310 Airbus of Siberia Airlines arrives in Novosibirsk: first flight and first maintenance service


In July of this year, Siberia Airlines took 2 planes of this type for operational leasing. 310 aircrafts fly mainly on the routes Moscow - Irkutsk, Moscow - Kemerovo, and from Moscow to a number of airports abroad. However, the aircraft will be serviced in Novosibirsk. Periodic A-check maintenance service of 310 is conducted after 400 hours of flying time. The first plane totaled this flight time in just over a month of flying in Siberia Airlines which is evidence of very efficient operation of the aircraft by the company.
The first maintenance service of 310 was carried out under the supervision of German experts from Lufthansa Technik, while future maintenance of 310 in Novosibirsk will be provided by specially trained Russian specialists only. The aircraft maintenance base of Siberia Airlines has been servicing aircraft of the Airbus family since April of 2003, when an A320 airliner of the Armavia company, the strategic partner of Siberia Airlines in Armenia, arrived in Novosibirsk for its first maintenance service. Since then the aircraft maintenance base of Siberia Airlines has conducted 20 A-checks of 320.
In-house servicing of western-made aircraft allows Siberia Airlines to cut its operational costs by a substantial margin and create new jobs for engineering and technical staff in Novosibirsk. At the same time, the establishment of an aircraft maintenance base for servicing western-made aircraft will increase the appeal of Novosibirsk as an air transportation center of international importance.