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  • MasterCard Mobile Shopping Application Awards 2013 in Russia.
  • Shortlisted in EyeforTravel’s Mobile Innovation in Travel Awards 2013, London.

The S7 Airlines app makes booking, boarding and accessing the latest travel information and your S7 Priority Account details easier than ever before. You'll have instant access to live information about your next flight(s), you can use your iPhone as a boarding pass1 on many routes and book new flights and Aeroexpress train tickets in Moscow directly from the iPhone app.

S7 Airlines app Features includes:

  • Integrated with Passbook! Check In for your flight straight from the app, choose your seat and add your boarding pass to the Passbook. You will also be able also store Aeroexpress Train tickets bought in the app to Passbook.
  • Book any S7 Airlines and / or partner airline flight easily through the app using pay now or pay later options available.
  • Get instant access to your bookings with up to date information about your upcoming flights inclusive of passenger, departure and real-time flight status.
  • Check-in to your flights and select your seats at no extra cost through the app.
  • Add your S7 Priority membership card into Passbook.
  • Check flight status for any S7 operated flight.
  • Store your profile data inclusive of travel documents to ease the purchase process for you and your travel companions.
  • Ability to store your payment card details locally on your phone for use during purchase of air and train tickets.
  • Export flight information to iPhone calendar to help you organise your travel plans with your other schedules.
  • S7 offices listed with address and shown on map to make it easier for you to find us in person.
  • Free calls to S7 Contact centre using the toll free number or Click to call function straight from the app.
  • Get information about your S7 Priority account balance, about the program and many other privileges related to you.

Talk to us using the feedback function from the app or send us your feedback, suggestions and comments to email: mobile.support@s7.ru.

1 Passbook functionality may not be available at all airports due to local regulations and we advise to always check the local airport regulations before travel and print associated travel documents. The airports typically provides facilities at site to scan bar code and print paper boarding pass, however there may be airports not offering these facilities.

What's new in S7 Mobile for iPhone

Version 1.5.6

Hope you’ll like our next update. 

What’s new:

  • You can buy flight insurance together with flight.
  • Flight status alerts can be received via PUSH.
  • At any time, you can see how much time is left before the opening of web-check in.
  • S7 Priority miles recovery service is available on iPhone. 


  • Bugs in iOS5.
  • Error when adding boarding pass for flights, purchased as part of a tour package, to the Passbook. 

And do not forget to try updated Today widget for notification center iOS 8. We think it turned out very beautiful :)

Version 1.5.4

This is our first release after iOS8 launch! Meet a new features.

Now you can:

  • Protect your credit card data with Touch ID (available for iOS 8 + iPhone 5s or 6).
  • Check your flight information in the iOS 8 notification center without opening an application.

Also we fixed:

  • Errors in iOS 5.
  • An error occurred while adding your credit card information to the Profile.

Version 1.5.3

  • Credit card number can be easily scanned directly with S7 app.
  • Mileage balance information now is more complete. Find out how many miles are left to the next elite tier, check number of status flights and all the data on transactions.

In this update discovered and fixed the following bugs:

  • Error when searching for tickets to Vladivostok, Baku, Dushanbe.
  • Online check-in works faster.

Version 1.5.2

Dear friends, many thanks to your recommendations and feedback. They are the reason this application becomes the way you see it.

In this update we made many improvements:

  • The interface has become more informative:  data on stops is added to the "Select Flight" screen.
  • S7 Priority number no longer needs to be added manually. When buying a ticket or check-in it is easily inserted from the Profile.
  • Information on bookings made at www.s7.ru when logged-in is automatically added to the app.
  • When checking-in, you can change passport information or add visa data.
  • Passengers who have bought a flight as part of a travel package,  can now check-in online using the application.

Also in this update we managed to fix a few minor but annoying bugs. 

Version 1.5.1

  • Fixes and improvements for Profile section.

Version 1.5

We really appreciate your comments! Thanks to them we were able to find and fix several errors and improve application performance. 

We significantly updated Profile:

  • Fixed error when adding travel companions and documents.
  • Logged in users can select saved in Profile travel document when booking.
  • Profile is now available not only for S7 ​​Priority members, but also for those who signed up at s7.ru. 

Also fixed :

  • Error when displaying a large number of passengers in "My flights".
  • Error when purchasing Aeroexpress ticket.
  • Error when selecting from the list of "Favorite cities".
  • Route list updates faster.

Version 1.4.7

  • Improved flight search: search surrounding days when no flights found for the selected date(s).
  • Minor changes and improvements.

Version 1.4.6

  • Fixed an issue with date of birth selecting.
  • Fixed an issue with selected flights displaying.
  • Slight changes and improvements.

Version 1.4.5

  • Purchase of tickets for "Aeroexpress" became quicker.

Version 1.4.1

  • Automatic PUSH-notification when your flight is open for Check-in.
  • Subscribe to flight status and notification regardless of where you initially bought you ticket, one www.s7.ru or through an agency.
  • Now available through Check-in for connecting flights as long as one of them is a S7 Airlines flight.
  • “Aeroexpress” tickets is now available for purchase.
  • Call interruptions when minimizing the app.
  • Duplication of information in your profile.
  • Check-in with infants now only shows available seats.

