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Terms and Conditions S7 Priority

Full Terms and Conditions of the S7 Priority programme you can find here.

Who can become a member?
Children 2 years of age and older
How can I become a member?
Downloading the S7 Airlines app to your mobile phone
Follow the link fill out the form
Through Programme Partners. More
What do I need to log into Personal Account?

We have made it easier for you to enter your personal account, now you can use your email, phone or member number as a login, and assign one password that will be suitable for all three logins.

Member’s number and PIN
Find your member’s number on your temporary, personal or partnership card. The PIN will be sent to you in a welcome letter and via SMS if you specify an existing phone number when registering for the Programme.
Email и пароль
The password you have set when registering for the Programme.
Phone number and password
The password you have set when registering for the Programme.

If you became a member of S7 Priority when you got a joint bank card, such as S7-Tinkoff, or registered through the Service Center, then you can use the PIN code that was sent to you in your welcome letter as a password to enter your personal account. Next, in your personal account, we recommend that you create your own password to enter.

Welcome Miles for registration

Welcome miles will be credited to your account automatically if you have flown with S7 Airlines within 365 days before registration or after your first flight.

The number of welcome miles depends on how you registered:

When registering through a Partner
According to the terms of the Partner
When registering on the website or in the S7 Airlines app
• 1,000 miles — children aged 2 to 12
• 500 miles adults and children over 12 years old
Recovery of Miles for previous flights

We will automatically credit you with miles for flights completed within 365 days prior to enrollment in the Program. If you discover that miles have been earned on your flights prior to check-in, you can request a mileage refund. More

Registration for S7 Priority Programme
Flights with S7 Airlines made within 365 days prior to registration in the Program
What if miles were not credited automatically?

Сredited of miles for a flight with S7 Airlines and partner airlines in the status of a Program member, if miles for it were not automatically accrued:

  • within 3 days after the flight with S7 Airlines;
  • within 10 days after the flight is operated by a partner airline;
  • on the website in your personal account, indicating the date of departure, flight route, airline code and flight number.

Miles are credited automatically:
When purchasing a ticket / ordering a service or when checking in for a flight, you indicated your S7 Priority Program membership number.
If the name, surname and date of birth indicated on your ticket match those in your Personal Account on the S7 Airlines website.
What are miles credited for?
For flights with S7 Airlines and Partners
You can find out how many miles you will get for the flight here.
For payment for goods and services with a co-branded card
Pay for your purchases with cards of partner banks and get miles. More
For services of other Partners of the Programme
You can find the full list of partners of the Programme here.
Validity Period of Miles
Miles do not expire until the child reaches the age of 12
For children from 2 to 12 years of age
Until the end of the year plus 2 full next calendar years
For adults and children 12 years of age and older
How to prevent Miles from expiring?
Take a flight
It is necessary to make one flight during a calendar year on a regular flight of S7 Airlines or on a flight of a partner airline at the fare included in the miles accrual. More

Accrue miles for your purchases
Accumulate at least 5,000 miles (not counting the commendation for the activation of the card and the miles accrued as part of the Partner’s shares and special offers) during the last year of the validity of miles, using payment cards of partner banks when paying for goods or services. More
Prolongation of Miles
You can prolong the validity period of miles at the end of the year (no more than 100,000 miles).
Earn miles together
Earn miles on your Family Account by teaming up with your loved ones. If any member of the Family Account (head or member) makes at least 1 flight with S7 Airlines in the current calendar year, then all bonus miles of the account managed by the Head remain valid and do not expire. Together you can earn miles faster, which means you can travel more and enjoy additional services on board S7 Airlines. More
Earn miles with partner banks
Accumulate at least 5,000 miles (excluding welcome miles for card activation and miles accrued as part of promotions and special offers of the Partner) during the last year of the validity of miles, using payment cards of partner banks of Almazergienbank, BBR Bank, PrimSotsBank, Alfa-Bank, Intesa, PSB when paying for goods or services. More
What can I spend miles on?
Book an award flight of S7 Airlines
The cost of the award ticket for S7 Airlines flights starts from 5,000 miles per one-way ticket. More
Transfer miles to another member
You can transfer no more than 10,000 miles to the account of another member within a calendar year. More
Donate miles to charity
The S7 Priority programme is a partner of Obiknovennoe Chudo and Rusfond charitable foundations.
Book an award flight of partner airlines
The cost of the award flight of a partner airline starts from 7,500 miles. Award tickets for flights of partner airlines can be one-way as well as roundtrip.
Upgrade your service class on an S7 Airlines flight
Service Class Upgrade
from Economy to Business starts from 8,000 miles (the service can be ordered during online check-in, at the check-in counter or through the Service Centre).
Conditions for award booking

To issue a ticket or service with miles, the following conditions must be met simultaneously:

Required number of miles on your account
The cost of the award ticket for S7 Airlines flights starts from 5,000 miles per one-way ticket. To find out the number of miles required to book the award ticket for the destination you are interested in, click here.
Miles accrued for a flight with S7 Airlines on your account
If you have miles on your account for at least one flight of S7 Airlines taken as a member in the current year or in the year prior to the order of the Reward.
Where can I order the Award Service Class Upgrade?
Through the Service Center
Service booking starts 48 hours before and ends 3 hours before the flight departure. The business lounge service is not provided, the baggage allowance complies with the fare rules of the purchased ticket. The free upgrade service can be provided to Platinum Status Members and S7-Tinkoff joint card holders immediately after the ticket purchase and no later than 3 hours before the flight departure. Phones: 8 800 700-90-10 (free within Russia) or +7 495 783-0707 (for calls from Moscow).
At the check-in counter at the airport
Service booking starts no earlier than 3 hours before the flight departure. Business lounge access is not provided. The free baggage allowance equals the baggage allowance of the paid Economy Class fare.
During online registration
Service booking is available no earlier than 24 hours and no later than 3 hours before the flight departure. The executive lounge service is not offered. The free baggage allowance equals the baggage allowance of the paid Economy Class fare.
Discount for children and infants for award tickets
Children under 2 years of age
(S7 Airlines tickets)
Occupying a seat — 25% discount off the adult ticket airfare.
Not occupying a seat — 100% discount off the adult ticket airfare.
Children from 2 to 12 years of age
(S7 Airlines tickets)

25% discount off the adult ticket airfare.