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Terms and Conditions of the S7 Profi Program


1.1. These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter — Rules) govern the main provisions and principles of S7 Profi Program. Careful study of these Rules is the exclusive prerogative of each Participating Company.

1.2. The Program is organized by JSC Siberia Airlines (“S7”), a Russian legal entity established under the legislation of the Russian Federation, the main activity of which is air transportation.

1.3. These Rules are valid from the moment of publication on S7 website. The Program Organizer reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of S7 Profi Program (hereinafter — Program), including cancellation of the Program, either with prior notification thereof or without it, in the manner provided by these Rules and current legislation.

1.4. To ensure the possibility of timely acquaintance with the changes in these Rules, notifications thereof, as well as text of these Rules and amendments thereto, are published on the site profi.s7.ru, which is a section of S7 website.


S7 Profi — loyalty program for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (hereinafter — IE) defined by these Rules. Participation in the Program provides the Participating Companies with the opportunity to score Points on the Participating Company’s single Account for use of S7 services, and also to use Points to purchase premium air tickets and premium S7 Supplementary Services. The Program is managed by the Organizer. Possibility to score Points is realized both with online registration and with offline ticketing on conditions specified in these Rules.

S7 Profi Cashback — is a certain percentage of refund of the fare of S7 Airlines tickets, expressed in points, where 1 point is 1 ruble. Cashback is not considered as money.

S7 Priority — the Organizer’s Frequent Flyer Program (FFP), which allows accumulation of miles.

Agent — a legal entity (individual entrepreneur) authorized to act on behalf of S7 to attract passengers, register and sell passenger transportation for regular S7 flights and perform the necessary actions within the Program.

Program Administrator — an individual authorized by the Participating Company who carries out the necessary actions for the implementation of the Program on behalf of and in the interests of the Participating Company. The Administrator may be an Employee of the Participating Company or another individual, other than the Agent’s Employee authorized by the Participating Company. The Administrator registers the Participating Company in the Program, has access to the Participating Company’s personal profile, maintains the “Employees of the Company” Directory and information about the Participating Company, performs booking and issuance of premium air tickets and premium Additional services provided by S7 on the Program’s website, transfers necessary documents etc. The Program Administrator can provide other Employees of the Participating Company the possibility of an independent online ticketing within S7 Profi Program.

Points — bonus unites that a Member of a Program aquire on his personal account and use to get awards from S7 Airlines according to this rules.

Participant Code — unique code of the Participating Company assigned at registration in the S7 Profi Program. The unique code consists of the Latin characters QY and a combination of numbers (for example, QY00 001) and is displayed in the personal account of the Program Administrator.

Participating Company in the S7 Profi Program — a legal entity (or individual entrepreneur) registered in the S7 Profi program.

Personal Profile — a section of the Program Site, which allows one to:

  • manage the Participating Company’s profile;
  • book air tickets;
  • maintain the Directory “Employees of the Company”;
  • issue premium tickets and premium S7 Additional Services within the Program;
  • perform other actions necessary for the Program implementation.

Online issuance — online booking of tickets and services on the S7 Airlines’ website.

Offline issuance — online booking of tickets and services of S7 Airlines through other Agents, rather than “S7 Travel Retail LLC.”.

Award — a service provided by S7 on the basis of the accrued Points.

Premium Ticket — type of Award — air ticket for S7 regular flights issued on the basis of accrued S7 Profi Points.

Premium Additional Service — type of Award — S7 Additional Service from the list established by the Organizer which is issued on the basis of accrued S7 Profi Points.

S7 Airlines’ products — flight services provided by S7 Airlines, including baggage and hand luggage transportation and other services affordable at the airport or during the flight (ex. excess baggage transportation, business lounge etc.)

S7 members can purchase additional S7 services through both S7 Profi points, as well as under the general terms of the JSC Siberia Airlines rules (outside of the S7 Profi Program) published on the S7 website.

Registration of S7 Products on the S7 Website is made through the company’s Agent —"S7 Travel Retail LLC”, TIN 7 701 607 660, OGRN 1 057 747 537 100, address: 7 Petrovka str., Moscow, 107 031, Russia. Through “S7 Travel Retail LLC” (within the scope of authority under contracts concluded between it and various organizations), the S7 Profi participant can have an access to booking/ordering/paying for other products related to travel: air transportation of other (other than S7) airlines, insurance services, hotel reservations, railway transportation, etc. (hereinafter referred to as Other Products). Hereafter, S7 Products and Other Products may (in the context) be collectively referred to as " Products”

Own regular flights S7 — scheduled flights of JSC “Siberia Airlines/S7 Airlines”.