Version 1.4

  • Added terminal info.
  • Added pull to refresh for account sections.
  • New design for S7 Priority card in the Passbook.

Version 1.3.4

  • Optimization for iOS7. Enjoy! 
  • Stay informed in Airport! When you add your boarding pass to Passbook you will get notifications automatically about gate change, time change etc if applicable.
  • Simplify you next shopping experience. Store your payment card on your phone to simplify furtherer purchases. Now this feature also available when you buy Aeroexpress tarins.
  • Surf S7 main site and mobile version. We have added links to main web site and to our mobile web site if you like to visit.
  • We are taking care, you will get your miles! We will check any Booking you added to the application and if it not contains your S7 Priority Number we will notify you and add it automatically.
  • Online calls won’t be interrupted in case of incoming GSM calls. 
  • Issues with Aeroexpress timetable.
  • Ticket Offices now displayed correctly when you are offline.

Version 1.3.3

  • Booking details are now available without an active internet connection.
  • «Pull to refresh» has been added to My Bookings.
  • Subscribing to receive flight status updates and boarding passes is now even easier: choose a phone number or e-mail address from your Contacts without having to type them manually.
  • You can now «pull to refresh» individual flights on the Flight Board. 
  • Choose flight dates during ticket purchase with a single tap.
  • You can now leave your feedback in the App Store directly through the app.
  • Passbook is now activated only on the date of flight.
  • The tooltip to add a loyalty programme number is now shown only once – when you first open My Ticket or Online Check-In.

Version 1.3.2

  • If you forgot to add your “S7 Priority” number, the system will now remind you 
  • Check-in will now ask you to confirm your travel documents 
  • Buy tickets directly from the main screen 
  • Partner flights are now shown with their own airline logo 
  • Now you can add “S7 Priority” number to tickets bought from agents
  • Removed generic and applied specific error messages for Check-in and Flight board features 
  • Notes for “Pull to refresh data” now works correctly 
  • “Aeroexpress” ticket purchase date now displays correctly 
  • Seats maps for aircraft type B-767 now displays correctly 
  • Online registration” now displays the information corectly 
  • General performance and stability improvements, fixed other minor bugs.

Version 1.3.1

  • Information in the MyS7 and Profile areas, plus the flight board and the Aeroexpress schedule, can now be refreshed by pulling the screen down.
  • Tooltips have been added to the Profile and menu settings screens.
  • Airport codes have been added to tickets.
  • Passbook cards are now refreshed automatically. 
  • Profile details for registered users are now automatically filled in during booking.
  • The app check-in procedure has been stabilised.
  • The «Payment Details» page now displays correctly.
  • The app no longer hangs when choosing departure times for Aeroexpress.
  • Information is now correctly displayed when booking are refreshed.
  • The «Subscribe» button (for flight status updates) is now only displayed next to flights for which the service is available.

Version 1.3

  • Friendlier app interface, with added icons and easier login. 
  • Aeroexpress: tickets can now be bought via 3Dsec card security, with ticket information now shown in the MyS7 area.
  • Passbook: separate cards now saved for separate flights, with Aeroexpress tickets also now saveable.
  • Correct seat choice now shown during check-in.
  • Correct times and dates now shown in «Payment details», on main page and in calendar. 
  • Improved loading time of minimum fare price chart.

Version 1.2.2

  • Add an S7 Priority member number during check-in.
  • Find the nearest Euroset outlets to pay for booked tickets.
  • View full booking details on the back of the Passbook – please note that separate Passbooks are generated in one booking for each flight.
  • Mute the microphone, switch to loudspeaker, and see call duration when calling the S7 Contact Centre via internet.
  • S7 Priority status is now shown correctly in the Profile and Passbook.
  • Payment pages (3D-Sec) for some banks have been fixed.
  • Flight dates are now shown correctly on the purchase details page.
  • SMS and e-mail message sending time is now shown correctly.

Version 1.2.1

  • Issues with flight check-in.
  • Issues with payment for Aeroexpress tickets by a user profile-registered card.
  • Errors while adding to Passbook.
  • Issues when requesting a boarding pass.
  • Incorrect price and flight availability information shown.

Version 1.2

  • Passbook: Add your «S7 Priority» card and mobile boarding passes to Passbook.
  • Trip history: View previous bookings in your Profile.
  • Favourite list: Create a list of your favourite flights in the «Flight board».
  • Personal data: View personal data in Profile, add travel documents to profile.
  • Calendar: add your booking and trip details to the calendar.
  • Payment: Added shopping basket with total amount on the Payment step.
  • Call us: Updated “Call us” function to support overseas calls support.
  • Fixed an issue with Online Check-in.
  • Fixed an issue with log-out from Profile.
  • Fixed an issue with days of week in the My S7.

Version 1.1

  • iPhone 5 optimization.
  • iOS 6 optimization.
  • You can now buy business class tickets.
  • You can now check in with infants.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that crashed the app when clicking the «Passengers» button during booking.
  • We also made some other improvements and bug fixes.
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