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For peace of mind during your journey, and protection in emergencies, purchase an insurance policy from AlfaStrakhovanie.

Based on your online booking details (age, destination, period of stay, etc.), we offer you the insurance policy that suits you best. When you’ve finished booking online, and made your payment, you’ll receive the insurance policy, along with your itinerary receipt, by email. Simply print the policy and take it with you on your trip.

S7 Airlines and AlfaStrakhovanie offer a range of policies.


This is a basic policy intended to protect a passenger’s life and health, as well as their baggage, during the flight. The cover becomes effective right from the airport of departure.


This policy — perfect for tourists — is effective for the entire duration of a trip. As well as the general risks covered by the “Avia” policy, it also includes reimbursement for the following:

  • Medical expenses or related transport expenses during your trip.
  • Delay of a regular flight by more than 3 hours.
  • Annulment of an air ticket due to cancellation of the trip, for example as a result of visa denial.


In addition to the risks covered by the “Travel” policy, “Travel-Sport” provides for reimbursement of medical expenses during active recreation and for many sports during your trip — from taking walks, to quad biking and skiing. Important: this policy does not cover the risks of extreme or highly dangerous sports.

Find out more about the insurance terms and conditions and the claim settlement procedures, including the documents required, here.

Have a particular question? Try our Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance.

S7 Airlines wishes you a safe and pleasant journey!