Oh! Mumbai

Author: Yana Saint Petersburg, Russia


What's good about any ethnic cuisine, you always more or less know what to expect. Indian means spicy, exotic and light and Oh! Mumbai meets the expectations: the chef has moved from India, the interiors are decorated with palm trees and oriental chandeliers and walls covered in Hindi writings. Their palak paneer is really burning spicy so you’d want some bitter Indian beer at once, while their curry should be better shared. The place is actually for big companies: wooden tables are moved together and you order half the menu without looking to try everything. Don't hesitate to be noisy, drop your forks or make selfies with a white-bearded sage in the background – you will for sure get a mango lassi on the house.

Oh! Mumbai
embankment river Moyka, 62/2, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 190000
+7 812 314-03-40
Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00

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