Author: Anna Bichevskaya Stockholm, Sweden


Kungsträdgården is one of the oldest parks in Stockholm. In the 15th century it was a kitchen garden, which gradually transformed into a Royal Garden. Now it is a traditional meeting point for both citizens and tourists. The park features an ice rink around the Statue of Charles XIII in winter. In spring, when all 68 Sakura trees blossom, the day of Sakura is celebrated (on 30 April). Kungsträdgården hosts free concerts, youth festivals and other open-air events in summer and autumn. One of them is a gay-parade with colorful flags, speckled costumes, and creative posters. Swedes are loyal to their city. In 1971 the governmental plan to construct a metro station, which called for the old elms to be chopped down, led to violent protests and even a tree-hugger campaign (people chained themselves to the elms). Eventually the trees were saved. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the park holds Qigong from 9:00 till 10::00 till the end of September.

Stockholm, Sweden
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