Air servicing station (ASS) of Siberia Airlines at Tolmachevo Airport


At present at ASS periodical servicing of aircrafts of all types run by Siberia Airlines is performed: IL-86, TU-204 and TU-154. Depending on season and traffic flow rate at the hangar from 20 to 30 planes of Siberia Airlines of different types can be serviced monthly. Starting from 2000 at Tolmachevo station high volume of recovery works at planes earlier owned by Vnukovo Airlines has been performed. By joint efforts of Siberia Airlines engineering staff more than 10 aircrafts TU-154 and 5 IL-86 have been repaired during this time. Since 2002 Line maintenance station of Siberia Airlines has been functioning at Domodedovo airport providing technical support of aircrafts TU-154 and IL-86 carrying out flights of the company from Moscow. Technical Maintenance Complex staff comprised of Tolmachevo ASS for March 2003 consisted of more than 1000 persons including 300 engineers, 600 aircraft mechanics and about 200 workers of service shops. Siberia Airlines ASS staff consists of 900 persons. In 1990 and at the beginning of 2000s Siberia Airlines performed more than once compound types of technical servicing of aircrafts TU-154B/M for other Siberian and Far-East airlines, especially for «KogalimAvia», «BlagoveshenskAvia», «Yamal» and others. In 1994-2001 routine servicing of wide-body aircrafts IL-86 of Xinjiang China Airlines (Urumchi, China) was carried out. From 1992 to 2002 many Siberia Airlines technicians got a lot of practice abroad under hot climate conditions of Iranian Republic where Siberia Airlines aircrafts were run on the leasing basis. Up to last March Siberia Airlines Line maintenance station servicing aircrafts TU-154M functioned in Meshhed city.