S7 Business class is an offer for those people, who are demanding of their environment and expect a high level of service at any time during their journey.

Domestic and international business class tickets can be purchased online on the main page of our website.

Separate cabin and special in-flight service

The business class cabin compartment is located in the front part of the aircraft directly behind the crew cabin and is equipped with wide comfortable seats with a typical minimum pitch of at least 89cm, giving you the best opportunity for a relaxed and comfortable journey. The seat pitch adjuster allows business class passenger to find the most comfortable position to have a rest or focus on an important task. Some aircraft types have seats equipped with a footrest and an adjustable headrest.

Business class passengers have access to a separate lavatory.

During the seating onboard our caring stewardesses will help you put your outwear and garment bags in the business class closet. We also offer individually packaged throw blankets and pillows.

Before being assigned to business class cabins our flight attendants receive special training and by that time have a substantial flight experience. Any business class cabin passenger will always feel their special care and attentiveness.

A special part of the onboard service is the business class passenger menu. A large team of professional chefs work to create meals for business class passengers. Composing the meals a chef of S7 strives to make each dish not just tasty and healthy, but also satisfying the most demanding requirements to its presentation and serving. The business class in-flight menu of in-flight meals is modified twice a year (in winter and in summer). In order to provide a choice each meal comes in a number of dish combinations, which are changed once a week.

Business class passengers are offered soft drinks and spirits, various cold snacks, a wide choice of hot dishes.

On S7 flights we offer our passengers several business and entertainment media publications to help them pass the time.

More baggage

Passengers travelling business class are allowed more check-in and carry-on baggage without paying any extra charge.

With the “Business Standard” tariff you can:

  • Complete pre-flight procedures at the airport out of turn.
  • Take with you luggage weighing up to 32 kg and hand luggage — up to 15 kg.
  • Receive a special menu, alcohol and hot drinks during the flight.

With the “Business Plus” tariff you can:

  • Complete pre-flight procedures at the airport out of turn.
  • Take luggage with you: two pieces of up to 32 kg each, and hand luggage — up to 15 kg.
  • Visit the business lounge at the airport.
  • Receive a special menu, alcohol and hot drinks during the flight.

Airport priority

Business class passengers will experience special service right at the airport.

To ensure priority completion of all airport formalities most airports of the S7 network have separate check-in counters installed for business class passengers. Some airports might not have one, but in such case business class passengers will still have priority and will be checked-in without having to wait in the queue.

Some airports have a separate business class area. In it, you can go through security quickly and without queuing. At other airports, security screening takes place in the same area as for economy class passengers.

Business class passengers with tickets at the Business Plus fare departing from Moscow can visit S7 Airlines branded business lounges at Domodedovo Airport. Most destination airports of S7 regular flights offer lounge services to business class passengers.

Business class passengers will be taken directly to the boarding stairs by a separate transport. At airports equipped with boarding bridges business class passengers will board through the common exit from the waiting room.

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