Аirbus А319 aircrafts on the Far East routes of S7 Airlines


”We planned to use foreign-made aircraft to service key regional routes a long time ago. And today, after the signing of contracts for delivery of such aircraft, we are beginning to put this plan into action. Now air travelers from the Far East region have an opportunity to choose modern, safe, comfortable airplanes for their flights and to enjoy traveling with S7 Airlines”, — said Aleksandr Zyubr, the Director of the eastern division of S7 Airlines.

The Airbus А319, belongs to the narrow-bodied family of А320 aircraft. The aircraft from this family are considered to be the best in their class and are distinguished by their high economic efficiency. The pilots of S7 Airlines went through the entire re-training process in this new technology and received corresponding training at various leading training centers of the world. The air training crew of S7 Airlines has the required certifications and the essential experience for flying on these type of airplanes.

The business-class passangers that come from Vladivostok via Novosibirsk and fly further on the domestic routes of S7 can spend their time waiting for their connecting flights in our own comfortable S7 Airlines business lounge. For an additional fee, economy class passengers can also purchase an admission to the business lounge.

S7 Airlines constantly raises its level of service, updates its existing fleet of aircraft and makes every effort to make each flight a pleasant and memorable experience. S7 Airlines is the largest airline on Russian domestic air routes and is in the world’s ТОР-50 air-transport carriers in this category. In 2006 S7 Airlines made over 40 thousand flights, in which 4.9 million passengers and 28 thousand tons of cargo and mail were transported. On May 30th, 2007 the S7 Group of Companies signed a contract for the delivery of 15 long-range last generation Boeing 787 Dreamliner and they have the right to purchase 10 more planes on similar terms.

You can find the exact flight schedule, tariff usage rules and available seats for specific flights, as well as purchase tickets on the airline’s website www.s7.ru or call (toll free calls within Russia).