S7 website — a web resource located at www.s7.ru.

Program Site — a section of S7 site created for the purposes of the S7 Profi Program located at profi.s7.ru.

Program Service Center (also the Service Center) — Service Center of the Participating Companies in the S7 Profi Program, where information about Participating Companies is stored and processed, and where they can apply at e-mail: corp.support@s7.ru or via phone 8 800 500 5077.

Employees — individuals who have entered into employment agreement with a Company participating in the Program for work or providing services. The list of employees of the Company can also include other individuals: owners/shareholders of an S7 Profi member, members of its management bodies (Board of Directors, management Board); business partners (consultants, auditors).

Directory “Employees of the Company” — section of the Personal Profile of the Participating Company, which contains information about the employees of the Participating Company.

Company Account — account of the Participating Company in the S7 Profi Program, which stores data about the Participating Company, accrued Points and transaction history. The Company Account is created after the registration of the Participating Company in the Program.

Transaction — an operation on the Company Account, which results in the accrual or writing off Points.

S7 Transportation Rules — Rules for the transportation of passengers, baggage and cargo of JSC Siberia Airlines published on the S7 Website.

Fare Rules — rules for the application of the fare of JSC Siberia Airlines published on the S7 Website.

Fare Application Rules — Siberia Airlines JSC’s current fare application rules, which serve as the basis for fare cost, as well as the ticket exchange and refund rules posted on the S7 Website.

YR Fee is Siberia Airlines JSC’s fuel surcharge.


3.1. General provisions

3.1.1. Participating Company within the Program may include legal entities or individual entrepreneurs (IE) — residents or non-residents of the Russian Federation operating in the territory of the Russian Federation except for travel agencies/ticketing agencies/other companies (IE), carrying out (as the main or one of types) commercial activity in the sphere of sale, ticketing, services of the consolidator (services in organizing sales of air tickets, providing access to the resources of air carrier sites and similar activities in the field of air tickets).

3.1.2. To participate in the S7 Profi Program, the Program Administrator needs to complete the registration process.

3.1.3. Any actions of the Administrator named in the application for participation, as well as the person acting under the password and login of the Administrator, the Program Organizer regards as the activities performed on behalf of the Participating Company. The Program Organizer does not participate by any means in the disputes between the Administrator and the Participating Company regarding the activities in the Program, the purposes and the order of use of Points and Premium Tickets by the Participating Company. Responsibility for the safety of data necessary for work in the Administrator’s Personal Profile, as well as for the actions of persons who have access to the private profile by any means (including unauthorized) are fully borne by the Participating Company and the Administrator.

3.1.4. Having provided its data, the Participating Company of the Program agrees that S7 is entitled to use them for implementing the interests of the Participating Company within the Program.

3.1.5. The Program Organizer reserves the right to refuse registration as the Participating Company of any organization (IE) with no reason given.

3.2. Registration in the Program

3.2.1. Registration as the Participating Company of the S7 Profi Program is free of charge. By registering in the Program, the Participating Company confirms its agreement with the terms of the Program, including the consent to receive information about the Program via given contact information.

3.2.2. Registration in the Program is carried out at profi.s7.ru.

3.2.3. For registration in the S7 Profi Program, the Program Administrator should fill out an application for participation in the S7 Profi Program in electronic form on the Program Site as instructed. At registration, the Administrator can use the current profile on S7 Website (if available) or create a new one.

3.2.4. The Organizer registers the Participating Company and initially provides limited access to the private profile with no possibility to issue premium tickets and additional Award services (Initial Registration).

However, limited access allows the Participating Company to begin accruing Points to the Participating Company’s Account.

3.2.5. To get full access to the private profile, you need: Print the formed application form and certify the document with the signature of the head/authorized person and the seal of the organization. Send scanned copies of the following documents to the Organizer via website profi.s7.ru:

  • signed application form for participation in the program;
  • tax authority certificate of state registration of a legal entity or a sole proprietor, indicating the OKVED code and the legal address of the company (for residents of the Russian Federation);
  • certificate of registration, extract from the Trade Register, certificate of incorporation or another document confirming the registration of the legal entity and including information regarding its name, the number and date of registration, the registration authority (for non-residents);
  • valid power of attorney for the person who signed the application (if the application is not signed by the head of the organization (IE himself) and not by a person who has the right to act on behalf of the organization without a power of attorney);
  • signed application with the seal of the participating Company (individual entrepreneur).

