The Ozon marketplace and S7 Airlines have launched a charity sale of products with the Siberia logo


The Ozon marketplace and S7 Airlines are launching the sale of clothes and accessories branded with the Siberia logo. All proceeds from the sales, including delivery, will be directed to charity and will be used to support the next steps of the comprehensive program to restore Siberian forests.

The response of the country’s residents to the initiative to restore Siberian forests exceeded all expectations. After the launch of the We Are Siberia campaign, ECA interregional environmental organization received three times more volunteer applications than needed. Many respondents wanted to participate in the restoration of forests but were based in other regions and couldn’t allocate time for volunteer activities due to work or family obligations. Ozon and S7 Airlines are creating an opportunity for those who cannot come to plant trees to express their support to the good cause by buying clothes and accessories with the Siberia logo.

As part of the charity sale, Ozon is offering the storefront of its marketplace, as well as its infrastructure for the delivery of the products—they can be delivered to more than 6,500 locations across Russia.

“We are very pleased that our campaign has resulted in such a wide response. S7 Airlines contact center and social networks received questions about how to participate in the planting of trees; a lot of applications were submitted to ECA, our partner. Now, thanks to the partnership with Ozon, everyone who cares about the current environmental situation in Siberia has an opportunity to express their support to the forest protection campaign,” noted Eleanor Romanova, Deputy General Director of [[[S7 Group]]] Marketing and PR.

“30 million loyal customers and logistic capabilities to deliver products across the country enable Ozon to provide large-scale support to social campaigns and we are glad that we can empower those who are interested to get involved in the planting of forests in Siberia, even if they are in other regions of Russia. The Ozon marketplace will support various charitable campaigns several times a year—we want to make this a hallmark of our platform and are open to such partnerships,” said Anna Kaleeva, marketplace project manager at Ozon.

As part of the joint campaign with S7 Airlines, the Ozon platform is featuring 1,000 products with the Siberia logo, priced between 600 and 3,000 rubles. Users can purchase hoodies, T-shirts, bags, and smartphone cases.

The next tree planting will take place in September in the Kochenevsky and Suzunsky forestries of the Novosibirsk region; in October, volunteers will start working in the Irkutsk region. The total number of trees planted as part of the campaign in different regions of Siberia will be 1,000,000.

Ozon is one of the largest Russian e-commerce websites, featuring more than 2.5 million product titles in 24 categories: from books and clothes to food and health-related products. Every day, the company processes over 100,000 orders, more than 90% of which are delivered during the exact time interval chosen by the client. Currently, OZON has 1.5 million unique users per day and a loyal user base of over 30 million people.