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About Us

S7 Airlines is more than just an airline. To us, a journey is more than just a flight from one point to another. It is a miracle waiting to happen, leading to an even greater miracle called happiness.

Every day, we aspire to see familiar things in a different light, embrace experiments and look anew at this best of planets. Be it aircraft design or an advertising campaign, we’re always prepared to do what nobody dared to.

The Brand's Mission
We encourage people to discover their own path to happiness.
Only the happy would know
That happiness can be intense.
It won’t be running across
Those who sit there and wait.
Chase happiness!
This is the way lonely folk turn into couples,
Interns grow into senior engineers,
Fathers become grandfathers.
If a sailor doesn’t set sail, they never catch the wind.
If a dog is unwilling to go for a run, it never catches its tail.
Seek happiness!
On an Alpine slope,
On a pier in Sochi,
In a glass of tomato juice, thirty-five thousand feet above the ground.
Happiness doesn't stay in once place,
It can be nigh,
If you make the first step towards it:
See people you haven't seen in a while,
Or never at all,
Pick the weather and not complain about it,
See the unseen,
Do the undone,
Discover the inconceivable.
Life is worth it.
Chase happiness.
S7 Airlines Advertising Campaigns
We are Siberia
We rebranded S7 Airlines back to its original name, Siberia Airlines — but this time, to break the state-wide silence on the matter of Siberian wildfires in Russia. By announcing our new slogan, ’We Are Siberia’, and a purpose to plant 1 mln trees, S7 Airlines got to make a bold statement via the media and unite Russian people around a common problem: acknowledging and helping Siberia.
I want to go where...
If you could go to any world of your choosing, what would it look like? We asked 20 children this very question.
You can receive from one to three S7 Priority miles by simply tapping your screen. If an airplane of S7 Airlines or another member of the oneworld alliance is close by, the app will notify you. Tap ’Catch a plane’ to receive bonus miles.
A cheerless rusting metal giraffe suddenly sets off to explore the planet — from the narrow streets of European cities to African deserts.
One world. One team.
Making the day for our passengers at Moscow Domodedovo a bit more fun, we set up a most unusual game.
S7 Airlines is above politics. It unites people and gives everyone an equal opportunity to travel and meet their friends and relatives.
Imagination machine
A forward-thinking game where every entrant had an opportunity to travel to the destination of their dreams with sheer force of mind.
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Our Awards
Our Identity


S7 Green

Pantone 382 C/389 U
CMYK 28/0/100/0
RGB 190/214/0
HEX C4D600
NCS S 0577-G70Y
RAL 100 80 80

S7 Dark Gray

Pantone Cool Gray 11 C
Pantone 426 U
CMYK 44/34/22/77
RGB 77/78/83
HEX 53565A

S7 Smoke

Pantone Cool Gray 9 C
Pantone Cool Gray 10 U
CMYK 30/22/17/57
RGB 116/118/121
HEX 75787B

S7 Real Gray

Pantone Cool Gray 6 C
Pantone Cool Gray 6 U
CMYK 16/11/11/27
RGB 175/175/175

S7 Cool Gray

Pantone Cool Gray 2 C
Pantone Cool Gray 2 U
CMYK 5/3/5/11
RGB 214/214/214

S7 Metallic

Metallic silver foil

S7 Pistachio

Pantone 9540 C/9062 U
CMYK 11/0/8/0
RGB 225/240/230
NCS S 0505-G
RAL 150 90 05


S7 Medina Green

Pantone 362 C/368 U
CMYK 78/0/100/2
RGB 80/158/47
HEX 509E2F

S7 Purple

Pantone 269 C/2617 U
CMYK 80/98/5/27
RGB 81/45/109
HEX 512D6D

S7 Scarlet

Pantone 7420 C/207 U
CMYK 13/100/54/30
RGB 155/34/66
HEX 9B2242

S7 Bright Red

Pantone 1795 C/1797 U
CMYK 0/96/93/2
RGB 210/38/48
HEX D22630

S7 Turquoise

Pantone 319 C/319 U
CMYK 59/0/22/0
RGB 45/204/211

S7 Tabriz Blue

Pantone 313 C/ 313 U
CMYK 100/0/11/2
RGB 0/146/188
HEX 007FA3

S7 Candy Pink

Pantone 1895 C/705 U
CMYK 0/30/2/0
RGB 245/182/205

S7 Citrine

Pantone 130 C/129 U
CMYK 0/32/100/0
RGB 242/169/0
HEX F2A900

S7 Sorbet Yellow

Pantone 601 C/7499 U
CMYK 4/0/47/0
RGB 240/223/145
HEX F0E991

Below are the samples of the S7 Airlines typefaces. The base types are Nimbus Sans Novus Bold and Nimbus Sans Novus Regular. Where possible, use left-aligned.


The heading is typeset with Nimbus Sans Bold and should always be left-aligned with the logo (if it’s present).

Rules for

Логотип авиакомпании S7 Airlines


The heading is typeset with Nimbus Sans Semibold. The body text is typeset with Nimbus Sans Regular or Medium.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Aliquam imperdiet elit est. Aliquam erat utpat. Maecenas eu hendrerit metus. Duis in sem eget quam efficitur faucibus in et sem. Proin erat sem, auctor in sapien piscing quis.

Логотип авиакомпании S7 Airlines


The heading is typeset with Nimbus Sans Regular. The subheading is typeset with Nimbus Sans Bold. The body text is typeset with Nimbus Sans Regular or Medium.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam imperdiet elit est. Aliquam erat volutpat. Maecenas eu hendrerit metus. Duis in sem eget quam efficitur faucibus in et sem. Proin erat sem, auctor in sapien quis, molestie egestas nibh. Proin varius enim arcu, tempor auctor massa consectetur at. Proin lobortis, sapien.

Логотип авиакомпании S7 Airlines

Download fonts

Feel free to download the design recommendations for different kinds of S7 Airlines offices.