Annual meeting of stockholders of Public Corporation Siberian Airline was hold


During meeting of Public Corporation Siberian Airline following questions were analyzed:

  1. Determination of order of holding the meeting of stockholders.
  2. Adoption of annual report for 2001 year.
  3. Adoption of annual accounting report including reports about profits and losses, (counts of profits and losses) of seat of the company for 2001year.
  4. Distribution of profits and loses of seat of the company according to the results of 2001 year including payment of (inviting) dividends.
  5. Adoption of regulations of seat of the company in new registration.
  6. Adoption of statute about stockholders meeting.
  7. Adoption of statute about committee of directors.
  8. Adoption of statute of board of administrators of seat of the company.
  9. Adoption of regulations about auditing committee.
  10. Determination of quantitative staff of board of administrators.
  11. Election of members of board of administrators.
  12. Election of members of auditing committee.
  13. Adoption auditor of seat of the company.

With the report about results of productive and financing activity of Public Corporation Siberian Airline for 2001 year reported first deputy director Alexander Vindermut. Particularly he mantioned, that in conditions of increasing of traffic flow about 15% in general in the branch in 2001 year in airline increase made up 67%, mainly owing to widening the geography of flights, increasing number of flights and development of regional structure. As a result airline could keep and make bigger it’s presence in markets and become the second company in Russia according to volume of work done.
In the annual report were shown total productive indexes of Public Corporation Siberian Airline for 2001 year:

Index Significance Increases up to 2000 year
Number of passengers, thousand, men. 1405,4 67%
Including: domestic air — service ВВЛ
ational air-service МВЛ
in 2,6 times
Quantity of cargo, tones 11220 25%
Number of twin flights, item. 5498 34%
Total hours of flight of aircraft 43710 33%
Percentage of seat occupancy, % 73,2 6%
Percentage of enplaned traffic, % 70,4 5%
Traffic flow, 4352,0 65%
Tonne-kilometers, mln. ton-kilometer 428,5 61%

The main increase of conveyed passengers in 2001 year was provided by passengers in international lines, number of which increased in 2,6 times in comparison with 2000 year by increase in domestic lines, made up 36% and by volume of public conveyance in CIS, which increased in 45%. During 2001 year regular flights in line of Novosibirsk — Vladivostok - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, Irkutsk - Yakutsk, Irkutsk - Shenyan are opened, increased frequency of flights to Yakutsk and St. Petersburg to German from Novosibirsk, from Omsk and from Moscow; to Moscow from Barnaul and from Tomsk. Level of regularity of flights in arriving to terminal in accordance with adverse weather conditions made up 81%, including international lines - 80%, on the central schedule - 81% in CIS lines — 83%. Average distance of transportation of airline in 2000 year stays on level of 1999 year and made up 3 292 km(in 2000 year — 3 223 km). Up to 01 January airpark of main-line trackage of Siberian Airline had 64 planes. During 2001 year a payroll of explotable by airline «Siberia» planes of the park, changed: were come: Il-86 — 11 aircrafts; Tu — 154b — 3 aircrafts; Tu — 204 — 1 aircraft. For summary period 5 planes were written off (IL — 86 — 2 , Tu — 154B — 2 and Tu — 154M — 1). In 2001 year a set of factors negativly influenced to results of work of airline. Except rise in prices of airpatrol part of which in outlay increased from 43% in 2000 year to 47%, appreciably increased expense for reparing of outmoded aeronautical engineering and for renewal of working park of planes of airline. Also extraexpenses influenced for increase of the part of undistributed profits in expenses of airline from 1,9% in 2000 year to 1,1 in 2001 year connecting with aircrash of Tu — 154(RA — 85693), happened 04 of October 2001 year. Sales proceeds of service of airline «Siberia» in the main work in 2001 year made up 4 984,2 mln. rubles., that is 1,74 times more then in 2000 year. Expenses of airline «Siberia» in the main work in 2000 year made up 4 587,8 mln. rubles., that is 1,72 times more. In accordance of work balance in 2001 year the airline got a profit from the main kinds of work that equals to 13,5 mln. rubles. In this connection gross profit of the main kinds of work made up the sum of 393,3 mln. rubles. Chairman of board of directors of Public Corporation Siberian Airline Vladimir Tasun especially marked, that board of directors will do everything in it’s power to finish 2002 year with profit from what 20 mln. rubles will be given for dividend payment. The main direction of commercial politics of the airline in 2001 year was optimization of done flights with the goal to increase effectiveness of conveyance. For the goal achievement following tasks were successfully accomplished: widening of geography of flights, expansion of frequency of flight in existent and perspective directions, increase number of flights with minimizing of fares, abolition of unprofitable flights, further development of own sales, increase of quality of service on the aircraft side, development of agent network of sales. Siberian Airline is a major tax-payer in budgets of all levels and in off-budget funds. During 2001 year airline transfered dues and fees of all levels equal to 210,9 mln. rubles (in 2000 year — 189,3 mln. rubles). During summary year airline made payments and expenses of social kind, stimulating the work of staff of airline, giving support for different socially important organizations, for invalids, for pensioners. Total sum of such expenses in 2001 year made up 50 471 thousand rubles. During voting of questions about adoption of annual report, balance sheet, bills of profits and expenses for 2001 year, were given for more then 99% from the total number of voices of stockholders, who took part in the meeting. In connection with absence of the pure profit on results of work for 2001 year on the basis of an item 42 Laws of Russian Federation «About joint-stock companies» from 24.11.95 at the meeting was accepted the decision not to distribute profits At meeting of the shareholders the new structure of Board of directors of airline consisting of eight men was elected: Bogachyova Irina Leonidovna — the chief of a section of department of property of an industry, construction, transport and communication of Ministry of Property of Russia, Gribkov A.V. — the member of Board of directors of public corporation IC «Eurofinances», Kosourov V.S. — the first assistant of the chapter of administration of Novosibirsk region, Koshkin A.A. — the general director of public corporation «Sibmost», Michin Alexander Anatolyevich — the Chairman of the Siberian bank of savings bank, of Russia, Tasun V.N. — the chief West-Siberian ???? ?? Ministry of Transport of Russia, Filyov V.F. — the general director of public corporation Airline «Siberia», Filyova N.V. — the first assistant of the general director of finance, economy and commercial work of public corporation Airline «Siberia». The auditor of public corporation Airline «Siberia» for 2001 by the majority of votes again was authorized Novosibirsk auditing firm ??? «Audit-Garant» (company of limited liability). The shareholders of public corporation Siberian Airline have not ratified new edition of the charter of the corporation and statute about general meeting of the shareholders, about board of directors of the corporation, about management of the corporation, about an auditing commission. Total number of the passengers, transported on flights of «Siberia» during first five months of 2002 year, has made 802797 men, that is 67, 5 % more, than for the similar period of 2001 year. The passenger turnover of Siberian Airline for the given period also has increased on 65 % and has reached a level of 2363,0 mln. passenger-km. Thus there was an increase of commercial loading at 3,9 % and employment of armchairs on 5,25 %, which accordingly have made 66,7 % and 69,1 %. On results of 2001 airline «Siberia» became the laureate of IV All-Russia premium «The Crystal globe» in nomination « The Best Russian airline in the tourist market ». Also «Siberia» is the laureate of III and IV of competitions Russian Travel Awards in«Best Russian airline» nomination. During the International aerospace salon ???S-2001 editions of the well-known business air editions «An Air transport review» (Russia) and Aviation Week and Space Technology (USA) have handed the general director of Siberian Airline Vladislav Filyov the Diploma «The Manager of year in air transport of Russia».