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Detailed Terms and Conditions S7 Priority

1. Introduction

1.1. These Terms shall come into effect following their publication on www.s7.ru and shall supersede all prior S7 Priority Programme Terms and Conditions and shall have unconditional priority in relation to all previous public statements made by S7 concerning the Programme. Siberia Airlines PJSC (hereinafter referred to as S7) reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of S7 Priority Programme (hereinafter referred to as the Programme), including cancellation of the Programme, both upon prior notice or without the same, in the order prescribed by these Terms and current legislation.

1.2. These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) prescribe general provisions and principles of implementation of S7 Priority Programme.

1.3. Members of S7 Priority Programme shall observe and strictly follow the Terms and Conditions of the Programme, as well as keep all the terms envisaged by the Programme. A Member should examine the Terms from time to time to check for possible amendments hereto.

1.4. In order to bring the amendments to these Terms to notice of each Member in due time, notification thereon, as well as the text of these Terms, shall be published on www.s7.ru.

1.5. These Terms apply to any and all Members of S7 Priority Programme. Participation in S7 Priority Programme shall be deemed an acknowledgement of due examination and approval by a Member of all provisions of these Terms.

1.6. Special and supplemental Terms provided in further S7 Priority Programme documents published on www.s7.ru, as well as in other publications concerning the Programme, may apply to the Programme.

1.7. Subject to paragraph 3.1.3, personal data of Members relating to participation in the Programme may be stored, processed and used for the purpose of implementation of the Programme. To implement advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as delivery of information materials regarding the Programme, the data may be disclosed to the Partner companies and other third parties.

2. Terms and Definitions

The following terms used in these Terms shall have the following definitions:

S7 — Siberia Airlines PJSC.

S7 Priority (also referred to as S7 Priority Programme or the Programme) — An incentive programme for frequent flyers using the services provided by S7 and Partners envisaged in these Terms. The Programme is operated by S7.

Members of the Programme are able to earn Miles for the use of the services of S7 and Partners of the Programme, as well as to use Miles to acquire certain services provided by S7 and Partners of the Programme.

oneworld alliance (oneworld) — The international airline alliance oneworld S7 is a Member of. All airlines participating in the oneworld alliance are Partner Airlines so that the Members of the Programme may earn and spend Miles for the flights operated by such airlines and those Members who have Elite Status may enjoy Rewards when travelling with such airlines.

oneworld airlines — The airlines that are members of the oneworld alliance.

Temporary Card — The card distributed by S7 Airlines for information and advertising purposes, containing the Personal Account number assigned to a holder prior to his or her registration as a Programme Member.

The Temporary Card is not a registered card. The registration for the Programme with the Temporary Card number must be made no later than 1 year from the date of the first use of the number. Otherwise, the Miles accrued using the Temporary Card number will expire, as well as the Temporary Card number, and the latter cannot be used for further registration for the programme.

Membership Card (the Card) — An S7 Priority Programme membership personal plastic card issued by S7 containing the surname, name, Personal Account number and status of the Member. The S7 Priority Card shall be owned by S7 and shall be returned to S7 upon reasonable request.

Reservation booking designator (RBD) — A letter designating a flight seat quota corresponding to a particular fare.

Miles — Payment units of S7 Priority Programme credited to a Member and used by him or her under these Terms.

Bonus and Status Miles are credited to the Member’s account.

Bonus Miles — The Miles that may be used to receive Rewards only and shall not be considered for receipt or approval of Elite Statuses. Bonus Miles include, without limitation:

  • Welcome Miles credited to a Member for registration as a Programme Member or upon opening of the S7 Priority Payment Card.
  • The Miles credited for the use of Partners’ services.
  • Bonus Miles for Elite Status Members.
  • The Miles credited under special offers and campaigns of the Programme.

Status Miles — Miles are considered for granting or confirming Elite statuses in the Program. Status Miles are accrued according to paragraph 5.2 of these Rules. Status Miles include:

  • The Miles accrued for scheduled flights operated by S7 and oneworld airlines taken by a Member at a fare eligible for mileage accrual.
  • The Miles credited for the use of Partners’ services, provided that the agreement made with them stipulates the accrual of Status Miles.
  • Miles accrued under the Program’s special offers and promotions.

Partners — The enterprises with which S7 entered into agreements under the Programme stipulating mileage accrual to the benefit of Members for the purchase of services provided by such enterprises and/or the right of Members to spend the accrued Miles to purchase the services of such enterprises. The conditions and amounts of the mileage accrual are determined by the contractual relationship between S7 and Partners. The conditions of mileage accrual and redemption applicable to a particular S7 Priority Programme Partner are provided on the corresponding web page of the Programme.

Partner Airlines — Partner Airlines mean any oneworld airline, as well as other airlines with which S7 entered into agreements under S7 Priority Programme stipulating mileage accrual to the benefit of Members upon taking of specified flights operated by such airlines and the right of Members to arrange an Award Flight of such airlines. The conditions of mileage accrual and redemption applicable to a particular S7 Priority Programme Partner Airline are provided on the corresponding web page of the Programme.

Partner Banks — The banks involved in the issuance of S7 Priority Payment Cards.

S7 Priority Payment Cards — The payment cards issued by a Partner Bank allowing mileage accrual on the terms of the contract effective as of the date of corresponding Payment Card issue.