3.2.6. After the successful verification of the above-mentioned electronic documents, the Organizer provides full access to the functionality of the S7 Profi program, about which the Administrator receives an e-mail. If there is any doubt about the powers of the person who signed the application or the Administrator, the Organizer may request additional credentials and complete registration only after submission of these documents.

3.2.7. The participating company is responsible for the accuracy of the documents and information provided. The provision of false documents and data, including for the purpose of obtaining an unjustified benefit by forgery or deception, entails criminal, administrative, civil liability under applicable law (in particular, in the form of compensation for the losses to S7 Airlines).

3.2.8. The Organizer within the framework of the Program reserves the right to request confirmation of belonging of any passenger to whom a ticket has been issued under the Program to the participating Company, including confirmation of an employment contract between the Employee and the participating Company, other affiliation in accordance with paragraph 3.2.8) and in the form and composition of data determined at the discretion of the Organizer.

Moreover, the Organizer is entitled to request from the Participating Company a copy of the passport of the head of the company (IE) (with data on the name, name, patronymic, number, passport series, issuing authority, date and date of issue), as well as in case of signing the application by a person acting by proxy — additionally a copy of the passport of this person with the same information.

3.2.9. If, within 15 working days from the date of sending the request, the Participating Company does not provide the Organizer with a confirmation of existing labor (civil) contract between the Employee and the Participating Company and/or other data, at the Organizer’s discretion, confirming existence of labor/civil law relations between the Employee and the Participating Company and/or confirming the passenger’s belonging to the participating Company, the Organizer shall be entitled to block issuance of premium tickets and Additional Services to the Participating Company.

3.3. Participating Company Account

3.3.1. The Participant Company Account and the Points accrued it cannot be combined with the accounts and Points of other S7 Profi Participating Companies or participants in other S7 programs and projects (incentive programs for individuals, legal persons and/or their employees (in particular, cashiers), corporate clients, etc.).

3.3.2. For any suspicion of unauthorized use of the Participating Company Account, the Program Service Center should be immediately notified at corp.support@s7.ru or via phone 8 800 500 5077.

3.3.3. The Organizer reserves the right to periodically send to the Program Administrator an extract with information on the Account status and newsletters.

3.3.4. Information on the status of the Participating Company Account is available in real time in the personal profile on the Program Site.

3.3.5. The Organizer is not responsible for unavailability of information on the Account status in the event that the Participating Company has no access to S7 Website because of technical problems, elimination of which does not directly depend on the Organizer.

3.4. Change of data about the Participating Company

3.4.1. Each Participating Company is responsible for the timely change of the organization’s data, which in particular is provided by ability of the Administrator to freely change information about the company (address for correspondence, e-mail, Employee data) in the personal profile. However, change of TIN, OGRN, name of the Participating Company, change of the Administrator (data about him, his account) cannot be made on the Program Site by the Participating Company independently and is carried out by the employees of the Program Service Center after receiving scan copies of the Company’s application for this and a scan of the relevant supporting documents via e-mail corp.support@s7.ru.

3.5.1. Payments for Products

3.5.1. Payments for Products in cash, as well as their registration on the S7 Website, are made through S7 Travel Retail LLC. Information about the full cost of the purchase and the elements included in it, including the cost of fees of S7 Travel Retail LLC, is provided at the time of placing an order, on the S7 website, before making a payment operation.

3.5.2.Payments are made by debit/credit cards in accordance with the instructions on the S7 Website, and if the requirements specified in clause 3.5.3 are met, they can be made by non-cash means, by transferring funds of the S7 Profi Member to the bank account of S7 Travel Retail LLC.

3.5.3. Members of the S7 Profi Program can pay for Products by transferring their funds to the bank account of S7 Travel Retail LLC, if the Member of the S7 Profi Program is a resident of the Russian Federation and has a valid electronic document management (EDI) functionality.

The possibility of transferring funds to the bank account of S7 Travel Retail LLC is realized in the Personal Account- with a request made by the Member of the S7 Profi Program to issue an invoice to S7 Travel Retail LLC for the transfer of funds and after concluding a non-cash payment agreement with S7 Travel Retail LLC (the agreement is concluded online in the Personal Account of a Member of the S7 Profi Program, by accepting the offer of S7 Travel Retail LLC on the terms of this agreement).

