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We support those who are used to helping others. Healthcare professionals share with us the most challenging moments in our lives. To express our gratitude, we want to offer them the best ways to travel.

Doctors on Board is a program created by S7 Airlines and the Aviation Medicine Doctors Association (AMDA). We want physicians, whose work is difficult to overestimate, to travel with greater comfort and to have more opportunities to relax. And we believe that S7 Airlines passengers will feel even more safe when they are accompanied by experts in their field who are ready to help.

Benefits for Doctors on Board program members

A 10% discount off the full fare on all S7 Airlines tickets

5,000 S7 Priority welcome miles for registering in the program and 1,000 miles for completing educational courses from AMDA

20% more miles for each flight with S7 Airlines

One piece of baggage in addition to the baggage allowance included in the fare

Free cabin seat selection

Priority check-in at the business class counter

Ingosstrakh professional liability insurance

S7 Airlines miles may be used to partially or fully pay for tickets and additional services.

How it works

Any healthcare professional may become a member of the Doctors on Board program. To do so, you need to go through a simple registration process on the Association’s website: submit an application and provide documents confirming your medical qualifications (your university diploma and certificate of a healthcare professional). Upon verification, the doctor will receive a unique S7 Airlines loyalty program member number and will be able to enjoy all the benefits.

Every member of the Doctors on Board program will have access to an educational course on aviation medicine and the special aspects of providing medical assistance on board. You will be able to broaden your qualifications and gain truly unique knowledge1.

When buying a ticket on s7.ru or checking in for an S7 Airlines flight, program members have the option to indicate whether they are willing to provide first aid on board.

The crew will receive the information in advance and will be able to immediately turn to the doctor if a need arises; this will help save valuable time in assisting the passenger.

We do not impose any obligations on program members: it will always be up to you to decide whether to respond to a call, and we will respect your decision. Access to benefits does not depend on this in any way; they are available to all members of the Doctors on Board program.

Are you a healthcare professional interested in the Doctors on Board program? We will be happy to have you as a member!

Frequently Asked Questions

Physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses with a valid healthcare professional certificate may participate in the program, as well as medical students studying in these specialties.

Yes, your specialty does not matter. To register in the program on the AMDA website, you will need to attach documents confirming your medical qualifications.

Yes, the purpose of the flight does not matter.

There are no obligations. It is always up to the doctor to decide whether to respond to a call for help, and access to benefits does not depend on this; they are available to all members of the Doctors on Board program.

Yes, of course. When buying a ticket on s7.ru or checking in for an S7 Airlines flight, program members, if they wish, may make a note about whether they are willing to provide first aid. The information is shared with the crew in advance, and a flight attendant may consult the doctor when needed.

This is about first aid in case of a life-threatening situation: fainting, respiratory arrest, external bleeding, trauma, burns, frostbite, poisoning, shortness of breath.

According to the rules, all aircraft are equipped with several types of first aid kits, those to be uses by the crew and those to be used by a healthcare professional.

The first-aid kit for the crew is divided into two sections: a universal prophylactic kit with masks, gloves, bandages and other items and a first-aid kit including basic OTC drugs: pain killers, sedatives, antihistamines, eye and ear drops, remedies for the cold, heartburn, diarrhea, motion sickness, as well as bandages, band-aid, iodine, and patches. A flight attendant may offer drugs but has no right to insist that a passenger take them; the choice always remains with the passenger.

The first-aid kit for healthcare professionals includes vials with solutions for intravenous and intramuscular injections, vasodilating drugs, antispasmodics, bronchodilators, drugs that increase blood coagulability, a tonometer, etc.

The insurance protects a healthcare professional from potential claims by the passenger who has received assistance and provides compensation for moral damages as well as that for harm to life or health. The maximum insurance coverage amount is ₽500,000.

Currently, information that a member of the Doctors on Board program is willing to provide assistance is available only to flight attendants on the particular flight. In the near future, this information will be available to passengers as well: when buying a ticket on the airline’s website, a passenger will see a special mark on the flights that already have a doctor.

AMDA collects doctors' applications for participation, verifies documents confirming medical qualifications, provides access to educational materials, and informs S7 Airlines about new program participants.

Thanks to AMDA’s partnership with the S7 Priority loyalty program, healthcare professionals who choose to travel on S7 Airlines flights will get additional in-flight benefits. S7 Airlines works with AMDA as another loyalty program partner.

Course materials are made available to Doctors On Board members online. Since the study of aerospace medicine is not included in the basic curriculum required for a medical degree, we expect the materials to be useful and interesting while offering an opportunity to broaden professional qualifications.

You need to register on the AMDA website: fill out your contact information and passport details and upload your documents. The verification process will take a little bit of time (up to 48 hours). Once it is completed, a confirmation letter about successful registration in the Doctors on Board program be sent to your email address.

Try checking your Spam folder.

A discrepancy between the details you provided during registration and the details from official bodies may be the reason for the refusal. You can be refused if your education document or certificate has not passed the authenticity check. To find out the reason or revise/correct your details, please contact the secretary of the Aviation Medicine Doctors Association (info@avam-avia.ru).

No. If you are not an S7 Priority member yet, we will automatically assign you a loyalty card number and a pin code. You will be able to log into your S7 Priority Personal Account to track your miles balance, make purchases, and manage your account.

No. If you are already an S7 Priority member, a Doctors on Board membership indicator will simply appear on your profile as soon as you register with the Doctors on Board program on the AMDA website. All the benefits associated with your new status and your welcome miles will be tied to your current account.

Miles will be credited within 48 hours after verification of documents has been completed and your registration has been confirmed.

  • A 10% discount on all tickets across the S7 Airlines wide route network.
  • 20% more miles earned on each flight with S7 Airlines. S7 Priority miles may be used to fully or partially pay for tickets and additional services, for example, for a visit to a business lounge or an upgrade to a seat with extra legroom.
  • 5,000 S7 Priority welcome miles for registering in the Doctors on Board program and additional miles for completing AMDA aviation medicine courses.
  • Priority check-in for flights in the business class area. Usually, there are fewer people there, which helps you save time before departure.
  • Free cabin seat selection.
  • One piece of baggage in addition to the baggage allowance included in the fare, convenient when travelling with your entire family.
  • Ingosstrakh professional liability insurance.

It is simple: just click on the “A 10% discount on S7 Airlines flights” banner from your personal account on the AMDA website. Once you follow the link, start searching for your ticket. Your discount will be applied automatically and the amount will be reflected in the shopping cart. Please note that the discount applies only to flights operated by S7 Airlines and may not be combined with other discounts or bonuses.

There are several potential reasons:

  • The flight is operated by a partner airline;
  • You are buying a subsidized ticket or one that is on sale;
  • You have selected the “Compound Route” option.

Make sure that:

  • You landed on the s7.ru website as a result of clicking the link in your Doctors on Board personal account on the AMDA site;
  • You are logged in to your s7.ru profile.

If you are flying with a fellow traveler, you may purchase a ticket for them with a 10% discount too. All other benefits (free baggage allowance, check-in at the business class counter, etc.) will be available only to the program member.

The discount applies only to the fare and does not apply to taxes and other fees.

1The course materials are developed and made available by the Aviation Medicine Doctors Association (AMDA). AMDA is responsible for issuing documents confirming completion of the course by a Program Member. Program Members may obtain additional details by contacting the Aviation Medicine Doctors Association directly by phone and/or through the website.