The promotion is valid for tickets purchased from March 5 to March 28

In connection with the changed situation, a decision was made to change the period of the campaign. The promotion expires on March 28, 2020. The terms of the promotion apply to all shipments purchased during the period from 03/05/2020 to 03/28/2020.

For users who bought in other periods, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the promotion Flexible terms of exchange and return.

Book from March 5 till March 28, 2020 and feel free to change your plans if necessary: tickets refund fe 40 minutes prior departure will be only 1,000 rubles.1

Booking Period: from March 5, 2020 till March 28, 2020 inclusive.

Travel Period: Unlimited

Which tickets does this apply to?

  • All flights booked at “Economy Basic” and “Business Basic” tariffs or at “Economy Flexible” tariffs and subsidized tariffs.
  • Own flights and joint flights with partners.
  • Domestic or international flights.

Taxes and fees can also be refunded if at least 40 minutes are left before your flight departure.2

Are there any exceptions?

Yes, other conditions apply if your ticket is issued:

  • At the “Business Flexible” tariff — this tickets are refundable at no cost 40 minutes prior departure.
  • In group bookings or by block agreement. The return of these tickets is subject to the rules of specific agreements.
  • Award tickets booked for miles. In this case, the standard return rules apply.

Is it possible to return a ticket if it is less than 40 minutes before departure?

Yes, but in this case the standard rules for applying tariffs apply: according to the Economy Basic and Business Basic tariffs, refunds less than 40 minutes before departure are not available, and according to the Economy Flexible tariff it is allowed with a fine. More details

1The ticket refund fee is charged in the currency of the country in which the ticket is refunded at the exchange rate on the day the ticket is refunded. Tickets purchased with the Business Flexible fare can be returned without a fee 40 minutes before departure.

2Except for the service fee for issuing a ticket that is non-refundable. When buying on, it is 100 rubles per segment. More details

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