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Do not part with your best friend during your vacation and let it see the world. Or move to another city with your beloved cat. Any trip with a pet requires special preparation. Consult with a veterinarian in advance and do not forget about the formalities. Find out the requirements for transportation of animals, as “mustache, paws, and tail” cannot be used as flight documents.

When traveling on S7 Airlines flights, you can take with you




If your pet weighs more than 50 kg with its cage or if you want to transport another animal, use the services of S7 Cargo.

From September 30, 2021, on S7 Airlines flights, passengers can transport a folding stroller with a detachable animal/bird container (cage) in addition to the free allowance for carry-on luggage and checked baggage, provided that the animal/bird is transported in a container (cage) in this stroller. The stroller must be tagged with baggage tags at check-in. If possible at a specific airport (depending on technical and technological facilities), the passenger can use this stroller before boarding and check it in for loading into the baggage compartment before boarding the aircraft.

Starting from December 15, 2020, pet owners have been able to transport their pets in an adjacent seat on S7 Airlines flights. The service can be booked on our website, in the S7 Airlines mobile app, and through the Contact Center. Just like a regular traveler, your pet is entitled to all standard bonuses according to the air ticket fare, but its S7 Priority miles will be credited to its owner’s account. Read more

We recommend that you book your pet’s transportation when you buy your ticket, because if you do it later, you may have to pay an additional fee to match the available fare. For example, you bought a ticket for 5,000 rubles and later decided to take your dog with you. We will have to cancel your ticket and get a new one, but at the price that is available at the time of purchase. Please take these restrictions into account.

Where will the pet fly?

  • To arrange the carriage of an animal in a separate seat, you must contact the Contact Center or the airline’s sales offices before purchasing the ticket. A single ticket will be issued for you and your pet with an additional seat for the pet.
  • Choose a container or a cage, in which the pet can fully stand up and turn around. When transporting birds, it is recommended to equip your container (cage) with perches that will provide comfort to your birds and imitate their natural habitat.
  • For transportation in a separate place, the animal is accepted exclusively in a rigid cage or container (the cage or container must be made of hard plastic with a reliable locking device, the bottom of the cage must be covered with an absorbent (waterproof) material. Check that the carrier has a reliable lock and hole so that the animal can breathe). The cage with the animal will be secured to the seat with seat belts. The maximum dimensions of the cage should not exceed 55 × 40 × 40 cm (length x width x height), and the weight of the animal together with the cage should not exceed 23 kg.
  • Containers (cages) with rollers/wheels are not accepted for transportation in the cabin of an aircraft on a passenger seat. If casters/wheels are provided by the design, they will need to be detached to be placed on the chair. The outer surface of the container (cage) must not have sharp corners, edges or protruding elements in order to avoid damage to the passenger seat.
  • Containers made entirely of welded mesh or wire mesh, not suitable for air transport.
  • Please note that on board the aircraft, the pet container must be placed on a seat near the window, next to you. Do not let your pet out or pick it up.
  • Just like a regular traveler, your pet is entitled to all standard bonuses according to the air ticket fare, but its S7 Priority miles will be credited to its owner’s account. You can learn more about earning miles for transporting a pet in an adjacent seat here.

From February 15, 2021, up to 5 pets can be carried on one flight in the cabin (2 on the next seat, 3 under the seat). Up to 3 animals can fly in the luggage compartment.

Documents for the pet

Get the following documents for your pet from a veterinarian clinic:

  • veterinary passport

This document contains all the necessary marks, including the mark of vaccination against rabies.

In most cases, with this document, you do not need to go through veterinary control at the airport, you can immediately go to the check-in counter. However, we recommend that you clarify separately the rules for the airport from which you are flying.

The rules for moving pets across the territory of the Russian Federation is provided at the website of the Office of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision (Rosselkhoznadzor).

The Rosselkhoznadzor website also has the online form for the import into the Russian Federation, export from the Russian Federation and transportation of dogs and cats across the territory of the Russian Federation by owners for purposes other than business.

How to order a service?

On the website when buying a ticket. This can be done on the page for selecting additional services. The service will be available if animals can be transported on the selected flight. On the website, only transportation under the seat or in the luggage compartment is available for purchase. To arrange transportation of a pet in a nearby seat, contact the Contact Center or chat on the website.

At the Contact Center or S7 Airlines office. Write to us in the chat on the website or call the Contact Center and leave a request for the transportation of a pet in the cabin, wait for the confirmation of the airline.

How much does it cost?

A container with a pet is not included in the free baggage and carry-on allowance and is paid for separately.The cost of the service starts from 2,500 rubles and depends on the direction of the flight and the weight of the animal.

