Attention! The ticket sale has started!


The reduced fares apply to S7 flights in the period from January 1 through October 24, 2009. Tickets may be purchased at any airline ticket sales counter or on the company’s website

During the sale, the fare for the flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Samara or Kazan will be 100 rubles** compared to the usual fares for these routes, which are 1000 rubles, 2,100 rubles and 1,300 rubles respectively.

The fare for the flight from Moscow to Khabarovsk has been reduced to 5,500 rubles from 8,000 rubles, and from Moscow to Novy Urengoi to 6,000 rubles from 10,580 rubles.

* - The indicated web fare does not include surcharges and fees and is available only for purchases on the company’s website The web fares are in effect all season long. The main principle is early ticket purchase. The sooner you purchase your ticket on the website, the more affordable the fare will be.

** The fares are indicated on one-way flights and do not include surcharges and fees. You can look over the fare application rules and get seat availability information by visiting the company’s website or by calling (toll-free in Russia).