of Booking

Get your booking details at any time, buy extra bags or other products, change the passengers data, if you made a mistake, exchange or refund the ticket, if there’s been a change of plans. You can manage all your bookings online using the service My bookings.

Type the passenger’s surname or Email and booking number in the form showed up by this link. If everything was entered right, we will redirect you to booking management page.

Log-in to Manage My Bookings

You can:

Modify passenger data

  • Documents number, if you have changed it or had made a mistake while filling in the form.
  • Contact information, if it has been changed since you had purchased the ticket.
  • Add S7 Priority card number for collecting the miles.

If you changed your surname due to marriage, we sincerely congratulate you! But in order to make changes in the ticket, please call the S7 Contact centre by phone 8 800 700-0707 (free within Russia).

Pay the order

  • Check the payment status and expiry of payment period.
  • Pay the order by credit card.
  • Know about other payment methods, conditions and amount of commission fee.

Buy additional products

  • Buy extra bags for any flights operated by S7 Airlines.
  • Select the seats in a cabin for own S7 Airlines flights.
  • Order an insurance policy, rent a car or book a hotel.
  • Order special meal: baby, children, vegetarian, muslim, non-lactose, gluten-free.

Exchange the ticket

  • Change the flight time for the same date.
  • Find a flight for another date.
  • Reissue the booking of direct flight instead of connecting flight with the same departure and arrival points (if there are such tickets on the web-site).

If you have placed an order on the website or through the S7 Airlines Contact Center and paid for it with a bank card, you can exchange the ticket online. In this case, changes can be made either for one or for all passengers in the booking. The only exceptions are flights with Cyprus Airways — these tickets can be exchanged only through the Contact Center by calling 8 800 700-07-07 (toll—free within Russia).

Our operator will request you to specify your full name, date of birth, passport details, first and last four digits of the card used for purchase, itinerary and booking ID.

There is an additional fee for ticket reissue. You can know the fee amount while selecting a new flight: it will be displayed in the basket.

Refund the ticket

  • Make a ticket refund request for domestic flight paid by credit card.
  • Refund the additional products only with airline tickets, included in the booking.
  • Online refund applies only for domestic flights by S7 Airlines and the partners, before the first flight in the booking.

Refund of the tickets for international flights or orders which include other products (AEX ticket, hotel, car, transfer) is available only via Contact centre. If at least one flight was completed and you would like to refund other tickets, please contact the S7 Contact center by phone 8 800 700-0707 (free within Russia).

Please, note if you don’t use one of the itinerary segments without notifying the airline, all the following flights will be cancelled automatically.

Refunds may take up to 60 working days.

An additional charge is collected for refunds at S7 sales offices. Learn more about the charge for your region via our Contact Centre, on 8 800 700-0707 (free within Russia), or call direct from the website using “Online call” at the bottom of any page.

Changes to your booking, as well as cancellation, are only possible in accordance with the fare conditions. If cancelling your flight, additional taxes for the unused part of the ticket during its validity period will be returned to you in full, unless otherwise stated in the fare conditions. Refunds will be transferred to your payment card.