Special meals

Whether you have meal preferences or dietary requirements, we will take care of them. Even if you are flying 10 000 meters above. If you need a special menu because of medical or religious reasons, you can order special meal for all S7 Airlines flights with more than 3-hour flight duration.

You will be able to choose an alternative ration after payment of order online at s7.ru in the section My Bookings. Enter the passenger’s last name or e-mail address and booking number to gain access to the order.

If all the data are correct, you will be redirected to the page of booking managing, thus you could choose a set of meal for passengers with special requirements:

  • baby meal (a soft roll, fruit puree, vegetable puree, a 0.2-liter milk pack);
  • children meal (“KitKat”, vegetable salad, fruit salad, single-packed bread, a hot dish — simmered chicken with macaroni);
  • muslim meal (“KitKat”, vegetable salad, fruit salad, single-packed bread, a hot dish — chicken balls with rice and vegetables);
  • vegetarian meal (“KitKat”, vegetable salad, fruit salad, single-packed bread, jam, ketchup, a vegetarian hot dish);
  • non-lactose meal (vegetable salad, fruit salad, single-packed bread, jam, potato croquettes with vegetables);
  • gluten free meal (vegetable salad, fruit salad, jam, poached chicken croquettes with fried rice and vegetables).

Order and pay

  • You can choose special meal if you take one of the S7 Airlines flights with more than 3-hour duration. Cost for each type of meal is 150 roubles.
  • You have to pay your order, including special food ration, not later than 24 hours before flight departure.
  • You can pay only with credit card. Note that payment using Apple Pay is not supported at the moment.
  • If you fly in business cabin, you can order special food ration for free calling on Contact Centre on 8 800 700–0707 (toll free within Russia), +7 495 783–0707 (Moscow).

Special food ration return

If you are not going to take the flight for which you have already chosen a special meal set you can make a return of the service in section My Bookings. When the booking is cancelled online, all the products, included in order, will be annulled; refund for special food ration return is available only if the booking is cancelled not later than 24 hours before the departure of the flight.

If you need to return only a special food ration service or choose another type of a meal set, please, call us on Contact Centre on 8 800 700–0707 (toll free across Russia), +7 495 783–0707 (Moscow).

In case of a forced stopover to another flight the Carrier has a right to refuse to render the service if it is impossible to offer a special food ration on a new flight. The refund of money paid for the Service, in case of forced stopover of the passenger to another flight, is made in full for the region where the Service was not rendered.

Full terms of service