Agreement signed between “Siberia Airlines” and “British Airways”


“The interline agreement with British Airways is an important event for us. This is a sign of the acknowledgment of the quality of our services on the part of one of the leading airlines in the world”, said Stanislav Ilin, head of the Interline Department of “Siberia Airlines”. "Now passengers can buy tickets on both airlines at any ticketing outlet of the sales networks of both Siberia Airlines and British Airways” he added.

Flights between any destinations on the route networks of Siberia and British Airways can now also be ticketed within one ticket of either of these airlines.

Siberia Airlines is an active member of IATA (the International Air Transport Association), and is systematically expanding its international route network. During the past few years, intensive work has been undertaken to conclude interline agreements between Siberia Airlines and other airlines. Today the number of airlines with which such agreements have been concluded has reached 58, including airlines such as Lufthansa, Korean Air, Air , Qantas Airways, Delta, Thai Airways, and Iberia.