Flights from Krasnoyarsk to Ekaterinburg

Авиабилеты Krasnoyarsk — Ekaterinburg, купить билеты на самолет туда и обратно

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Krasnoyarsk,  KJA Ekaterinburg,  SVX
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Flights to Ekaterinburg from Krasnoyarsk with a minimum air ticket price of 5,347 rubles one way.

Check Airline Tickets S7 Airlines from Krasnoyarsk. With our constructor you can choose any flight options: minimum price — 5,347 rubles, maximum price — 5,347 rubles.

Our services allow you to order a transfer to Koltsovo, book a hotel or apartment in the city, and much more. Plan your trip on our website and get S7 Priority miles for it .

Departures from&nbsp;Krasnoyarsk to&nbsp;Ekaterinburg are carried out from <strong>Krasnoyarsk</strong>
Departures from Krasnoyarsk to Ekaterinburg are carried out from Krasnoyarsk
Departures from&nbsp;Ekaterinburg to&nbsp;Krasnoyarsk are carried out from <strong>Koltsovo</strong>
Departures from Ekaterinburg to Krasnoyarsk are carried out from Koltsovo

The lowest price of one way tickets — 5,347 rubles

Don’t forget, airfare depends on the tourist season: plan your travel in advance.

  • Difference in time
    Difference in time
  • Distance
    1,969 km

Weather in the city of arrival

14 °С
17 °С
7 °С
17 °С
8 °С
19 °С
10 °С
15 °С
9 °С
18 °С
10 °С

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New status miles!

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Rent a car in&nbsp;Ekaterinburg

Rent a car in Ekaterinburg

Use your personal car immediately after arrival! A wide selection of cars from economy class to premium.

Save up to 50% when renting a car with buying tickets for and get S7 Priority Miles.

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Transfer from the airport to the city

Transfer from the airport to the city

You will be met with a personalized sign at the airport in Ekaterinburg, help with luggage and delivered on a comfortable car to the destination at a fixed price.

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