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A lunch or dinner at a high altitude is always so anticipated and pleasant. After traveling to the airport, checking in and boarding, it is so nice to sit back in your seat, cover yourself with a blanket and try a dish that you were looking forward to. Just order it in advance and we’ll take care of the rest. Paid meals on board are provided in lieu of the standard menu.

The selection of meals

S7 Priority miles can be used to pay

Order in advance and do not worry about the meal

Economy Class

If you are flying Economy Class, order online one of the meals described below, depending on your flight time:

Order paid meals when you purchase your ticket or through “My bookings”.

Place your order before your flight check-in and pay for your order no later than 12 hours before departure. Sandwiches can be ordered 2 hours before departure — on flights from Moscow lasting up to 5 hours.

On board, the meal will be served to you instead of a standard meal.

Chicken sandwich
180 ₽  / 500 miles

Chicken sandwich with cucumber, salad mix, and tartar dressing

Cheese sandwich
180 ₽  / 500 miles

Cheese sandwich with tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise

Breakfast with scrambled eggs
500 ₽  / 1 300 miles

Marble cheese and Gouda cheese appetizer with nuts and dried apricots, omelet with chicken rolls and country-style vegetables, fruit platter with pear, apple, and grape, butter, bun, a fruit cereal bar, sponge cake

Fish Meal with Salmon
700 ₽  / 1 800 miles

Marble cheese and Gouda cheese with nuts and dried apricots, salmon fillet with steamed basmati rice and grilled zucchini with cream sauce, fruit platter with pear, apple, and grape, butter, bun, sponge cake

Chicken Meal
700 ₽  / 1 800 miles

Greek salad, American-style chicken fillet decorated with grilled zucchini, served with bulgur on the side, bun, cheese, cereal bar, sponge cake

Chopped Beef Meal
700 ₽  / 1 800 miles

Platter with ​​beef, chicken, and cheese, appetizer of raw vegetables with pickled cheese, chopped beef steak baked with mushrooms and cheese, french fries and broccoli on the side, butter, bun, sponge cake

Children’s Meal
350 ₽  / 900 miles

Vegetable platter with cucumber, bell pepper, and carrot, chicken nuggets in cream sauce, served with colorful pasta and cherry tomato, baguette roll, processed cheese, dessert

Baby Meal
310 ₽  / 800 miles

Fruit puree, vegetable puree, 0.2 liter milk bag, bun

700 ₽  / 1 800 miles

Platter with prunes, dried apricots, cashews, and almonds. Hummus with crudités vegetable on the side. Grilled vegetables Edmond. Sacristan bread sticks with black sesame seeds

Gluten-free Meal
390 ₽  / 1 000 miles

Slices of cucumber, bell pepper and carrots, grilled chicken fillet with a side dish of white rice and green beans, slices of orange, kiwi and grapes, gluten-free butter cookies

Healthy Meal
700 ₽  / 1 800 miles

Cheese platter with dried fruits. Fresh vegetables on the side. Grilled poultry fillet with quinoa, dried cherry, and demi-glace sauce. Fruit platter with pineapple, grapefruit, and apple. Crunchy bread.

Choose your meal online if you are flying on an S7 Airlines flight with a duration of at least an hour.

On flights with a duration of:

  • one to two hours: you can choose sandwiches, except for round-trip flights from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod, Penza; from Novosibirsk to Novokuznetsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo, and Barnaul.
  • up to two hours: you will be offered a sandwich with cold drinks
  • from two to three hours: you will get hot and cold drinks.
  • more than 2 hours: all hot meals and baby meals.
  • more than 2 hours: all hot meals and baby meals, 3 kinds of juice.

The composition of the meals may vary depending on your destination and transportation dates, but rest assured that new products will have the same characteristics as those of the original ones.

Until the end of 2021, passengers will be offered meals that are no longer available for sale if sets were purchased before April.

If you would like to indulge in fine dining on board, order a pre-made set of meals, and we will deliver it right to your boarding gate.