Extra space. Change and refun terms & conditions


In case of change of your route and/or flight dates after the booking of the service, an equivalent seat on the flight chosen can be provided to you for an additional fee, if available. If no such services/seats are available on the changed flight no refunds shall be made.

We always try to give you seats according to your reservation. However an aircraft may be changed after boarding finished for safety or technical reasons. In that case we’re unable to guarantee the similar seats in the cabin so you’re allowed to get a reimbursement of costs.

Ticket refund is available:

  • In case of change of an aircraft and impossibility of getting a seat according to reservation.
  • In case of flight cancellation.
  • In other circumstances if we are forced to change your seat to ensure flight safety. 

General Terms and Conditions of E-Purchase

Conditions of refund:

If your seat was changed on the board of aircraft you should ask a flight attendant to make a mark on your boarding pass.

Send a completed refund application using this form or apply to the nearest S7 Airlines office with your boarding pass copy.

Get your refund in 20 days by the same form of payment that you used to pay for the service. 

You are not eligible for refund if:

  • Your flight class was updated.
  • You have changed the terms and conditions of the carriage (dates, route etc.) of your own motion after the booking of the service. In this case, an equivalent seat on your chosen flight can be provided to you for an additional fee, if available.


Some of extra space seats are placed next to the emergency exit. To provide flight safety these seats are not offered to the following categories of passengers:

  • Handicapped passengers.
  • Passengers with a baggage in a cabin.
  • Officers of the State Courier Service.
  • Passengers with animals in a cabin.
  • Rejected passengers/DEPAs.
  • Convoyed passengers.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Passengers under 18 years old including unattended children.
  • Passengers who don’t speak Russian or English.

Complete terms & conditions of service provision