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Miles & Cash

We care about making sure that buying tickets is convenient for everyone. That is why we are expanding our payment options: tickets for S7 Airlines flights can now be purchased in three ways:

Paying with rubles:

a normal ticket purchase that is paid for in rubles

Paying with miles:

the ticket is paid for with miles while taxes and fees arepaid in rubles

Paying with rubles and miles:

a Miles & Cash ticket, with part of the cost paid in rubles, and part of the cost paid with miles

What is Miles & Cash?

Miles & Cash is an opportunity to pay for part of the ticket with miles. You no longer need to wait for the amount necessary for your purchase to accumulate: spendall the miles that you already have, and pay the rest in rubles.

How does it work?

Log in to your account S7 Priority

Initiate a ticket purchase and proceed to the payment stage

During the payment stage, you can pay for part of your ticket with miles

Buy a ticket

Buy an S7 Airlines ticket at a regular fare and spend less by using your accrued miles.

Using the Miles & Cash system, you can even use miles to pay for fuel surcharges, which are still paid separately when paying for tickets entirely with miles..

For example, you ticket costs 8,000 rubles, and you want to partially pay for it with S7 Priority miles:

Ticket price:

8 000 ₽

Total charges:

9200 miles + 4000 ₽

Important to know

Why the Miles & Cash payment system?

The system allows S7 Priority participants to pay for part of a ticket with miles, and for part of it in rubles. This is very convenient: you don’t have to wait untilthe full amount necessary for your ticket purchase is accumulated on your S7 Priority account. This is particularly helpful if you fly infrequently and you haveto save miles for a long time in order to cover the full cost of a ticket.

What is the difference between tickets bought using the Miles & Cash system and regular tickets paid for with miles?

Firstly, with Miles & Cash, you can pay for part of a ticket with miles, and part in rubles. Secondly, fuel surcharges can also be paid with miles, even though they are usually paid separately from other fees. Otherwise, there is no difference: even the fare rules are exactly the same.

Which flight tickets can be bought using Miles & Cash?

Using Miles & Cash, you can buy tickets to flights operated by S7 Airlines at any fare level, except subsidized ones.

Can I pay for business class tickets using Miles & Cash?

Yes, you can use Miles & Cash to buy even business class tickets.

Can I pay for S7 Airlines services using Miles & Cash?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay for S7 Airlines services using Miles & Cash. However, you can pay for them with S7 Priority miles.

What can be paid for with Miles & Cash?

With Miles & Cash, you can use miles to pay the fare and the fuel surcharges. Othertaxes and fees cannot be paid in miles.

Why is buying tickets for miles sometimes cheaper than paying part in rubles and part in miles?

This can happen for several reasons::

  • If you are buying tickets using Miles & Cash, you also use miles to pay for the fuel surcharge. When you buy a regular ticket for miles, that fee is paid separately.
  • Ticket prices in rubles change frequently, increasing along with the growing demand for your destination. Therefore, the part that you pay in miles increases, whereas the maximum price for tickets is always fixed when paying with miles. This is why in such cases it is more advantageous to buy your ticket for miles instead of buying a Miles & Cash ticket.

Can I make changes to tickets purchased with Miles & Cash?

  • Yes, tickets partially paid for with miles can be changed if fare rules allow it.
  • You can make changes to your ticket only by calling our Contact Centre at 8 800 700-90-10.
  • Please note:
  • Change fees cannot be paid in miles. If the ticket price increases as a result of making changes, all extra fees can only be paid in rubles.

Are miles earned for tickets purchased with Miles & Cash?

Yes! For every flight paid for with Miles & Cash, travelers earn bonus and status miles. The number of miles is calculated in a certain proportion. It all depends on which part of the ticket is paid in rubles and which in miles. The larger the cash share, the more miles will be credited. For example, the flight Moscow — Irkutsk is 2,613 miles, that is, 100%. If you pay 90% of the ticket with money, including fees, you can get 90% of miles. Buying a ticket to Irkutsk in this way, you will receive 2,350 miles.

Are status segments accrued for tickets purchased with Miles & Cash?

Yes! For every flight paid with Miles & Cash, travelers receive 1 status segment. A segment is equal to one flight segment. For example, a Novosibirsk-Moscow flight is 1 segment, and a Novosibirsk-Moscow-Sochi flight is already 2 segments. You get 1 segment at any percentage of cash payment (except in cases of 100% payment of the fare in miles), which brings you closer to the next status in the program much faster!

Can I get additional services for tickets purchased using Miles & Cash?

Yes, you can buy any additional services for tickets purchased using Miles & Cash.You can pay for them in miles as well as in cash.

Can I use Miles & Cash when purchasing transfer tickets?

Yes, using Miles & Cash, you can purchase tickets for multi-leg itineraries, but only if all the flights are operated by S7 Airlines and the route does not include any flights at subsidized fares.

Which tickets cannot be paid for using Miles & Cash?

Miles & Cash cannot be used to buy tickets at subsidized fares or tickets for flights operated by partner airlines.

Can I pay for 100% of my ticket with Miles & Cash?

When using Miles & Cash, you can pay the fare and fuel surcharges in miles. However, other fees, such as airport or service charges, are paid separately.

Can I return tickets purchased with Miles & Cash?

Yes, tickets partially redeemed with miles can be returned according to the rules of the fare at which they were purchased. It will not be possible to return the cost of a ticket for a certificate from 07/26/2022.

Can I upgrade tickets purchased with Miles & Cash?

Yes, for a ticket purchased with Miles & Cash, you can purchase an Upgrade with both miles and rubles. If you issue an Upgrade ticket for rubles, then you need to pay for the service with the same card that you used to purchase the ticket.