Personal Account (Member’s Account) — An account of an S7 Priority Programme Member storing Member’s personal data, accrued Miles and transaction history (accrual and redemption of Miles). The Personal Account Number shall appear on the Membership Card and shall be the identifier of a Programme Member.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) — A private code designated to an S7 Priority Programme Member used for the authorization of the Member on the Programme Site.

Password — A sequence of symbols protecting the Member’s Account from unauthorised access by third parties.

Flight Segment — A nonstop flight from a departure point to a destination point. In certain cases, it covers a stopover without flight number change.

Rewards — An Award Ticket for S7 flight, an Award Ticket for Partner Airline flight, an Award Service Class Upgrade for S7 flight or other goods and services that may be acquired by a Member in exchange for Miles accrued on his or her Personal Account in accordance with the S7 Priority Programme Terms.

Only one Personal Account of the Member can be used when registering for a Reward (regardless of the number of persons in the same order).

Award Ticket — A ticket for any scheduled flight of S7 or a Partner Airline flight which may be obtained in exchange for a certain amount of Miles accrued on the Member’s Personal Account.

Award Service Class Upgrade

Exchange of the accrued Miles for service class upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class subject to approved booking at a fare eligible for mileage accrual.

Privileges — Benefits, discounts, rewards and/or services provided permanently or temporary to all S7 Priority Programme Members or depending on the Programme Member’s status.

Authorised Route — All direct flights between a point of departure and a point of destination are authorised. The Authorised Routes also include transfer flights (with one or more transfers) along the shortest trajectory between a departure point and a destination point for which fares are published.

Complex trajectory flights for which fares are not published, as well as transfer flights between two non-bordering reward zones or routes between bordering reward zones or those laying across third reward zones, may be unauthorised to be covered by a single Reward.

S7 Priority reserves the right to unilaterally introduce limitations with regard to any existing route.

Code-share flight — Code-share flight is a flight operated under a code-share agreement made between two airlines under which one of the parties (the Marketing Carrier) is entitled to arrange a flight under its own carrier flight code performed by the other party (the Operating Carrier).

S7 Flight — Any scheduled flights operated by Siberia Airlines PJSC and Globus LLC.

S7 Site — www.s7.ru

Programme Site — The S7 Priority section of the S7 Site: www.priority.s7.ru

Family Account — A joint account between Program Members created by combining Personal Accounts for the purpose of accruing Miles for actions performed by all Members of the Family Account, both jointly and individually.

Programme Service Centre (also referred to as the Service Centre) — The S7 Priority Programme Members service centre which stores and processes the information on Members and which Members may refer to by phone or via the Internet. Address: P. O. Box 25 S7 Priority, Moscow, 111250, phone/fax: 8 800 700-90-10, +7 495 783-07–07, e-mail: priority@s7.ru.

Status Flight Segments — Flight segments of S7 scheduled flights at fares eligible for mileage accrual.

Member Status — A Member Status corresponds to the rate of participation of a Member in S7 Priority Programme and the level of Rewards available as the consequence of such activity.

Classic Level — The initial level that allows to accumulate and spend Miles to receive the Rewards.

Elite Statuses — The Statuses earned by a Member as a consequence of accumulating of sufficient amount of Status Miles or Status Flights Segments on his or her account within a calendar year as specified on the Programme Site. Elite Statuses allow Members to earn additional Bonus Miles and receive Rewards upon booking and using the services provided by S7 and some Partners. S7 Priority Programme has 3 (three) Elite statuses: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Elite Statuses of oneworld — Each of one world statuses is equivalent to one of the Elite statuses of S7 Priority Program:

  • Ruby corresponds to Silver Status;
  • Sapphire corresponds to Gold Status;
  • Emerald corresponds to Platinum Status.

Programme Media — The Programme Site, electronic newsletters and electronic account statements are official means of communication of the Programme.

Promo offers rules, special rules regarding the mileage accrual by Partners, as well as other occasional additional opportunities of mileage accrual and redemption published in the Programme media are not considered attachments or supplements to these Terms.

Transaction — The Miles accrual and redemption from the S7 Priority Programme Member’s Personal Account resulting from acts of a Member aimed to Miles earning or spending under these Terms.

Member — A natural person participating in S7 Priority Programme accepting and observing these Terms.

3. Membership in the Programme

3.1. General Provisions

3.1.1. The membership in S7 Priority Programme is given on an individual basis. The membership in the Programme is allowed for any natural person not younger than 2 (two) years old, subject to restrictions for underage persons prescribed by articles 26, 27 and 28 of part 1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Persons aged 2 (two) to 12 (twelve) years shall be registered for the Programme by their legal representative, who shall indicate their Member’s number in the registration form.

3.1.2. S7 reserves the right to refuse to register any person as a Programme Member specifying no reason.

3.1.3. By providing the personal data a Member acknowledges that S7 shall be entitled to use it to the benefit of the Member under the Programme. Lest there be any doubts, a Member is hereby notified that in the course of carrying out of necessary actions to implement the Programme, S7 processes the personal data of the Member provided by the latter upon registration under paragraph 3.2.2 hereafter. The above-mentioned actions are carried out by S7 in accordance with subparagraph 5 of paragraph 1 of article 6 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 152 “On Personal Data”. Processing of the Member’s personal data, for the purpose of these terms, shall mean any action (operation) or a number of actions (operations) made by S7 with or without the use of automation equipment with regard to the personal data, including acquisition, recording, systematization, collection, storage, refinement (updating, amendment), retrieval, use, transfer (distribution, disclosure, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion and destruction of the personal data.

