A319 airbuses start operating S7’s scheduled daily Moscow — Kemerovo flights


The first A319 flights to Kemerovo took place in August, after which the airport was authorized to handle this type of aircraft. The A319 will now operate the route permanently.

In summer 2006, as part of its fleet modernization program, S7 Airlines leased 6 A319 aircraft. It is due to start using another 4 by the end of the year. Along with the A318, A320 and A321, the A319 is part of the Airbus A320 family of modern narrow-bodied aircraft. The aircraft used by S7 are equipped with CFM56-5 engines manufactured by CFM international. All the aircrafts were built in 1999-2000. They are painted bright green, in keeping with S7’s new image. The company intends to use the A319 primarily on flights to cities in Siberia, as well as on international routes.

“The results of several independent surveys show that passengers want spacious, comfortable, wider seating like that found in the A320 group. Carriers and investors have also shown a strong preference for these planes because of their modern build and economic efficiency,” Airbus stated.

“The A319 is rightly considered one of the best aircraft in the world in its class, in terms both of technological specifications and of comfort. Our aim is for the A319 to fly to all major cities in Siberia, and, step by step, we are achieving it,” said Sergey Stepanishchev, Director of S7 Group’s Siberian regional branch.

It is worth noting that the A319 is the third type of aircraft used by S7 specialists together with Kemerovo Airport. S7 flights to Kemerovo were previously operated by A310 and Boeing 737 aircraft. The introduction of the A319 is another stage in the implementation of new-generation technology on S7 flights.

You can find a flight timetable, check seat availability and book tickets on the company’s official website, www.s7.ru, or by calling (free from within Russia).