Annual meeting of the shareholders of JSC "Siberia Airlines"


The following questions were examined at the meeting of the shareholders of JSC "Siberia Airlines".

  1. Approval of the annual report and the annual accounting reports, including the profit and loss reports (profit and loss accounts) of the company for 2004. 
  2. Distribution of profits and losses of the company based on 2004 results, including the payment (declaration) of dividends.
  3. Determination of the numerical composition of the Board of Directors.
  4. Election of members of the Board of Directors.
  5. Election of members of the Audit Committee.
  6. Approval of the company’s external auditor.
  7. Approval of major transactions.

Alexander Vindermut, the First Deputy General Director for Operations, gave a report on the results of the operational and financial activity of JSC "Siberia Airlines" for 2004. The final figures for the financial and business activity of JSC "Siberia Airlines" for the reporting period were presented in the report.

The revenue from the realization of services by Siberia Airlines in 2004 comprised 15,067.7 mln. rubles, which was 34.8% more than in 2003. The operational cost of sales in 2004 was 13,457.4 mln. rubles, which exceeded the figure for 2003 by 43.2%. According to the results for all types of activity, the airlines incurred a loss of 838.7 mln. rubles in 2004.

The shareholders voted to approve the annual report, the accounting balance sheet, and the profit and loss accounts for 2004. Taking into consideration to the 2004 results, the decision was taken not to pay dividends.

The Novosibirsk auditing firm Audit-Garant was again chosen to be the auditor for JSC "Siberia Airlines" in 2005 by a majority of votes. The audit committee of the airline was also elected.

A new Board of Directors for the airline was also chosen at the meeting, consisting of nine persons: A. A. Vindermut — the First Deputy Director of JSC "Siberia Airlines" for Operations; A. B. Gribkov - a member of the Board of Directors of "IK 'Evrofinansi'", V. A. Zhmulev - the head of the Siberian Inter-regional Division of the RFFI, A. A. Koshkin - the General the General Director of JSC "Sibmost", I. B. Kuznetsov - the General Director of "Firma Factor LTD", T. I. Lomovtseva - an attorney with "Portfelnye Investitsii", V. F. Filev - the General Director of JSC "Siberia Airlines", N. V. Fileva, the First Deputy General Director for Finances, Economics and Commercial Work of JSC "Siberia Airlines", V. V. Sharov - the head of department of the Federal Aviation Transportation Agency.

The shareholders approved major transactions for credits from the Joint-Stock Commercial Savings Bank of the Russian Federation.

On the same day, the membership of the Board of Directors elected Albert Aleksandrovich Koshkin, who holds the scholarly degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences, to again be the Chairman of the Board.