S7 Airlines: fly anywhere you can imagine


The Imagination Machine — an innovative project that allows people to control a virtual plane using only the power of their imagination. S7 Airlines made this a reality by using EEG technology to turn participants brains into game controllers. People were fitted with an EEG-brainwave headset that monitored their brain activity throughout gameplay via a forehead biosensor. The more people focused on their dream destination, the closer the plane on the projection mapped globe stayed to the ideal flight path. If people were able to stay focused throughout gameplay they would receive a roundtrip ticket to actually go there.

Watch how it was:

The Imagination Machine is part of the integrated ‘Fly to any place you can imagine’ campaign that launched last month and which aims to bring the wonder of flight to a new generation of Russian travellers. In partnership with oneworld alliance, S7 Airlines flies to over 900 destinations worldwide, truly taking travellers to any place they can imagine.