You can find out how much the transportation of your pet will cost, and immediately pay for the service:

  • on the website during the purchase of the service of transporting animals under the seat or in luggage;
  • in the chat on the website or by phone 8 800 700-0707 (free within Russia) when ordering the transportation service in the next seat.

Guide dogs for passengers with visual disabilities can fly free of charge in the economy class.

Preparation for Your Trip

Making arrangements for transportation of a pet

On the website when purchasing a ticket. On the webpage of additional services, indicate the type of pet that will be flying with you — a cat, a dog, or a bird. The system will check and confirm the possibility of transporting your pet on the selected flight. While on the site you can arrange the transportation of the animal under the seat or in the luggage compartment. To arrange transportation on the next seat, you need to contact the Contact Center or write to the chat. Read more
Get a permit from the airline to transport the pet. As early as possible before your departure, send a chat message on the website, call the Contact Center, or go to your nearest office. Inform the airline of the number of pets, their type, their weight including the carrier bag, as well as the length, width, and height of the container or bag. If you have already purchased your ticket but have not booked the “Transportation of a Pet” service, please contact the Contact Center. The operator will clarify the details and let you know if you may take your pet with you on your particular flight.

Getting a microchip implant or a keychain containing information on the pet

If the pet is flying within Russia in the baggage compartment, attach a keychain with the pet’s name and the owner’s phone number to its collar. A microchip may be needed when flying to other countries or CIS. Please check the requirements of the country you are flying to before your trip.
How does a microchip implant work?
A veterinarian painlessly inserts a microchip under the skin of the animal, containing the data. The microchip number and the date of the implantation are entered into the veterinary passport. Data on all microchips are stored in the international Animal-ID database. In most cases, the microchip complies with the international IISO11784/11785 quality standards, but some countries may consider other standards acceptable.

Have your pet get a rabies vaccine and get necessary documents

If your pet has not been vaccinated during the past year, have it done no later than a month before your flight.
Please note that the vaccine should be administered only after the pet has gotten a microchip implant. If your pet has already been vaccinated this year but is getting a microchip implant only now, it will have to get a rabies vaccine again.
Most countries require that the vaccine be administered no later than 21 days before crossing the border. More details

Buy a container, a cage, or a padded carrier bag

Before buying a carrier bag and purchasing your ticket, check all the details regarding the transportation of a pet. For example, a pet may not fly in the baggage compartment if it is transported in a soft bag.

Arrive at the airport as early as possible

You will need some time to make arrangements for transportation of your pet, so arrive at the airport no later than 3 hours before your flight departure!
Please keep in mind that online check-in is not available for passengers traveling with pets!
To be admitted for transportation on international flights, pets must pass veterinary control.

Restrictions on transportation to other countries

Many countries have their own rules for transportation of animals.

When flying to EU countries, entry with animals is allowed subject to compliance with the REGULATIONS OF THE (EU) COMMISSION 2019/2122 of October 10, 2019.

When traveling to PRC one passenger can take with him/her only one pet. In addition, the animal must have a valid chip, an international passport, a valid quarantine certificate issued by the competent authority, and a certificate of rabies vaccination. More detailed information about requirements for entry with animals can be obtained at the Embassy or Consulate of the PRC.

Some countries do not allow transporting animals in the cabin or in the baggage compartment at all. Before traveling and buying a ticket, be sure to check whether your pet can fly with you. Pets can fly only as cargo to the following destinations:

  • United Kingdom (entry into and exit from the country with a pet is possible only on British Airways flights);
  • Hong Kong (the rules for entry and exit are available here). When departing from Hong Kong, you can carry a pet both in the cabin and in the baggage compartment;
  • Iran, with the exception of guide dogs, provided availability of supporting documentation;
  • Ireland;
  • United Arab Emirates;
  • carrying a pet from Urumqi in the cabin is not allowed, while it is allowed on flights to Urumqi;
  • fighting dog breeds may not be brought to Israel. For transportation of other dogs, a written approval from the Israeli State Veterinary Service must be obtained.
  • no pet food may be carried to the Republic of Korea, including that for cats and dogs. If any of these products are found in your baggage or carry-on, you may be fined for 300 thousand rubles ($5,000) and more.

To transport a pet as cargo, use the services of S7 Cargo.

You can check the terms of transporting pets to a particular country on the IATA website, by selecting the country of departure and arrival.

Helpful phones

+7 495 967-83-96
Domodedovo airport veterinary control service (Moscow)

+7 383 216-98-77
Tolmachevo airport veterinary control service (Novosibirsk)

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