To travel wisely: handy tips for travelers

Organization of a trip is a pleasant process, nevertheless it may be worrying even for an experienced traveler.

In this section we consolidated information, which will help you to make the preparation process easier.

1. Fare choice

As you probably know on 1 December 2015 we launched a completely new fare system, within which the ticket cost depends on the passenger’s need for additional options — free baggage allowance, choice of seats onboard, opportunities to refund air tickets or have them reissued for a changed flight or flight date.

It is up to you, whether to travel with carry-on baggage only or to opt for “all inclusive”.

The most economic fare is Basic Fare — it is developed for those passengers, who are sure of flight dates and travel with carry-on baggage only, and who are not particular about seats onboard. Please, be reminded, that air tickets purchased at Basic Fare are not refundable, changes to flight dates and departure time may be made only upon payment of a fee.

Flex fare air tickets are suitable for those passengers, who travel with baggage, prefer to choose seats in the cabin during flight check-in, and prefer to have an opportunity to change flight dates. Please, be reminded, that making changes is free, but you may be required to pay an additional sum up to the current fare, if air ticket cost for new dates is higher.

Please, be reminded, that regardless of the fare type S7 Airlines flights always include meals and drinks: snacks on flights up to 3 hours, hot meals on flights exceeding 3 hours.

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2. Baggage

Baggage allowance for your trip is determined depending on the chosen fare.

If you are travelling at Basic Fare you can take only carry-on baggage (one passenger can take a bag with weight up to 10 kg and dimensions not exceeding 55×40×23 cm). Usually it is enough for a short trip or for a business trip.

In addition to this bag the passenger may take:

  • hand-bag or brief case;
  • paper-folder;
  • umbrella;
  • walking-stick;
  • bunch of flowers;
  • outdoor clothes;
  • print media for reading onboard;
  • baby food for a child for the time of flight;
  • mobile phone;
  • photo camera;
  • video camera;
  • portable computer;
  • suit in a garment bag;
  • baby carriage in case of transportation of a child aged up to 11 (inclusive);
  • bassinet or car seat in case of transportation of a child aged up to 2;
  • crutches, folding wheelchair with dimensions, which allow to stow them safely in the aircraft cabin in overhead bins or under the passenger seat in front; in case of transportation of a disabled person.

It is free.

If during packing you discover, that there is not enough space for your favorite items, and you have to take more baggage, you can pay for additional baggage during online flight check-in on the website or in the app, or by calling our Contact Center, or at a check-in counter at the airport.

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How to stow carry-on baggage onboard

It is recommended to stow carry-on baggage (suitcases with dimensions not exceeding 55×40×23 cm) under the seat in front, except when your seat is located next to an emergency exit. In this case all items should be stowed in overhead bins. Light items, brief cases and hand-bags may be stowed in overhead bins above the seat.

3. Check-in for the flight

You can check-in for S7 Airlines flights online 30 hours prior to departure time. This procedure is free for all passengers regardless of the chosen fare.

If you made your purchase on the website or through a mobile app, we will remind you of the time of the check-in opening. If you made your purchase otherwise, you can subscribe for notifications here specifying your booking details.

If you fly at Basic Fare, your seats will be determined automatically. You can choose a particular seat during online check-in subject to a fee in the amount from 300 rubles (ordinary seats), or from 1000 rubles — Extra Space Seats. Cost depends on the route.

In any case we will make everything possible to provide to you a seat next to passengers with tickets in the same booking. Unfortunately sometimes it is impossible, because there are no unoccupied adjoining seats. That is why we recommend you to check-in for your flight in advance.

Passengers with children can always choose seats onboard for free regardless of the ticket fare.

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4. Privileges for S7 Priority members

S7 Priority members with Silver, Gold and Platinum statuses regardless of the fare type can always take one additional piece of baggage!

Moreover status programme members can choose any seats in the cabin (including Extra Space Seats) for themselves and two travelling companions at the moment of ticket purchase at In this case type of the chosen fare is not important.

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5. Passengers with children

Travelling with children is always a reason for concern. We will try to make the flight comfortable for your children and stressless for you.

Already during purchase at you can choose any seats onboard (except Extra Space Seats) for all passengers in your booking. It is free and does not depend on the chosen fare type. Please, note, that for passengers with infants we provide special seats on every flight, such seats are equipped with two oxygen masks. Flight safety is our priority goal.

Moreover passengers with children can always change their seats during online check-in for the flight, even if you booked tickets not on our website.

We understand that little passengers often need additional baggage. That is why you are allowed to take a bassinet or a car seat for a child aged under 2, and for children aged under 12 — a baby stroller in addition to baggage allowance in accordance with the chosen fare. It is free, and has no influence on free baggage allowance and carry-on baggage.

Unfortunately the airline does not provide bassinets onboard, because most aircrafts are not equipped with dense bulkheads to fix bassinets.

Therefore if you travel with a child aged under 2, and if you purchase for him/her a ticket with a seat (regardless of the fare), you can take your own bassinet or car seat for free. If you car seat is certified for use on aircrafts, your child may sit in it during the whole flight. If your seat is not certified, you should place it in overhead bins or under the seat in front, and you may not use it during the flight.

During takeoff and landing you should hold the child in your arms and fasten additional seatbelts, alternatively your child may seat in the car seat.

If you do not buy a separate seat for your child, you may not use a bassinet and/or car seat during the flight. If the size of the bassinet/ car seat is within the dimensions of carry-on baggage 55*40*23 cm and can be placed on the luggage rack or under the seat in front of you, you can take them with you in the cabin.

If the size of the bassinet/ car seat exceeds the dimensions of carry-on baggage, or the number of pieces of carry-on baggage exceeds baggage allowance, you should check it in.

Baby strollers, baby carrying devices (baby bassinets, restraint systems (devices) for transporting the child and crutches, walking sticks, walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, having dimensions that do not allow them to be safely placed in the cabin of the aircraft in overhead compartment or under the seat in front of a standing passenger seat when transporting a passenger with limited mobility have to be weighed during check in, baggage tags are issued, they are carried in excess of the free cabin and baggage allowance.