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On-line check-in

Find out who else is taking your flight and choose yourself a pleasant company

Check-in online here. You’ll save time, and you can even choose your own seat(s). Then, simply print your boarding pass(es) before going to the airport.

You can check in online for flights departing from the following airports:

Abakan Gorno-Altaysk Nizhnevartovsk Simferopol
Almaty Helsinki Nizhny Novgorod Sochi
Anapa Hong Kong Norilsk Stavropol
Astrakhan Irkutsk Novokuznetsk Tbilisi
Athens Kaliningrad Novosibirsk Tokyo
Baku Kazan Novy Urengoy Tomsk
Bangkok Kemerovo Odessa Tyumen
Barnaul Khabarovsk Omsk Ufa
Batumi Kiev Paphos Ulan-Ude
Beijing Kishinev Pavlodar Ust-Kamenogorsk 
Bratsk Krasnodar Perm Varna
Burgas Krasnoyarsk Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Verona
Chelyabinsk Kutaisi Prague Vladikavkaz
Chita Larnaca Rostov-on-Don Vladivostok
Dubai Magadan Saint Petersburg Volgograd
Ekaterinburg Mineralnye Vody Samara Yakutsk
Fergana Moscow (Domodedovo) Semipalatinsk Yerevan
Frankfurt-am-Main Munich Shymkent Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Important details

  • To check in online for flights departing from Dubai, please follow this link.
  • Online check-in is not available on flights departing for Chinese cities from Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Ekaterinburg, Erevan, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Ulan-Ude, Khabarovsk, and Yakutsk.
  • From Beijing, online check-in is available for all flights except those departing for Ulan-Ude and Yakutsk.
  • When departing from Baku and Beijing, a boarding pass verified by the handling agent is required to undergo border control. For this reason passengers who have checked in online must exchange their printed boarding pass for a standard one. Please ask the check-in counter staff at the airport, or a representative of the airline, to assist you.

Before checking in online, please read the following information

  • Online check-in begins 30 hours before departure and ends 50 minutes before departure.
  • Baggage must be checked in 40 minutes before departure. The dimensions and weight of hand luggage must not exceed the stated limits. (Items prohibited for transportation in baggage and hand luggage.)
  • Online check-in may be unavailable if changes were made to the booking less than 23 hours before the departure time.
  • During check-in you can edit your travel document details: the number and expiry date of identity documents, country of issue, and date of birth. This feature is available until completion of online check-in.
  • If you are going to get your boarding pass at the airport, it is necessary to do it before the check-in for the flight closes, and not later than 40 minutes before the departure.
  • You may not check-in online if:
    you, or one of your travelling companions, requires special assistance (unaccompanied children, the seriously ill, those on a stretcher, deaf or blind passengers, disabled passengers, etc.);

    you are transporting an animal.

    In such cases you should check in at an airport check-in counter. 

How do I check-in online?

  • Open the «Manage My Booking/Check-in» tab at www.s7.ru. You can locate your booking either by e-ticket number or by booking ID (both are specified in your Itinerary Receipt and Purchase Confirmation, which you received after booking). Use only Latin characters to enter your surname exactly as it appears in the ticket. Click «Start Check-In».
  • Mark the boxes next to the surnames of passengers to be checked in, and select the flight. Click «Proceed to Seat Selection».
  • View the cabin layout. Seats marked red are already taken; grey means the seat is free. Mark your seat by clicking on it and then «Select». You can change it later, at any time before the end of online check-in, subject to seat availability. To return to the cabin layout page at any time, click «Change» next to the seat number.
  • Check all flight details and if everything is correct, click «Check In».
  • You can then download the boarding pass to print it at your convenience, but other options are available. You can send the document to an e-mail address to download and print it another time, or even send it to a web-enabled mobile phone.
  • With either a printed boarding pass or mobile boarding pass on your phone, come to the airport in good time to undergo the formalities. Check in your baggage at the special Baggage Check-in counter (at Domodedovo), or at a normal check-in counter (at other airports). Then proceed to the pre-flight security check, and the boarding area. 

You can also check-in online using S7 Mobile Services.

What you need to know about boarding passes

  • For a group of passengers checking in, an individual boarding pass is generated for each person.
  • For business class passengers a printed boarding pass serves as an invitation to the S7 business lounge.
  • When you check in for connecting flights, the system automatically generates boarding passes for each passenger and each flight.
  • If you downloaded a mobile boarding pass through the S7 iPhone app, you can continue using the boarding pass offline (without an internet connection).
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