3.1.4. A Member hereby agrees that his or her personal data provided to S7 upon registration may be disclosed to third parties acting as counterparties of S7 (including if such disclosure is a personal data transborder transfer under article 12 of the above Federal Law), in case such information disclosure is necessary to the benefit of the Member under the Programme, provided that such disclosure and further processing of the personal data shall meet applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.

3.2. Registration for the Programme

3.2.1. To become a Member of S7 Priority Programme a person should register for the Programme and obtain the Personal Account Number. Registration for S7 Priority Programme is free. Only one Personal Account may be opened for one Member.

3.2.2. By registering for S7 Priority Programme a Member approves the terms of the Programme, including the approval of the Programme information receipt at the provided contact details.

3.2.3. Registration of a Member for the Programme shall be made as follows:

  • Registration on the Programme website by filling in an application in the Registration section.
  • Registration by phone when the person intended to register for the Programme shall contact the Service Centre of S7 Priority Programme and provide the operator of the Service Centre with the personal data required to fill in the application.
  • Registration through the Partner of S7 Priority Programme by contacting the Programme Partner and providing it with the personal data required to fill in the application.

3.2.4. The date when the Personal Account number is designated to a person intended to register for the Programme shall be considered the date of the registration of the Member. The Personal Account number designated to a person holding the Temporary Card as of the day of registration shall correspond to the number indicated on the Temporary Card.

3.2.5. When registering for the Programme on www.s7.ru or through the Service Centre, a Member receives a welcome bonus:

  • in the amount of 1,000 Miles for members aged 2 to 11 years;
  • in the amount of 500 Miles for members aged 12 years and older.

The welcome bonus is credited to the member’s account together with Miles for the first flight with S7 taken after the registration at a fare eligible for the mileage accrual.

In case of other ways of registration, the welcome bonus is not credited.

3.2.6. Registration shall be deemed completed, a Member shall come into all the rights envisaged by the Programme and S7 shall incur corresponding obligations to him or her after the accrual of the Miles for the first flight with S7 taken after registration with the Programme at a fare eligible for the mileage accrual.

3.3. Member’s Personal Account Number (Member’s Number)

3.3.1. The Personal Account Number is also the personal number of a Member under S7 Priority Programme.

3.3.2. The Personal Account number is given at the moment of registration and gives the right to earn Miles for taking scheduled flights performed by S7 and Partner Airlines participating in S7 Priority Programme and using Partners’ services.

3.3.3. In case a Member has more than one account under the Programme, the accounts shall be merged. S7 Priority reserves the right to merge the accounts without giving prior notice to the Member.

3.3.4. The Member’s Account and Miles credited thereon may not be consolidated with accounts and Miles of other S7 Priority Programme Members or Members of other passenger incentive programmes.

3.3.5. S7 reserves the right to deliver, from time to time, to Members statements of their Personal Accounts, newsletters and communications of Programme Partners.

3.3.6. The information on Personal Account balance is available live on a Member’s personal page on the Programme Site. A Member can access the personal page using his or her S7 Priority Member’s number and PIN, e-mail address and password, or in any other way available to the Member at the time of authorization.

3.3.7. S7 shall not be responsible for unavailability of account statement information in case a Member cannot access the S7 Site due to technical issues that are beyond the control of S7.

3.3.8. The Personal Account, including the Miles accrued thereon, cannot be re-registered to third parties or inherited by them in case of incapacity or death of a Member.

3.3.9. In case no Transactions have been made on a Member’s Personal Account over the period exceeding 3 (three) years, S7 shall be entitled to cancel the membership in the Programme by invalidating the Personal Account Number. However, the person shall reserve the right to re-register thereafter as a Member of the Programme, subject to provisions of these Terms.

3.4. Membership Card (the Card)

3.4.1. The card in the form of image, QR code and the barcode is automatically placed in the member’s personal account in the S7 mobile application.

The plastic card is not obligatory. However, a Member can place an order for the issue of a card through the Personal Account on the program website by paying a service fee.

The card is issued and sent to a Member within 1 (one) month after placing the order.

3.4.2. A Member shall provide real and true data on his or her actual residence to have the Card delivered. S7 shall be released from liability for the impossibility to deliver the Card to a Member in case such Member fails to provide proper details on his or her actual residence.

3.4.3. The Membership Card contains the following information:

  • The name and surname of the Member written in Latin.
  • Member’s Personal Account number. The Personal Account number serves as the Member’s identifier in the S7 Priority Program and remains unchanged in the event of a Member’s status change or Card replacement.
  • Member’s status (if any) and its validity period.

3.5. PIN and password

3.5.1. The Member needs the Personal identification number (PIN) to authorise on the Programme Site and for identification when contacting the Service Centre

3.5.2. The PIN is generated automatically upon registration of a Member and sent to the Member’s e-mail address specified upon registration.

3.5.3. The password is required to authorize on the site and serves as a protection against unauthorized access by third parties to the Member’s Personal Account.

3.5.4. The password is set by a Member at the moment of online registration.

3.5.5. In case of registration through an S7 Priority Programme Partner or the Service Centre, the password can be set by a Member on his or her own at www.s7.ru at any time after the registration.

3.5.6. A Member may change the PIN himself/herself on the personal page on the Programme Site.

3.5.7. A Member shall take all reasonable and necessary steps to exclude the possibility of unauthorized use of the Personal Account, in particular, ensure the PIN, password and Account number safekeeping and unavailability of third-party access.

