Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion

Author: Sasha Zerkalyova Moscow, Russia

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The Russian brand GJOE's spot used to be occupied by various cafés and stores in the previous years but none of them lasted. The store's owner and brand's creator Igor Isayev says that Nikitsky boulevard is one of the best sites in Moscow with a particular air. And it seems that the boulevard reciprocates. You can buy here useful, technological and simply beautiful jeans and parkas that will remind you of Japanese designer art. But this is not the most important thing about the store. On weekends you may bump into people attracted by the boulevard's energy and the charisma of Igor himself. They are actors, musicians, architects, and editors of fashion magazines. Maybe you won't find the jeans you have been dreaming about, but you will definitely meet some nice people to share a late breakfast with.

Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion
Nikitsky Blvd, 25, Moskva, Russia, 119019
+7 495 478-19-05
Mon-Sun 11:00-22:00

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