Baggage Allowance

Free baggage allowance is determined by number of bags, their weight and size. Elite S7 Priority members Silver (Ruby), Gold (Sapphire) and Platinum (Emerald) can carry additional bags for free.

Parameters, determining free baggage allowance

  1. Number of baggage items (1 piece — 1 bag / box)
  2. Weight of transported baggage
  3. Size: checked-in baggage based on the sum of 3 dimensions (length-width-height) up to 203 cm, hand luggage not exceeding 55х40х23 cm

Free baggage allowance on S7 Airlines flight

Carry-on baggage

Economy Basic
Paid baggage, 1 piece 23 kg, the sum of measurements is up to 203 cm
Economy Standard
Economy Plus
Business Standard
Business Plus