is cancelled automatically.

How soon must I pay for a ticket booked online?

This depends on the fare class and how early you book your ticket before departure. Use the table to find out:

PromoWEB, SALE, O24 hours12 hours3 hoursNot permitted

How long until departure?more than 12 daysless than 12 and more than 7 daysless than 7 days and more than 12 hoursless than 12 and more than 3 hours
Fare classPay for the booking within:
Promo WEB, SALE, O 24 hours 12 hours 3 hours Not permitted
Economy Q, N, S, M, V, T, R, L 48 hours 24 hours 6 hours 1 hours
Economy Standard K, H, B, 72 hours 48 hours 6 hours 3 hours
Economy Linda+Busines Y, D, C, J 120 hours 72 hours 12 hours 6 hours

I have an e-ticket. What do I need to check in at the airport?

Take your identity documents – a passport for adults or a birth certificate for a minor – and, if required, a foreign passport and visa as well.

We also recommend that you take your itinerary receipt with you. It is not required for check-in, but it might be useful as it contains all your flight information.

Can a booking be cancelled without warning?

Yes, it can. If the booking period expires before payment has been made, your booking will be cancelled.

The booking period can vary from 3 to 24 hours, depending on the fare class and whether the time remaining before departure is more or less than three days.

How long is a ticket valid for?

Tickets issued under a standard fare are valid for travel up to one year from date of departure. If a flight coupon has remained unused, or if a ticket was issued with an open date, tickets are valid up to one year from their date of issue.

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