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In S7 Priority you get:

  • status miles that are taken into account for obtaining or confirming Elite statuses;
  • bonus miles that you can spend on awards.
Status miles are credited for Type of miles
Flights with S7 Airlines Status miles
Flights with oneworld alliance Status miles
Flights with other partner airlines Bonus
Purchases with joint bank cards S7 Priority Bonus
Partner services Bonus Bonus
Special promotions Bonus Bonus
Special offers and Program promotions Status Status miles

When you travel with partner airlines, you earn miles based on the distance traveled and the fare paid. S7 Priority has adopted a unified mileage earning scheme for flights operated by oneworld airline partners. The airlines use different tariff groups, which you can learn more about on the partners' pages.

Tariff Number of status miles
Discount Economy 25%
Full Fare Economy 100%
Premium Economy 110%
Business Class 125%
First Class 150%

Flights with oneworld airlines give status miles and let you quickly qualify for the Elite Status.

Learn more about earning miles with program partners Charitable foundations, hotels, car rental companies, cruise lines, retail chains and other service companies are among the partners of the universal loyalty program S7 Priority. You can significantly speed up the accumulation of miles with the help of program partners, both while traveling and in your daily life. More details

For regular flights S7 Airlines, you get miles as a percentage of the flight distance depending on the fare at which the ticket was purchased.

The minimum number of miles that will be credited to your account for a flight with S7 Airlines is 500 miles1.

What if you didn’t indicate the card number when purchasing or the flight was not taken into account? Don’t worry. Mileage regain is available 365 days after your flight.

The number of miles given for each fare:

Tariff Number of status miles
Basic Economy 50%
Standard Economy 100%
Economy Plus 125%
Business Standard 150%
Business Plus 250%

For flights with S7 Airlines and jointly operated flights with oneworld airlines, if S7 is a marketing carrier (flight code S7), members with the elite status, in addition to status miles, get a mile bonus of up to 75% of the flight distance between departure and arrival airports:

  • Elite status Silver — 25% mile bonus
  • Elite status Gold — 50% mile bonus
  • Elite Status Platinum — 75% Mile Bonus

Miles for jointly operated flights

When flying on a jointly operated flight operated by the Program partner airline where the marketing carrier is S7 S7 (flight code S7), miles are credited in accordance with the table for earning miles on jointly operated flights of S7 and oneworld partner airlines published on the airline (operator of the flight) page.

When flying on jointly operated flights where the operating carrier is an airline B2 (BELAVIA — BELARUSIAN AIRLINES), 9U (AIR MOLDOVA), J2 (AZERBAIJAN HAVA YOLLARY), HY (UZBEKISTAN AIRWAYS), U6 (URAL AIRLINES), Y7 (NORDSTAR AIRLINES), CY (CYPRUS AIRWAYS), and the marketing carrier is S7 (flight code S7), miles are credited in accordance with the miles earning table on S7 flights. The earned miles are bonus miles, the status is not credited for the flight.

Miles regain for jointly operated flights is available within 90 days of the flight.2

1 The number of miles to be credited for a flight using the Miles & Cash payment form is calculated taking into account the value of the monetary part of the fare of the paid ticket. If the entire part of the fare is paid with miles, miles will not be credited.

2 Earning miles is available for jointly operated flights:

  • S7 and B2 —  from 01.12.2015 
  • S7 and 9U —  from 23.06.2017 
  • S7 and J2 —  from 17.07.2017 
  • S7 and HY —  from 17.07.2017 
  • S7 and U6 —  from 06.09.2017 
  • S7 and Y7 —  from 15.12.2017 
  • S7 and CY —  from 27.08.2018 

Miles are credited only for flights with flight code S7.

Turn your daily purchases into premium flights! You simply pay with a joint payment card S7-Tinkoff and get a benefit of up to 4 miles for every 60 rubles paid by the card. The card works for you every day, and in just a few months you can accumulate enough miles to qualify for an award. More details

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