3.5.4. The list with the fees prices of S7 Travel Retail LLC services, the rules for their collection and the features of the Products’ booking can be found here.


4.1. Points. General provisions.

4.1.1. Points are the basic unit of payments for premium tickets and S7 services in the S7 Profi Program. If the Organizer does not provide for otherwise when registering a premium ticket (service), one Point is equal to one ruble of the Russian Federation. However, Points cannot be converted into rubles or another currency in any way. Points cannot be an independent item of sale or exchange in the relations between the Organizer and the Participating Companies or the Participating Companies among themselves, or between the Participating Companies, Employees and any other persons.

4.1.2. S7 Profi Cashback is carried out for regular S7 flights paid and actually committed by the Employees of the Participating Company.

4.1.3. S7 reserves the right to provide additional ways of accruing and writing off Points in relation to the methods specified in these Rules. Relevant information on all the changes will be published on the Program Site.

4.1.4. S7 Profi Cashback for online issuance of tickets by the Administrator/Employee is charged if the following conditions are met: authorization of the Employee/Administrator on S7 Website; record by the Employee (in the process of issuing a ticket) that this is a business trip.

4.1.5. When tickets are booked offline (through an Agent), the following mandatory S7 Profi Cashback accrual conditions apply: Notification of the Agent issuing the ticket about participation in the S7 Profi Program; providing the Agent with a unique code of the Participating Company in the S7 Profi Program and/or TIN and/or full name of the Participating Company.

4.1.6. Crediting of Points to the Participating Company Account does not prevent the possibility of simultaneous crediting of miles to a personal account in S7 Priority Program under the terms and rules of S7 Priority Program.

4.2. Accrual of Points

4.2.1. S7 Profi cashback is carried out only on those tickets that were purchased on the S7 Airlines website or through an offline agent after the date of registration in the Program made by the Participant (paragraph 3.2.4 of these Rules), and also only on the condition that the passenger actually made the flight using the tickets purchased by him.

4.2.2. Points are awarded according to the member’s rank (see table). The member’s rank depends on the amount of air ticket purchases for S7's own flights made in the past quarter. The amount of purchases made by a program member in the last 90 days is calculated daily. When a member reaches a higher level, the new terms are fixed and apply for one year, regardless of the purchase volume.

GradeThe amount of accrued cashback in points (tariff-based)Purchase volume per quarter
When buying on the website or through the S7 Profi service centerWhen buying through an agentResidentNon-resident
Start4%3%up to 1 million ₽up to 12 thousand €
Profi5%4%1-3 million ₽12-35 thousand €
Senior6%5%3-5 million ₽35-57 thousand €
Master7%6%from 5 million ₽from 57 thousand €

4.2.3. S7 Profi cashback is accrued on the basis of fare cost paid in cash (fees and taxes are not taken into account).

4.2.4. The Organizer, at its discretion, is entitled to accrue Points to the Participating Company Account for participation in various events and advertising or other promotions conducted by the Organizer (or its affiliated persons).

4.3. Features of Accrual of Points

4.3.1. Points for unused tickets (uncompleted flights) are not accrued, regardless of the reason for which the passenger did not fly.

4.3.2. If the ticket was purchased under the S7 Profi Program, but by the carrier’s initiative the Employee of the Participating Company was forced to transfer from a S7 flight and consequently made a flight with another airline, Points can be accrued in the order specified in clause 4.4.3 of these Rules.

4.3.3. Points are automatically credited to the Participating Company Account within 7 days after the flight is completed.

4.3.4. Points for tickets issued for children (under 18 years) are not awarded.

4.3.5. For non-profit or public organizations that work with children (charitable foundations, educational and cultural programs, sports schools and teams, creative teams, etc.), the Carrier, upon written request from the Company, may agree on the possibility of accumulating Points for their flights. The request should be provided on letterhead and be signed by the head of the Company.

4.4. Recovery of unaccounted Points.

4.4.1. Accrual of unaccounted points is made only if they are not taken into account because of S7 (technical failure, unavailability of the site, etc.). Accrual of points not previously recorded through the fault of the participating Company or its travel-agent remains at the discretion of the Organizer, except as specified in paragraph 4.3.2.

4.4.2. To accrue unaccounted Points for flights, the Participating Company should contact the Service Center. In this case, the Service Center may request from the Participating Company the documents necessary to resolve this issue.