3.5.8. S7 shall not be liable for any loss resulting from unauthorized third- party access to the Personal Account of a Member with the use of his/her PIN.

3.6. Personal Data Change

3.6.1. Each Member shall be responsible for the change of the Personal Data, when due.

3.6.2. A Member may change the data in the personal account by himself/herself as well as with the help of the Service Centre personnel. S7 may impose restrictions on the order of changes to the personal data of the members.

When changing data through the Programme Service Centre, the application must be accompanied by a scanned copy of the identity document of the member.

3.6.3. A request for surname/name change shall be accompanied by copies of supporting documents (marriage or divorce certificate, a copy of a valid passport, etc.).

4. Statuses and Privileges

4.1. Classic level is awarded to a Member automatically upon registration for the Programme.

4.2. Elite Statuses are Silver, Gold and Platinum Statuses.

In order to earn each of the Elite statuses, it is necessary to accumulate the required amount of Status Miles or Status Flight Segments during a calendar year (from the 1st of January to the 31st of December) in accordance with the qualification rules for Elite Statuses published on the Programme Site.

4.3. Elite Status of an S7 Priority Programme Member shall be valid upon the accrual of the amount of Status Miles or Status Flight Segments required for the awarding of Elite Status to the Member’s Personal Account.

4.4. Elite Status shall be valid until the end of the calendar year following the year during which the flight, which was the ground for awarding of Elite Status, was taken.

4.5. To prolong the validity period of the Status for the following calendar year a Member shall meet the requirements similar to those required for awarding of the status within a calendar year (from the 1st of January to the 31st of December).

4.6. If a Member fails to meet the requirements to accumulate the required amount of Status Miles or Status Flight Segments, the Member’s status shall be downgraded one status each subsequent year. Status downgrading is carried out during the first ten days of March next year.

4.7. The Members of S7 Priority Programme to whom Elite Status was awarded shall enjoy the supplemental Privileges, each in accordance with his or her status, as published on the Programme Site.

4.8. The Privileges for Elite Status Members shall be available on the scheduled flights operated by S7 and oneworld airlines at fares eligible for the mileage accrual, as well as flights with award tickets.

4.9. Taking flights operated by oneworld airlines, Elite Status Members of S7 Priority Programme shall enjoy the Privileges stipulated by oneworld Statuses similar to the current Elite Status of the Programme Member.

4.10. To enjoy the Privileges stipulated by Elite Status, a Member shall produce the effective Membership Card corresponding to his or her status and the identification document. In case a Member fails to produce the Card, he or she may be refused the privileges.

5. Miles

5.1. Miles. General Provisions

5.1.1. Miles are the property of S7 and are considered the basic accounting units under S7 Priority Programme. Miles can be converted neither into rubles nor other currencies. Miles do not change the initial price of the performed service.

5.1.2. Miles are credited for paid scheduled flights of S7 and Partner Airlines actually taken by a Member, as well as paid and delivered services of other Programme Partners.

5.1.3. For the automatic crediting of Miles to the Personal account, a Member should indicate the number of his or her Personal account or produce the Card when booking and paying for the ticket or service and make sure that the surname and name provided correspond to the surname and name indicated in the account.

5.1.4. Miles for a flight or a service shall be credited to the Member’s Personal Account only once and only under one loyalty programme. When booking a ticket or ordering a service a Member should first choose the proper account number of the programme he or she is a Member of in order to accumulate Miles.

5.1.5. S7 reserves the right to introduce other means of mileage accrual and redemption in addition to those envisaged in these Terms. The relevant information on any amendment shall be published on the Programme Site, as well as in other Programme Media.

5.2. Mileage accrual

5.2.1. Miles for flights taken prior to the registration A Member is eligible to receive Miles for scheduled flights of S7 taken six (6) months prior the registration for the Programme. To confirm the flight, the company can request documents confirming the flight taken during this period: a copy of the air ticket or itinerary receipt and a boarding pass.

Flights taken by a member under 2 (two) years of age are not eligible for mileage accrual.

5.2.2. Miles for scheduled flights of S7 Airlines A Member can earn Status Miles (1 mile equals 1,609 km) in the amount corresponding to a percentage of the distance of the flight, depending on the fare at which the ticket was purchased, but not less than 500 Status Miles for scheduled flights of S7 Airlines.

Miles are credited according to the approved table of miles accrual on S7 Airlines flights published on the Programme Site. Members holding an Elite Status receive additional Bonus Miles for each flight. Miles shall not be credited or shall be credited with limitation in case of some booking classes, fares providing industry discounts (for example, ID, AD), special fares for S7 Group companies, confidential fares, charters, reward flights, flights under state contracts, air tickets and services for which the Members earn bonuses under other incentive programmes.

5.2.3. Miles for flights of Partner Airlines Miles are credited according to the approved table of mileage accrual for flights of each Partner Airline published on the Programme Site. An additional mile bonus for the flight with a Partner Airline is not credited to the Status Member’s account, except for the cases specified in paragraph In case a Member takes a fight including Flight Segments of several carriers (irrespective of whether there is one ticket for such Flight Segments or several), Miles shall be credited only for Flight Segments operated by S7 and Partner Airlines.

