23 SEP 2020

S7 Airlines, a member of the oneworld®, global aviation alliance, has become one of Sber’s first partners to gain access to the new SmartMarket platform. The platform offers the option to create SmartApps, i.e., apps for the family of Salute virtual assistants. SberBox media box holders will be the first to have an opportunity to take advantage of the S7 Airlines solution.

S7 Airlines priorities the ability to constantly be on the the same page with travelers, providing access to the airline’s services on any platform that is convenient for them. SberBox users will be able to purchase S7 Airlines tickets by manually launching the app or by using their voice to activate the virtual assistant.

An additional feature is the ability to book a flight while watching a movie through the OKKO streaming service. Salute will recognize the setting of the movie and gently informs the viewer about it by displaying a small location note in the corner of the screen. You can click on it to be redirected to ticket booking. The screen will display options to select a departure date, a conveniently scheduled S7 Airlines flight, and a fare, as well as the option to pay for the booking.

In addition, the S7 Airlines app will offer seven audiovisual podcasts perfect for listening to before bedtime. The videos with ambient compositions are designed to remind you about a variety of spots on the planet. A night on the seashore in Thailand is about the sound of waves, the rustle of palm trees, and the chirping of birds, a night in an Altai forest tent is about a crackling fire, burbling river, and animal sounds, and a night flight on an airplane is about the engine sound and flight attendants barely audible announcements.

For our child passengers, SberBox S7 Airlines is developing educational cartoons on the science behind aviation. Kids will have a fun and engaging way to learn about the way planes work and why they are able to ascend into the sky.

By the end of this year, the S7 Airlines app will be available not only on SberBox, but also on the SberPortal smart display.

Air tickets can be purchased at, through the iPhone app or the Android app, and at any S7 sales office. You can also learn accurate flight information, book and buy tickets by calling our Contact Centre at 8 800 700–0707 (free for Russia).

S7 Airlines (a brand of Siberia Airlines, is a member of the oneworld® global aviation alliance.

The airline has a wide network of domestic routes built around its hubs in Moscow (Domodedovo) and Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo). S7 Airlines operates regular flights to countries of the CIS, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2007, the airline received an official IATA notice of inclusion in the IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) operator register and became the second airline in Russia to successfully pass the full international audit procedure for compliance with operational safety standards.

S7 Airlines uses the latest advances of the global aviation industry in passenger service and is actively expanding its offerings.

Currently, S7 Airlines has the most modern aircraft fleet on the Russian air transportation market. All of the airline’s flights are operated on aircraft made by the world’s leading manufacturers, including Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer.

S7 Airlines is included in the TOP-100 of the best airlines in the world and ranks third in Eastern Europe according to the reputable international Skytrax rating.

S7 Airlines is one of the most environmentally friendly air carriers in the world, according to the Atmosfair environmental organization. In 2018, the airline ranked 16th in the world rating.

In 2020, Forbes included S7 Airlines in the list of 50 best companies to work for in Russia.

At the end of 2020, S7 Airlines was awarded the Skyway Service Award for maintaining the route network and implementing the Doctors on Board program of privileges for medical workers.

S7 Airlines has been repeatedly awarded the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Prize for its advertising projects and received My Planet Travel Award for discoveries in the field of travel.

In 2021, the group’s airlines transported more than 17.8 million passengers.

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