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Miles are back: collect, share, spend — everything works

Together we can do more. Do you agree? Collect miles by teaming up with your family members. The Family Account is an efficient way to use your S7 Priority program bonuses.

It’s quite simple! The program participants join together in a group. Together, you can collect miles faster, which means you can travel more and enjoy extra services on board the S7 Airlines.

Miles accumulate faster

For example, a family of 5 is flying from Moscow to Sochi and back. If a family member collects miles in their personal account, this trip will give them only 1,000 miles. But if the family combines their miles, they will have entire 5,000 miles at their disposal! And that equals one ticket.

Easier to manage the miles

The person who manages the family account can see the total balance available on the account. This person can book not only own tickets and services, but for the group members as well. It’s so convenient — you no longer need to remember the user name and password for your family members’ accounts when you want to help them use their miles.

More miles means more opportunities

The bigger the family account balance is, the bigger is the chance of putting the miles to good use! You can purchase tickets or pleasant little extras. Because sometimes the unused miles happen to expire at the end of the year. The Family Account is therefore especially convenient when you don’t fly very often.

How to create a Family Account

You create a group and become its manager.

The manager invites members (up to 8 people) and manages the miles in the Family Account: purchases tickets and services.

Each member’s bonus miles are collected on the Family Account.

The miles collected by an S7 Priority program participant prior to their joining the group will remain on their personal account. You can still spend the miles to buy a ticket or additional services. The miles for all subsequent flights will be collected on the S7 Priority Family Account.

Important Information

  • Invite S7 Priority program participants to join the group.
  • Exclude a participant from the group with the participant’s consent.
  • Manage the shared miles: book tickets and additional services.
  • View the list of all group members and the total balance in the personal account.
  • Confirm that they are ready to join the Family Account and start collecting miles together.
  • Join only one Family Account.
  • Voluntarily leave the Account and start collecting miles on their own again.
  • A member cannot remove or invite other members or manage the Family Account miles.

Please note: the member’s personal account remains intact. You continue accumulating status miles and status segments for your own flights — just write your S7 Priority program participant’s number when buying a ticket. You can also use the miles collected prior to joining the Family Account.

If the flight took place before joining the group, the bonus miles shall be credited to your personal account.

If it took place later, the bonus miles will be sent to the Family Account (i.e. to the group manager’s account).

No. You can only join one group.

If you wish to leave the group, you’ll only be able to join back or join another group after 90 days.

The group manager can send you any amount of miles (up to 50,000 miles per year) using the mile transfer function, but this feature is paid.

When booking each flight, use your personal S7 Priority program participant number.

All bonus miles received by each group member — for flights, promotions, S7-Tinkoff card payments — are collected on the family account.

At the same time, each member continues to collect status miles and segments on their personal account.

How to convert miles into travel tickets?

Miles & Cash — combine cash and miles when paying for tickets

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1.1. A Family Account is a joint account of the Program Participants created by joining together Personal Accounts (at least 2 (Two) and not more than 9 (Nine) Personal Accounts) with the purpose of collecting Miles for activities performed both by all Family Account Participants jointly and by each of them individually. The Family Account number is the number of its Manager’s Personal Account.

Family Account Manager is the person who initiated the creation of the Family Account and subsequently acts as the Family Account owner, in charge of its balance.

1.2. Family Account Creation. Family Account Participants. Age limitations.

A Program Participant initiates the creation of a Family Account by sending an invitation to another Participant. An invitation to join the Family Account is sent from the Program’s personal account to a Participant’s personal e-mail. A Participant who accepts the invitation becomes a Family Account Member and agrees with the participation terms and the Family Account terms of use.

A Program Participant cannot be a member of more than one Family Account.

A person under 18 (eighteen) years of age cannot be a Family Account Manager.

Family Account members may not be changed more than 18 (eighteen) times during one calendar year. This includes both joining and leaving the Family Account by Account members.

1.3. Family Account balance. Bonus awards within a Family Account.

Miles will be credited to the Family Account provided each Family Account member indicates the Personal Account number when booking flights or using the Program Partners' services.

When a Participant has the status of a Family Account member, all Bonus Miles earned by the Participant will be credited to the Family Account and they may be used for Bonus awards.

The Status Miles and Status Flight Segments are credited to the Program Participant’s Personal Account and are taken into account when obtaining or renewing their Status in the Program.

For the avoidance of doubt, a Family Account has no status categories; each Family Account Member retains the status of their Personal Account and may use the privileges of that status independently.

The Bonus Miles collected on a Participant’s Personal Account prior to their joining the Family Account shall remain on the Participant’s Personal Account, and the Participant may use them by logging in to their Personal Account at any time and at their own discretion in accordance with the Program Rules.

Transferring Miles between Personal and Family accounts is performed in accordance with the terms of use of the corresponding service openly available on s7.ru.

Receiving Bonus Awards using the Family Account balance is only available to the Family Account Manager, provided each of the following conditions have been met:

  • the Family Account has a sufficient amount of Miles to receive a Bonus;
  • Miles have been credited to the Family Account for at least one S7 flight taken by any of the Family Account Members during the current calendar year or the year before;
  • the flight must be/was undertaken in the Program Participant status and under tariffs where earning Miles is possible.

When a Family Account Manager sends a Bonus to any Family Account Member, a third party or directly to the Family Account Manager, it is assumed that the other Family Account Members express their consent for such use of the collected Miles based on their consent to joint the Family Account.

1.4. Leaving the Family Account

Members may leave the Family Account both voluntarily and at the Family Account Manager’s initiative.

Members may opt to voluntarily leave the Family Account program in their Personal Account. Removing Members at the Family Account Manager’s initiative is possible upon sending a removal request to the Members and its approval by the Members in their Personal account.

If a Member leaves the Family Account, all the Miles collected by that Member while they were members in the Family Account shall remain on the Family Account’s balance. Miles for flights performed on and after the day when the Member left the Family Account will be credited to the Program Participant’s Personal Account. Recovering miles for flights and services used prior to the Participant’s leaving the Family Account shall be made to the Account Manager’s account. If all Family Account Members leave the Family Account, the Family Account will be automatically terminated and all the Miles collected on the Family Account shall be transferred to the Family Account Manager’s personal account. It is not allowed to close the Family Account based exclusively on its Manager’s unilateral decision.

The period after which a Member who left the Family Account may join it again or become a Member in another Family Account amounts to 90 (ninety) days.

A Family Account will become inactive if all of its Members remain inactive for 3 (three) years starting from the moment when the Family Account was last credited for activities performed by any of the Family Account Members.

Other terms and conditions specified in the Program Terms of Use for Personal Member Accounts but not described in this Attachment, remain unchanged.