5.2.4. Mileage accrual in case of cancellation, forced replacement and change of the flight route In case of cancellation Miles for unused air tickets for that flight shall not be credited. In case of a forced transfer of a Member from one flight of the airline to another, the route of which differs from the route of the issued air ticket, Miles in the amount corresponding to a percentage of the distance of the flight actually taken may be credited to the Member’s account. In case of a forced transfer of a Member from S7 flight to another flight operated by a non-Partner Airline, a Member shall be entitled to make a request for accrual of Miles for the ticket bought, if the event is arisen due to the fault of S7.

Should it be the case, the Member shall deliver a brief description of the event together with a copy of the air ticket and a boarding pass to the address of the Service Centre within ninety (90) days from the day of the event. In case of a forced rebooking of a Member’s ticket from the flight operated by a non-Partner Airline to a flight operated by S7 or a oneworld alliance airline, Miles may not be credited to the Member’s Programme account.

5.2.5. Miles for code-share flights Miles are credited for code-share flights operated by S7 and Partner Airlines or two S7 Partner Airlines. The mileage accrual for a code-share flight of S7 and Partner Airline to the Member’s account will be carried out according to the table “Flights on code-share flights, where S7 Airlines is the marketing carrier” if the code and S7 flight number were specified when booking the ticket.

The mileage accrual will be carried out according to the rules of the Partner Airline if the code and Partner Airline flight number were specified when booking the ticket. The mileage accrual will be carried out according to the rules of the carrier whose code and flight number were specified when booking the ticket for the code-share flights of Partner Airlines. The Member can receive Bonus miles for a code-share flight, where a non-Partner Airline is the flight operator, provided that the code and S7 flight number were specified when booking the ticket and there is information on the agreement between Airlines on the Programme Site. Elite status Members receive an additional bonus if the ticket is booked under S7 code and oneworld airline is the operating carrier.

5.2.6. Miles for tickets on flights with Award Service Class Upgrade In case of flights where Award Service Class Upgrade, forced service class upgrade or any other service class update not relating to payment of the full difference between the economy class fare and available business class fare by a Member was made, Miles shall be credited in accordance with the class and fare of the paid ticket.

5.2.7. Miles for purchase and use of Partners’ Services Miles credited for the services of Programme Partners are Bonus miles. Information on the amount and conditions of the mileage accrual is available on the Programme Site. The information is updated as soon as new Programme Partners become involved or the current Partners suspend or withdraw their participation in the Programme or the Partner mileage accrual terms are amended or the promotions regarding the Partner mileage accrual are run. Miles are credited only for the services of Partners purchased and received after the registration for the Programme and after the Partner becomes a participant of the Programme. Miles are not credited for services not eligible for mileage accrual, unused services or Partners’ services or goods for which the refund was made to a Member. In case if Miles were credited for unused services or services or goods for which the refund was made to a Member, S7 has the right to cancel the accrued miles. Miles shall be credited to the Personal Account of the Member who personally paid for and used a Partner’s service. Irrespective of the number of Members using the service, Miles may be credited to the account of only one of them. S7 further shall be entitled, at its discretion, to increase or decrease the number of the Programme Partners and/or to change its general terms or the services offered by Partners.

5.2.8. Miles for the use of the S7 Priority Payment Card Miles shall be credited for the use of the S7 Priority Payment Card to pay for goods and services. Some payments and services may not be eligible for mileage accrual when using the S7 Priority Payment Card. The complete list of payments and services eligible for mileage accrual is envisaged in the general terms regarding a particular S7 Priority Payment Card. The period for crediting of Miles is envisaged in the general terms regarding the S7 Priority Payment Card on the Programme Site.

5.2.9. Crediting of Miles to the Personal Account and Recovery of the missing Miles Miles for flights taken with S7 are automatically credited to the Members’ Personal Account within 3–7 days after the flight is taken.

With the exception of the flights on the routes where the airports of departure are not equipped with automated passenger departure control system. In this case, the period for Miles crediting may be extended up to forty-five (45) days. Miles for Partners’ services are credited to the account of a Member not later than forty-five (45) days from the day when the Member stops using the service. In order to accrue Miles automatically, a Member must indicate his or her account number or produce the Card when registering for the services eligible for mileage accrual and make sure that his or her personal data in the ticket or the service registration form (Latin transcription of the surname, name, date of birth) are equivalent to the data specified in the registration form of the Member. A Member shall personally check his or her Personal Account balance, accuracy and amount of Miles credited thereto. In case if Miles for taken flights or used services were not credited, a Member may send a request to recover missing Miles

  • via a special form in the Personal Account on the Programme Site and a feedback form; and
  • by contacting the Service Centre and, if necessary, attaching the documentation for each section of the route or service used. Requests for recovering of missing Miles for flights are accepted for consideration

  • within twelve (12) months from the date of the flight operated by S7;
  • within six (6) months from the date of the flight operated by a Partner Airline;
  • within three (3) months from the date of the flight operated by a non-Partner Airline.

The Miles which were not accrued/recovered until the 31st of January of the year following the year during which the flight was taken may not be accounted retrospectively for the purpose of Miles prolongation under paragraph Requests for the restoration of missing Miles for the use of the services of non-Airline Partners are accepted for consideration not later than five (5) months from the date of termination of the use of the service.

Miles shall be credited to a Member after receipt of the acknowledgement from the corresponding Programme Partner. The recovery of Miles may be effected only in cases when there is enough data to identify the person who used Partners’ services. S7, acting in accordance with S7 Priority Programme, reserves the right to refuse accrual or invalidate crediting of Miles to a Member’s account if the Member does not hold original documents certifying the fact of the service provision by Partners.

