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To make your flight more comfortable, purchase an extra seat next to yours, so that no one will be able to take it. This is convenient because together with a “double” seat in the cabin, you are allowed to take twice as much carry-on luggage and baggage in accordance with the purchased fare.

How to order the extra seat service

Start buying a ticket on the website.

As you move on in the ordering process, add the Double Seat service when you choose a seat.

Select the seat you want on the seating chart and the adjacent one will be added automatically.

After the service has been paid for, you will be sent a single itinerary receipt by e-mail.

Service Cost

The cost of the Extra Seat service is equal to the cost of a passenger ticket excluding airport taxes.

It is also possible to purchase an additional seat in Business Class.

Refund for the Service

If the service terms for the ticket with an extra seat change, the fee (if it is included according to the fare terms) is charged for each seat.

To return your purchased extra seat, you must return the entire ticket under the terms of the fare and buy a new ticket with only one seat per passenger.


No, the service can only be ordered at the time of ticket purchase. If after purchasing your ticket you want to purchase an additional seat, return your current ticket and buy a new one with the selected service.

No, the service is only available for adult passengers. If you have a child flying with you, you can book an extra seat for yourself.

No, meals are provided for the passenger occupying the main seat only.

Yes, you can. Extra Space seats are provided only after you pay for each seat, i.e. you have to pay for both the double seat and the Extra Space seat.

You can purchase an extra seat for just one segment of your itinerary. In this case you need to order separate tickets. Then you can add the service for one ticket, but not for the other one.

The service cannot be provided after purchasing a ticket and in the following cases:

  • If you select a subsidized fare;
  • For children who are 0-12 years old;
  • For our partner flights;
  • For flights with connections.