A319's complete the S7 Airlines fleet


The airplanes, manufactured in 2005, were earlier operated by Northwest Airlines. Each plane features a spacious and comfortable two-class arrangement of the cabin intended to house 128 passengers.

”Having successfully completed the entire procedure of international auditing of compliance with operational safety standards, now we rank second among Russian operators IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) and have better opprotunities for developing our international route network”, noted Vladislav Filyov, General director of ОАО Siberia Airlines /S7 Airlines/. “That is why reinforcement of our fleet with modern aircrafts comes at the most appropriate moment”, he added.

А319 aircrafts, along with А318s, А320s and А321s belong to the family of modern narrow-hull Airbus А320 airplanes. Bringing into operation aircraft of this family comprises one of the stages in our strategic program of renewal and modernization of S7’s fleet planned for a 7-year period.

”Numerous independent surveys show that passengers have taken an instant liking to spacious and comfortable cabins of А320 planes furnished with wider seats, whereas carriers and investors prefer these aircrafts for their modern design and attractive economy effectiveness”, the Airbus staff pointed out.

In 9 months of 2007, the А319 airplanes have spent 17,254 hours in the air, which comprised 17% of the total S7 Airlines fleet’s flying hours during that period. The average monthly flying hours per aircraft of this type amounted to 280 hours.

In 2007, S7 Airlines is continuing its program of modernizing the fleet planned for the nearest 7 years. Several large-scale contracts have been concluded within the framework of the program, including agreements for new airplane purchases with such leading world civil aviation manufacturers as Boeing and Airbus:

    »  Twenty five Airbus А320 airplanes, start of delivery in 2009;
    »  Ten Boeing 737-800 airplanes, start of delivery in 2010;
    »  Fifteen Boeing 787 Dreamliner, start of delivery in 2014.

Also, operation leasing agreements were signed with ILFC Company for 4 new Airbus А320 airplanes (start of delivery early in 2008), and the Cramington leasing company, for 9 Airbus А319 airplanes. The initial two А319s from this shipment have already been delivered to the airline and are going to commence commercial flights in mid-October.

In 9 months of the current year, S7 Airlines’ traffic volume has increased by 10% against the similar period of the past year, amounting to 4,259 thousand passengers. In doing so, the passenger turnover has grown by 5% and reached 10,42 billion passenger/kilometers; the S7 fleet’s flying hours have made up 104,5 thousand hours, which is by 9% more than the similar figure in 2006. The index of effective load has grown considerably, by 3.6 points, and now equals 81.9%. S7 Airlines’ revenues have grown in 9 months of 2007 compared to the similar last year’s reporting period by 27% and comprised 845 million US dollars (exclusive of VAT).