5.2.10. Validity Period of Accrued Miles Any Miles accrued under S7 Priority Programme by Members, who are twelve (12) years of age and older, shall be valid for one year, during which the flight is taken or the service is used, and two (2) following calendar years. Miles accrued by Members under twelve (12) years of age shall remain valid until these Members reach the age of twelve (12). Automatic prolongation of the validity period of Miles is conditional and in order to do that a Member must fulfil one of the following conditions:

to take a flight of S7 Airlines or a one world airline flight at a fate eligible for mileage accrual subject to the provisions of paragraph;

to accumulate at least five thousand (5,000) Miles using S7 Priority Payment Card when paying for goods or services (not including Welcome Miles credited for activation of the card, as well as the Miles accrued under special offers and promotions). Flights taken prior to the registration of a Member for the Programme shall not be considered for Miles prolongation If one of the conditions of paragraph is fulfilled, the validity period of Miles shall be prolonged for the next calendar year. In case of failure to fulfil both of the conditions of paragraph, a Member may use the service of paid Miles prolongation according to the terms and conditions set out on www.s7.ru. All Miles, the validity period of which is expired, shall be cancelled in the first ten days of February, subject to paragraph

6. Spending Miles. General Provisions

6.1. The reward may be issued to a Member if he or she has fulfilled all of the following conditions:

  • the amount of Miles on the account is sufficient to get a reward;
  • there are Miles credited for at least one flight of S7 taken in the current calendar year or in the year preceding the current one;
  • the flight must be taken as a Member at a fare eligible for mileage accrual.

6.2. The list of Rewards may be extended compared with one envisaged herein, and information on such amendments shall be published on the Programme Site and in other Programme Media.

The information on the number of Miles required for acquisition of each particular Reward shall also be published on the Programme Site and in other Programme Media.

6.3. The availability of a Reward may depend on the type of the Reward, as well as on the date, season and destination. S7 makes no representation as to the availability of any Reward at any time.

6.4. All Miles spent for the purpose of acquisition of a particular Reward shall be debited from an S7 Priority Programme Member’s Personal Account. One Reward cannot be paid for with Miles from several accounts.

6.5. In case a Member does not have enough Miles to book the reward, the Member has the opportunity to purchase/transfer the Mile package in accordance with the rules of the service published on www.s7.ru. The transaction cannot be cancelled. The fee for the paid service is non-refundable.

6.6. A Member shall be allowed to book a Reward for himself or herself, as well as for any other person specified by him or her. Booking of a Reward for another person may be made no more than 10 times within each calendar year.

6.7. The booked Rewards may not be rebooked for another person or transferred and/or assigned to another person.

6.8. S7, acting in accordance with S7 Priority Programme, reserves the right to demand the confirmation of the identity of any person who used the Reward or intending to book it and refuse the service in case of failure to give such confirmation.

6.9. Rewards may not be sold, bought or exchanged for tangible assets or other Rewards. Should a Reward be disposed of in such manner, the Reward may be cancelled and the Member doing so expelled from the Programme.

6.10. A Reward can be cancelled by S7 if it was issued using Miles accrued in violation of these Terms.

In case Miles accrued for unused services or services or goods for which the refund was made were redeemed, S7 has the right to withhold the equivalent number of Miles from following mileage accruals to the Member’s account.

If there are no accruals within next thirty (30) days, the Member can be expelled from the Programme for violating the Terms.

In case of repeated violation of the Terms by Members, S7 has the right to expel such person from the Programme.

6.11. Award Tickets for Flights Operated by S7 and Partner Airlines

6.11.1. S7 Priority Programme Members shall effect reservation and booking of the Rewards in the order prescribed by paragraph 6 hereof.

6.11.2. Should a Member be legally incapable or his or her capability be restricted, the request for a Reward shall be executed in accordance with requirements of articles 26, 27 and 28 of part 1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. In this case, S7, acting in accordance with S7 Priority Programme, reserves the right to demand supplemental documents.

6.11.3. The Award Tickets for scheduled flights operated by S7 and Partner Airlines may be issued in exchange for a corresponding amount of Miles from the Member’s account as specified in the Rewards table set out on the Programme Site.

6.11.4. Award Tickets for flights operated by S7 and Partner Airlines may be booked according to current rules of fare application set out on the Programme Site.

6.11.5. Any and all Award Tickets shall be booked in the form of an e-ticket.

6.11.6. Only the Member from whose Personal account Miles were debited may receive an e-ticket.

6.11.7. The award travel of an unaccompanied child is regulated by general rules of the Airline set out on the Site.

Should a Member fail to comply with the terms of booking, Miles are not returned.

6.11.8. In case a flight is composed of several Flight Segments operated by S7 and Partner Airlines within one Reward, the Reward shall be issued according to the current terms of the agreement between S7 and Partner Airlines at the moment of booking the service.

6.11.9. S7 reserves the right to introduce special fares and limitations for Rewards booking, including limitation as to the routes, fares and dates of Rewards booking.

6.12. An Award Ticket booking, issue and re-issue

6.12.1. Booking and issuing of Award Tickets are available on the Programme Site only via the personal account of the Member. The booking may be effected subject to availability of seats.

6.12.2. Re-issue of Award Tickets is carried out upon the application of a Member to the Service Centre of the Programme.

6.12.3. Rules and conditions of Air Carriage of Passengers of S7 or the corresponding Partner Airline shall apply to award travel.