4.4.3. In the case specified in clause 4.3.2 of these Rules, the Participating Company may send a request for the accrual of Points with regard to the purchased air ticket, if incident occurred through the fault of S7, which is determined in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. In this case, the Participating Company should send a short description of incident with a copy of the air ticket and a copy of the boarding pass to the Service Center within 90 (ninety) days from the date of the incident.

4.5. Validity of the Accrued Points.

4.5.1. Points are valid for 24 months from the date of their accrual to the Participating Company Account.

4.5.2. To extend the validity period of Points specified in clause 4.5.1 for another 1 year, it is necessary to make at least 3 (three) flights within the last year using S7 Airlines own regular flights (excluding codeshare and alliance flights), otherwise the Points will be canceled.

4.5.3. Cancellation of Points for the previous period occurs annually on January 31st at 00:00 Moscow time.

4.6. Use of the Accrued Points.

4.6.1. Points can be used for issuance of the Award.

4.6.2. List of Awards may be extended in relation to the one presented in the text of these Rules. Information on such changes will be published on the Program Website.

4.6.3. Availability of the Award may depend on the date, season and destination. The Organizer does not guarantee the possibility of receiving any Award at any time.


5.1. General provisions.

5.1.1. If the Member of the Program has Points on his company’s account, the Administrator has the right to issue a Premium Ticket for the S7 Flight on the Website and / or purchase Premium additional services from the established list. The Award can only be received on the website and registration of the Award via an offline Agent is prohibited.

5.1.2. All Points used to receive a specific Award should be written off from one Participating Company Account within the S7 Profi Program. It is not allowed to pay for the Award with Points from several accounts.

5.1.3. Premium tickets and/or Additional Services purchased for Points can be neither re-issued nor transferred or assigned to another person.

5.1.4. Premium tickets and/or Additional Services purchased for Points can be canceled if they are issued on the basis of Points accrued in violation of these Rules.

5.1.5. Premium tickets and/or Additional Services purchased for Points can be neither sold nor bought or exchanged for tangibles. In the case of a such use, a ticket and/or additional service can be canceled, and the Participating Company that carried out these actions shall be excluded from the S7 Profi Program.

5.1.6. Award can be issued to any individual at the discretion of the Participating Company.

5.1.7. Points are debited from the Participating Company Account at the moment of booking a Premium Air Ticket and/or Additional Service.

5.2. Premium Tickets for S7 Flights.

5.2.1. Award tickets for regular S7 flights may be booked in exchange for debiting the corresponding number of Points from the Participating Company’s Account. Points may be used to pay for fare and fee of an YR ticket partially or in full. All the other charges and fees shall be paid in cash.

5.2.2. Within the S7 Profi Program, there is no provision for the issuance of a Premium Ticket for passengers, according to which S7 Transport Regulations provide for a special procedure for issuing transport documents requiring, in particular, preliminary agreement with the carrier: a blind passenger, an unaccompanied child, a sick passenger, a passenger with an animal etc.

5.2.3. Tickets and Additional Services paid for with Points are subject to the general S7 Fare Rules.

5.2.4. Using points for booking flights with subsidized fares is prohibited.

5.3. Premium Services

Additional S7 services that can be purchased with Points:

  • excess baggage;
  • advanced seat reservation;
  • choice of elevated comfort seating;
  • provision of special meals on board;
  • upgrade to business class. The service is available during check-in.

Partial payment with Points for the Additional Services is not permitted. Points will not be refunded for services that were paid for in Points and subsequently declined by the passenger; nor will the participant be refunded the monetary value of the points for any services they declined.

5.4. If the transportation conditions change, the additional payment may be made only in cash. If the ticket cost increases, Points may not be used to pay for the exchange transaction or to make any additional payments associated with the exchange.

5.5. In the event of a voluntary return of the ticket that has been partially paid for with points, the refund fee is withdrawn from the cash portion of the fare.

5.6. Points may not be used to make a partial payment for Additional Services.

5.7. For award tickets and services that have been booked with points and that the passenger then refused, the Points are refunded according to the general S7 Fare Rules. The cost of such services shall not be paid/refunded to the Participating Company in cash.


6.1. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or change the Program in full or in part any time, either with prior notification thereof or without it. These changes take effect after posting relevant information on the Program Site.

