A lot of tourists had to change their plans due to pandemic but we know that it’s not forever. When everything ends, we will happy to discover this world again and again. So until then, you can postpone your trip or cancel it without any difficulty. And, for that, we made the exchange and refund conditions milder and more flexible. Check this out.

Flexible ticket refund

Flexible exchange information is here

You had to cancel your trip but you can refund your money in the form of a certificate. Even if your fare is non-refundable,

If your flight has been canceled

If the country, where you were going to, put in place entry restrictions due to coronavirus and we had to cancel your flight, you can request a refund in the form of a certificate. It will be issued for the same sum as your ticket price including all taxes and fees. Also, we will add 10% to this amount. The same conditions apply for all fares.

The certificate is valid for one year from the date of receipt. You can pay with it for any tickets available on

Full Terms & Conditions

If you just changed your mind

If you decided not to go anywhere, you also can make a refund in the form of a certificate. And once this is all over, you can spend it for a new trip. Its nominal value depends on the chosen fare:

  • “Economy Flex” and “Business Flex”
    You will get a certificate based on the value of your ticket including the taxes. No additional charges.
  • “Economy Basic” and “Business Basic”
    The certificate value will include the ticket price net of the service fee of 1,000 rubles.

How to use the certificate?

Find a ticket on any desired destination, select a flight, add other services.

Go to payment page and choose the tab “Pay with certificate”.

Enter the number (7 symbols: letters and digits) and the PIN code which you will find on the certificate.

Clickt the button “Pay”.

If the certificate value is more than the ticket price, you can spend the remaining money for the next trip. If the order sum will be more you will need to pay the difference.

The certificate Terms & Conditions

Travel certificate is valid for 12 months after the issue date.

Gift certificate is not nominal and it is valid for use by any person who it was gifted to, or by the buyer.

Travel certificate can be used as payment for flights, airport taxes and fees additional luggage, seats on the plane, special meals and pet transportation.

Travel certificate cannot be used as payment for insurance, hotel booking, car rental, Aeroexpress tickets, paid SMS and service fees.

If you dont use all of your Travel certificate balance at one time, the rest of certificate balance will burn. To avoid this, add extra services to your order.

Travel certificate can be used as payment for flights and additional services, even if they are subsidized, bought on a sale or if a promocode was applied.

Travel certificate can be used online on S7 website as payment for flights and additional services. In this case, it is not possible to lock the fare or pay for the order later.

It is not possible to pay for the order partly with miles, partly with the certificate, even if it is taxes and fees.

Your booking / reservation number is personal data that may use scammers. Do not publish. The same goes for the certificate: know and use its number and pin only the owner should.

Flexible ticket exchange

A lot of countries closed the borders due to coronavirus, therefore we had to cancel some flights. If they include yours, you can exchange your ticket and fly to any S7 Airlines destination1. Select a new flight with the tickets available on — no matter on which date or route.

The exhange depend on the fare that you have chosen while ticket purchase:

  • “Economy Basic” and “Business Basic”
    The service fee for the ticket exchange is 1,000 rubles2. If a new ticket costs more than the old one, pay the difference.
  • “Economy Flex” and “Business Flex”
    You can exchange your ticket without any fees or charges, but only 40 minutes prior departure.

1The offer applies to all S7 Airlines destinations, but you cannot exchange the ticket on a domestic flight to the one on the international destination. But there are no restrictions if you want to travel to Sochi instead of Germany.

2For international flights we will charge 15 euro. For tickets with the Economy Basic fare issued before April 2: transaction fee — 3,000 rubles for flights in Russia, 60 euros for international flights. For tickets with the Business Basic fare issued before April 11: transaction fee — 5,000 rubles for flights across Russia, 80 euros for international flights.

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