6.12.4. The airport taxes, fuel surcharges and service fees may not be paid by Miles. Taxes, surcharges and fees may be paid by one of the methods available as of the day of the request.

6.12.5. S7 shall be entitled to charge additional fees for issuing and re-issuing of Rewards under the Programme.

6.12.6. In case the ticket service class is lowered as a result of voluntary changes to the conditions of carriage, the difference in Miles is not returned to a Member.

6.12.7. In case a Member voluntary refuses to take an award flight, the airport taxes and fuel surcharges may be paid back to a Member, provided that he or she refuses to take the flight before the termination of the flight check-in, according to the rules of award fares. Miles redeemed for booking a Reward may not be returned.

6.12.8. The shortest and direct flights between points of departure and destination are used for award flights (the Authorized Routes).

6.12.9. In case a Member intends to book an award flight on a route which is not the Authorized Route, it may be booked in form of several Award Tickets for different route segments.

6.12.10. Miles shall be debited from a Member’s account upon paying fees for an Award Ticket booking.

6.12.11. Miles for award tickets for passengers travelling together and registered in one booking are debited from the same Personal Account.

6.13. Award Service Class Upgrade

6.13.1. Award Service Class Upgrade service is provided in accordance with the rules published on www.s7.ru, at the time of provision of the service.

6.13.2. Award Service Class Upgrade is available only on scheduled flights of S7.

6.13.3. The Award Service Class Upgrade may be provided subject to availability of seats that could be exchanged for Miles in accordance with the Reward table set out on the Programme Site.

6.13.4. The Award Service Class Upgrade is not available for Award Tickets or tickets booked at fares not eligible for mileage accrual.

6.13.5. The terms and restrictions applicable to the initial (paid) ticket apply to the service class upgrade. Miles for a flight with Award Service Class Upgrade under the Programme shall be credited for the initial ticket in accordance with the paid fare.

6.13.6. The service class upgrade shall be unavailable for the open-ended tickets.

6.13.7. The conditions of the carriage cannot be changed for the ticket issued with Award Service Class Upgrade.

6.13.8. In case a Member voluntary refuses to take a flight with an Award Service Class Upgrade, Miles shall not be returned to the Member’s account. The refund of the originally paid ticket can be made during the validity period of the ticket in accordance with its application rules.

6.14. Terms of flight with an Award Ticket in case of flight cancellation

6.14.1. If a flight operated by S7 or Partner Airline is cancelled, the general rules of the Airline regarding the forced return/rebooking of tickets shall apply.

7. Family Account — A New Way to Earn S7 Priority Miles

7.1. A Family Account is a joint account of Program Members created by combining Personal Accounts (at least 2 (two) and no more than 9 (nine) Personal Accounts) in order to accrue Miles for actions performed by all Members of the Family Account, both jointly and individually. The Family Account Number is the Head’s Personal Account Number.

The Head of a Family Account is the person who initiated the creation of the Family Account, subsequently became the owner of the Family Account, and manages the account balance.

7.2. Family Account Creation. Family Composition of Account Members. Age Limit.

A Program Member initiates the creation of a Family Account by sending an invitation to another Member. The invitation to join the Family Account is sent from the Head’s Personal Account dashboard to the other Member’s personal email. Once the Member accepts the invitation, they become a Family Account Member and agree to the terms of joining, and subsequently using, the Family Account.

A Program Member may not be a Member of more than one Family Account.

The Head of a Family Account cannot be a person under the age of 18 (eighteen).

During a calendar year, the composition of the Family Account Members may change no more than 18 (eighteen) times. Changes in the Member composition include both joining a Family Account and withdrawing from it.

7.3. Family Account Balance. Provision of Awards within a Family Account.

Miles will be credited to the Family Account when Family Account Members indicate their Personal Account Number when flying or using services of Program Partners.

While a Member holds the Family Account Member status, all of the Member’s Bonus Miles are credited to the Family Account and may be used to get Rewards.

Status Miles and Status Flight Segments are credited to the Personal Account of the Program Member and are considered when granting or renewing their Status in the Program.

To avoid confusion, a Family Account does not offer status categories, each Family Account Member retains their Personal Account status, and may use the benefits of this status only individually.

Bonus miles accrued in a Member’s Personal Account prior to joining the Family Account remain on the Member’s Personal Account, and the Member may use them from the dashboard of their account at any time at their own discretion, according to the Program Rules.

Miles are transferred between a Personal Account and a Family Account in accordance with corresponding service rules published on s7.ru.

Only the Head of a Family Account may get an Award using the accrual on the Family Account, provided each of the following conditions is met:

  • The Mile balance on the Family Account is sufficient to pay for the Award;
  • Miles for at least 1 S7 flight taken by a Family Account Member have been credited to the Family Account in the current calendar year or in the year preceding the current one;
  • the flight must have been taken while holding the Program Member status and at a fare that participates in the accrual of Miles.

It is assumed that all Family Account Members provided their consent for the Head of the Family Account to earn Awards for any Family Account Member, a third party, or the Head of the Family Account himself, when they agreed to join the Family Account.

7.4. Withdrawal from a Family Account.

A Member may be withdrawn from the Family Account both voluntarily and at the initiative of the Head of the Family Account.

A voluntary withdrawal from the Family Account is performed by the Member himself on the dashboard of the Personal Account. A Member’s withdrawal initiated by the Head of the Family Account is done by sending the Member a withdrawal request and an approval of the request by the Member on the dashboard of their Personal Account.

