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On S7 Airlines flights, you can carry one set of equipment for sports and outdoor activities free of charge if your fare includes baggage. 

What you can take with you:

  • skiing;
  • snowboard;
  • kiteboard;
  • sports board (wakeboard);
  • water skiing;
  • bike without batteries;
  • fishing equipment;
  • golf equipment;
  • hockey equipment;
  • cross-country skiing;
  • skateboard;
  • roller board;
  • scooter without batteries;
  • gymnastic hoop;
  • sticks for Nordic walking;
  • rackets for tennis and badminton.

Equipment can be taken in addition to the main luggage. The total weight of the set must not exceed the norm: 23 kg for the Economy Standard tariff and 32 kg for the Economy Plus, Business Basic, Business Standard and Business Plus tariffs. If it gets harder, we’ll ask you to pay extra. But there are no restrictions on dimensions.

The Economy Basic fare does not include baggage, so you will have to pay for the transportation of a set of equipment as for one piece of baggage.

What is included in the kit:

  • Alpine skis — one pair of alpine skis with ski poles;
  • Snowboard — 1 place with equipment (boots, helmet, goggles) + 1 bag with a board;
  • Kiteboard (sail and sports board) — 1 place with equipment (sail, wing, goggles, helmet, wetsuit, life jacket, special clothing, mount, pump) + 1 cover with a board is considered;
  • Sports board — 1 place with equipment (gloves, goggles, helmet, wakeboard boots, wetsuit, life jacket, mount, halyard) + 1 bag with a board;
  • Water skiing — 1 piece with equipment (gloves, goggles, helmet, boots, wetsuit, life jacket, mount, halyard) + 1 bag with skis;
  • Bicycle without batteries — regardless of packaging options (number of seats);
  • Fishing equipment — 1 place with fishing accessories (tackle box, hooks, fishing line, floats, lures) + 1 case with fishing rods;
  • Golf equipment — only clubs in a case. Balls and other golf accessories are regarded as ordinary baggage and are carried according to the established baggage allowance;
  • Hockey equipment — only sticks in a case. Skates, equipment, as well as other accessories are regarded as ordinary baggage and are transported in accordance with the established baggage allowance;
  • Cross-country skis — only skis and poles in a case. Boots, as well as other accessories, are regarded as ordinary baggage and are transported according to the established baggage allowance.

Other sports equipment can be carried free of charge if it fits into your baggage allowance for your fare. If the equipment is large, check with the Contact Center in advance whether it can be carried on the plane.

You can arrange transportation of equipment directly at the airport or in advance by calling the S7 Airlines Contact Center. Different transportation rules may apply on the flights of our partners — check the website of the selected airline.

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