6.2. If the Program is canceled:

6.2.1. All Points accrued by the Participating Company may be canceled. The Airline shall not be liable for any damages or losses incurred as a result of changes or cancellation of the Program (including when, in the event of the forthcoming termination of the Program, the amount of accrued Points is not sufficient to issue a Premium Ticket or a Premium Additional Service provided by S7, the Organizer shall not pay or compensate in no other way the cost of such Points);

6.2.2. Premium tickets issued in accordance with the provisions of these Rules and before the date of cancellation of the Program may be used during the validity of the tickets.

6.3. Route network and schedule of S7 flights can be changed at any time. The Participating Company may see these changes on S7 Website.

6.4. The Organizer can change and exclude from the Program any fares and Awards. The Participating Company may see these changes on the Program Website.


7.1. Upon termination of the Company’s participation in the S7 Profi Program all accrued Points shall be canceled.

7.2. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude from the S7 Profi Program any person registered as the Participating Company with a temporary or permanent ban on registration in the future and to cancel all accrued Points in case of violation of the Program Terms and Conditions or the occurrence of suspicions of such violation by the Participating Company (in particular, if the person registered in the Program cannot be a participant of the Program according to the conditions thereof). Grounds for exclusion of the Participating Company, among other matters, may be an accrual of Points in violation of these Rules, as well as publication by it (or on its behalf) of offers for purchase/sale Points, Premium Tickets, Premium Additional Services with or without indication of S7 logo in open Internet resources and other sources. 7.3. The Participating Company within the S7 Profi Program should adhere to and strictly comply with the Program Terms and Conditions, as well as to comply with all the terms described in the Program.

7.4. Persons selling or changing Awards shall be liable for losses and costs incurred by S7 and shall be obliged to reimburse these costs, expenses and losses.

7.5. The Organizer reserves the right to check the Participating Companies Accounts within the S7 Profi Program, including temporary suspension of the Account, as well as partial or complete restriction of various Transactions.

7.6. If the Program is canceled, Premium tickets issued in accordance with the provisions of these Rules and before the date of cancellation of the Program may be used during the validity of the tickets, and Additional Services purchased for Points prior to the date of cancellation of the Program will be provided by S7 in accordance with the rules for provision thereof.

7.7. The sponsor of the Program reserves the right to exclude a Member from the S7 Profi Program if, within 3 (three) years from the date of registration or from the date of the last purchase, he has not had any purchases of Products.


8.1. All relations between S7 and the Participating Company shall be governed by these Rules.

8.2. In the part not regulated by the Rules of this Program, as well as by other Rules listed above, the relations between S7, the Participating Company and the passenger shall be also governed by applicable Russian legislation.

8.3. If the provisions of the Rules and regulations of S7 are inconsistent with the current legislation, the current legislation of the Russian Federation shall be applied.

8.4. The relations between S7 and passengers, whose tickets were issued under the S7 Profi Program, shall be governed by the Transportation Rules and the Rules for Provision of Additional Services by JSC Siberia Airlines in the part that does not contradict the Rules of this Program.

8.5. The place of consideration of possible disputes arising within the Program is a judicial body determined in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation in terms of jurisdiction and cognizance of legal controversies, at the location of the Program Organizer. For the purposes of this clause, the location of the Program Organizer is: Russia, Novosibirsk region, city of Ob. For non — residents- International Commercial Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry in accordance with its regulations.

8.6. Unless otherwise provided by these Rules, the disputable issues related to participation in the Program shall be resolved under a pre-action protocol.

8.7. The Participating Company guarantees that it has received consent from its Employees and other individuals participating in the Program to process their personal data and instructs the Organizer to process this data within the limits necessary for the Program implementation. In particular, the Participating Company guarantees consent of the Employees and other individuals to transfer to the Organizer personal data about existence of labor (civil) relations. Failure to provide the Organizer with confirmations stipulated for in clause 3.2.8 of the Rules with reference to the fact that the Employees/other individuals have not given the necessary consent thereto shall be an independent basis for excluding the Participating Company from the Program.

8.8. These Rules apply to all Participating Companies with no exception. Participation in the Program is a confirmation of the proper familiarization and consent of the Participating Company with all provisions of these Rules.

8.9. The Program may use special and additional Rules set forth in further Program documents and published on S7 Website and in other information materials of the Program.

Warning! Violation of the sequence of use of flight coupons is not permitted.

Failure to use one of the segments of the route without notifying the Carrier shall result in all subsequent flights being cancelled.

The rules for the baggage transportation, depending on the fare, can be found in the “Fares” section on the website s7.ru.