In the event a Member withdraws from the Family Account, all Miles accrued by this Member while they used the Family Account remain on the Family Account balance. Miles are credited to the Member’s Personal Account for flights taken starting from the day after their withdrawal from the Family Account. Miles for flights and services used before the Member withdrew from the Family Account are credited to the account of the Head of the Family Account. If all Members of a Family Account have withdrawn from the Family Account, the Family Account will be automatically dissolved, and all the Miles accrued during the time of the Family Account’s existence will be kept by the Head of the Family Account. A Family Account may not be dissolved by the unilateral decision of its Head.

A Member who has withdrawn from a Family Account must wait for a time period of 90 (ninety) days prior to rejoining the Family Account or becoming a Member of another Family Account.

A Family Account becomes inactive if all Members are inactive for 3 (three) years starting from the date of the last Miles accrual to the Family Account as a result of actions by any of the Family Account Members.

Other conditions set forth in the Program Rules for Personal Accounts of Members, which are not affected by this Appendix, remain unchanged.

8. Amendment, Suspension and Cancellation of the Programme

8.1. S7 reserves the right to cancel or amend the entire Programme or any part thereof at any time either with or without prior notification. The named amendments shall be valid upon publication of the relevant information on the Programme Site. In case of the Programme cancellation, Miles earned by Members may be invalidated. The airline shall not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from amendment or cancellation of the Programme.

8.2. S7, acting in accordance with the Programme, reserves the right to deliver no information materials regarding the Programme to Members, who are not Active.

8.3. The route network and the flight schedule of S7 and Partner Airlines, as well as the service network of the Programme Partners, may be amended from time to time. A Member may see the named amendments on the www.s7.ru.

8.4. S7 and Programme Partners may amend and exclude from the Programme any fare, Reward or Partners’ services. A Member may see the named amendments on the www.s7.ru.

8.5. In case of cancellation of S7 Priority Programme, the Award Tickets booked in accordance with provisions of these Terms issued prior to cancellation of the Programme shall be valid within the period of validity thereof.

9. Termination of the Programme membership, Personal Account blocking, Member disqualification

9.1. Voluntary termination of the Programme membership is possible upon the Member’s personal application to S7 Priority Service Centre.

The application is made in a free form and accompanied by a copy of the identity document.

After receiving the application from the Member, his or her account is closed, the accrued Miles and Status are cancelled.

9.2. S7 reserves the right to audit S7 Priority Members’ accounts, including suspension of an account and complete or partial restriction of any Transaction.

9.3. Persons selling or changing Miles and Rewards, as well as persons who have purchased Miles or Rewards, are liable for losses and costs incurred by the airline in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

9.4. Should a passenger and/or a Programme Member make any transaction with respect to Miles or Rewards (purchase, exchange, consolidation, theft) in violation of these Terms, the corresponding Miles shall be held invalid and the Rewards shall be cancelled.

9.5. In case of violation of the Terms of the Programme by a Member, including paragraphs 8.3 and 8.4, as well as the publication in Internet by him/her (or on his/her behalf) of the advertisement on purchase/sale of Miles, Award Tickets, either with or without S7 Airlines logo, S7 reserves the right to exclude the Member from the Programme without the permission to register for the Programme in the future, to cancel Elite status and all the Miles credited to him/her.

9.6. S7 reserves the right to exclude a Member, to cancel Elite status and all Miles credited to him/her in case of violation of the Main Terms and Conditions of Air Carriage of Passengers of S7 set out on www.s7.ru, as well as the aviation safety regulations.

9.7. The Airline reserves the right to use, at its discretion, the miles cancelled according to paragraphs 8.4, 8.5, 8.6.

9.8. Should any suspicion of unauthorized operation of the Personal Account arise, a Member shall immediately inform the Programme Service Centre at ffp-fraud@s7.ru.

10. Miscellaneous

10.1. All relations between S7 and Members of the Programme shall be governed by these Terms, Terms of Carriage of S7, as well as the Main Terms and Conditions of Air Carriage of Passengers of S7 set out on www.s7.ru. In all respects not covered by the named regulatory documents and the Conditions of Carriage of S7, the relations between S7 and Members of the Programme shall also be governed by the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation with consideration of the conflict rules. Should the provisions of the Terms and regulatory documents of S7 be in conflict with the effective legislation, the effective legislation of the Russian Federation shall prevail.

10.2. In case the legislation of the native country of a Member provides special requirements and/or restrictions regarding the application of a loyalty programme similar to the Programme, S7 shall be entitled to amend and/or supplement the provisions of these Terms with regard to such Members with consideration of the corresponding legislation requirements.

10.3. Unless otherwise prescribed by these Terms, any dispute relating to participation in the Programme shall be settled by negotiations.

10.4. The venue of action with regard to any dispute that may arise in the course of implementation of this Programme shall be Mozzherina prospect, d. 10, office 201, 633104, Ob, Novosibirsk oblast’, Russia.

10.5. The responsibility for damage caused to a Member in the course of exercising his or her rights under the Programme shall be governed by applicable rules of international law and national legislation, as well as the terms of the air carrier.

10.6. S7 shall not be held liable for a damage caused to Members or third parties as a result of a violation by Partners of their contractual obligations before S7 and/or a Member, as well as a refusal of Partners to provide Privileges and/or Rewards to Members.

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