Siberia Airlines turns to the summer schedule


The main feature of the summer schedule is a set of new routes to come and fast increase of flight intensity on the routes introduced last year. Direct flights to Tashkent, Bishkek, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, Nizhnevartovsc, Norilsk and Blagoveshensk are planned from Novosibirsk. Flights to Habarovsk, Sochi, Krasnodar, Dalyan (China) and Omsk will be opened from Irkutsk. Frequency of flights from Moscow to Germany will be highly increased (to Munchen ? up to 5, and to Hannover ? up to 4 flights a week) and on south routes as well (including Sochi ? up to 3 flights a day). During the peak hours (the end of August) quantity of ?Siberia? scheduled flights will amount to 260 a week. On average, each 8-10 minutes on the area from Frankfort to Vladivistok and from Norilsk to Sochi regular scheduled plane of the company will take off or land. Direct flights will be performed: from Novosibirsk to 25 points (10 of them are foreign), from Moscow («Vnukovo» airport) to 22 points (6 foreign), from Irkutsk - to 11 points (2 foreign). Last year "Siberia" greatly expanded its route system and increased traffic volume more than in two times, - says Vladislav Filev, Director General of the company. On the one hand, it is rather positive process, both for the company, and for its passengers, as it has become easier for them to travel within Russia and abroad. On the other hand, such growth can hardly be called normal, as it has caused sharp load increase in all company services. This certainly affected flight regularity and service level. Therefore, if last year the main task of "Siberia" was to renew former Vnukovo Airlines route system, this year we are aimed at the highest service and regularity level of all flights as we used to have in "Siberia" of 2000. In addition to direct flights, large-scale transfer traffic program is provided between cities of Siberia and Far East and south of Russia, CIS and foreign countries. Flights joining will be effected in base airports of the company in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk. For example, passengers will be able to fly from Tomsk 11 cities of the south of Russia, CIS and foreign countries (with flight joining in Moscow). And passengers arriving Moscow from Munchen, will be able to change any of 12 direct flights of the company to Siberian cities, with additional joining with Far East flights provided in Novosibirsk and Irkutsk. All the transfer program flights have special transfer tariff rates, which allow the company clients to reduce travel costs greatly.
In the year of 2001 Siberia Airlines took the second place among Russian air carriers by passenger turnover. During the last year the company had carried more than 1,9 billion of passengers. Siberia Airlines is planning to increase passenger traffic up to 2,5 billion according to 2002 totals.
Siberia Airlines was presented a Diploma "Best Russian Airline" on the International Travel Fair MITT-2002 taken place in Moscow last week. The fourth contest Russian Travel Awards was organized by TTG newspaper distributed within travel structures of the country. Last year "Siberia" became a prizewinner of this contest as well.