Transportation of Pets

How to fly with pets on S7 Airlines flights

Do not part with your best friend during your vacation and let it see the world. Or move to another city with your beloved cat. Any trip with a pet requires special preparation. Consult with a veterinarian in advance and do not forget about the formalities. Find out the requirements for transportation of animals, as “mustache, paws, and tail” cannot be used as flight documents.

When traveling on S7 Airlines flights,
you can take with you




If your pet weighs more than 50 kg with its cage or if you want to transport another animal, use the services of S7 Cargo.

Where will the pet fly?

In the cabin with the owner
In the heated baggage compartment

Measure the container or the cage and add its length, width, and height. If the sum does not exceed 115 cm and the height does not exceed 20 cm , you may take the pet to the cabin. Dogs and cats may be carried in a soft transportation bag, the dimensions of which do not exceed 55×40×25 cm. Please note that the height of a soft transportation bag must not exceed 25 cm.

Weigh the transportation bag with the animal and make sure that the weight does not exceed the allowed 10 kg.

Check to make sure the transportation bag has a frame, a secure lock, a waterproof bottom, and an opening to allow the animal to breathe. If an animal is travelling in a soft transportation bag, the air hole must be protected with a mesh.

Call the Contact Center as soon as possible. File a request for transporting a pet in the cabin and wait for the airline’s confirmation. No more than 2 animals may fly on the same flight. Please note that the owner must be at least 18 years old.

During the flight, put the container under the seat in front of you, do not let your pet out into the cabin and do not hold it in your hands these are the safety rules.

Documents for the pet

Traveling within Russia and CIS
Travel to other countries

Get the following documents for your pet from a veterinarian clinic:

A veterinarian passport

A veterinarian certificate

Once the documents and wellbeing of your pet have been checked, the certificate will be stamped and a special boarding pass will be issued . Show it when checking in for your flight.

How much does it cost?

A container with a pet is not included in the free baggage and carry-on allowance and is paid for separately. The cost depends on the weight of the pet along with the container and starts from 2,500 rubles.

Find out how much it will cost to transport your dog, cat, or bird by calling +7 495 783–0707

Pay for the service at an S7 Airlines office or at the airport during check-in

Guide dogs for passengers with visual disabilities can fly for free in the economy class.

Preparation for Your Trip


Obtain the airline’s permission to transport a pet

As soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours before your departure, call Call Center or come to to the nearest office. Provide information on the number and type of pets, the weight along with the transportation bag, the length, width, and height of the container or bag.


Get a rabies vaccine and collect all the documents

If during the last year you have not vaccinated your pet, do so no later than a month before your flight.


Buy a container, cage, or soft bag for transportation

Before purchasing a transportation bag and a ticket, check all the details about transportation of the pet. For example, a pet cannot fly in the baggage compartment if you are carrying it in a soft transportation bag.


Arrive at the airport as early as possible

It will take some time to arrange the transportation of your pet, so come in advance, but no later than 2 hours before departure. Checking in online with a pet is not possible.

Restrictions on transportation to other countries

Many countries have their own rules for transportation of animals.
When flying to EU countries, entry with animals is allowed subject to compliance with the REGULATIONS OF THE (EU) COMMISSION 2019/2122 of October 10, 2019.
When traveling to PRC one passenger can take with him/her only one pet. In addition, the animal must have a valid chip, an international passport, a valid quarantine certificate issued by the competent authority, and a certificate of rabies vaccination. More detailed information about requirements for entry with animals can be obtained at the Embassy or Consulate of the PRC.
Some countries do not allow transporting animals in the cabin or in the baggage compartment at all. Before traveling and buying a ticket, be sure to check whether your pet can fly with you . Pets can fly only as cargo to the following destinations:

United Kingdom (entry into and exit from the country with a pet is possible only on British Airways flights);

Hong Kong (the rules for entry and exit are available here). When departing from Hong Kong, you can carry a pet both in the cabin and in the baggage compartment;

Iran, with the exception of guide dogs, provided availability of supporting documentation;


United Arab Emirates;

carrying a pet from Urumqi in the cabin is not allowed, while it is allowed on flights to Urumqi;

fighting dog breeds may not be brought to Israel. For transportation of other dogs, a written approval from the Israeli State Veterinary Service must be obtained.

No pet food may be carried to the Republic of Korea, including that for cats and dogs (it is also prohibited to carry any meat and dairy products, eggs). If any of these products are found in your baggage or carry-on, you may be fined for 300 thousand rubles ($5000) and more.

To transport a pet as cargo, use the services of S7 Cargo..

You can check the terms of transporting pets to a particular country on the IATA website, by selecting the country of departure and arrival.

Helpful phones

+7 (495) 967-83-96

Domodedovo airport veterinary control service (Moscow)

+7 (383) 216-98-77

Tolmachevo airport veterinary control service (Novosibirsk)

Is it possible to carry puppies and kittens on the plane?

There are age restrictions, as flying is not easy for everyone. Puppies and kittens up to 8 weeks old may not be transported because of potential dehydration during the flight. For kittens under 12 weeks old, a veterinary certificate will be required confirming that they can be taken on a plane.

How many pets can be placed in one container when transported in the baggage compartment?

Not more than two, if each weighs up to 14 kg and they get along well. If the pets are less than 6 months old and they are part of the same litter, not more than three kittens, puppies, or birds can be placed in the same cage.

I would like to bring an animal in the cabin in a soft-sided carrier. Are there any requirements for that?

Yes, there are indeed requirements for transporting an animal in a soft-sided carrier. First, make sure the carrier fits the size and weight requirements. The sum of the length, width, and height should not exceed 115 cm, with the maximum height being 25 cm. Assuming that the carrier weighs up to 10 kg with the pet in it, you may bring said carrier in the cabin.

Additionally, the carrier must be sturdy and have a solid frame so as not to lose its shape. Make sure that the bag has an opening for the animal to breathe, as well as a waterproof base covered with absorbent material. Finally, the carrier should be equipped with a reliable seal, for example, a zipper closure.

Should the pet be fed during the flight?

If you feed your pet a few hours before departure, no food will be needed during the flight. Food should be taken with you only for the possibility of an unexpected flight delay. During the flight, your pet will need to drink. Check in advance to make sure the water does not leak from the container.

Can transportation of a pet be denied?

Yes, the carrier has the right to limit the number of animals on one flight, depending on the type of the aircraft, destination, commercial load, etc. If the baggage compartment of the aircraft is not heated, it will not be possible to transport your pet as baggage. Thus, for example, it will not be possible to transport pets on Airbus A321 or Embraer aircraft.

Yes, the carrier has the right to limit the number of animals on one flight, depending on the type of the aircraft, destination, commercial load, etc. If the baggage compartment of the aircraft is not heated, it will not be possible to transport your pet as baggage. Thus, for example, it will not be possible to transport pets on Airbus A321 or Embraer aircraft.

It is allowed to transport up to two containers (cages) with pets in the cabin. Each passenger can take no more than one pet with them as carry-on. The pet owner must be at least 18 years old.

Not more than three cages per flight may be transported in the baggage compartment. With this type of transportation, the age of the owner does not matter—a passenger less than 18 years old is also allowed to carry a pet in the baggage compartment.

If you are going to fly with a pet, notify the airline before the departure of your flight. We explain how to do so here. And do not forget to collect all the necessary documents, otherwise your pet may not be allowed to fly.

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