Automated passenger / baggage check-in system to be introduced at Kemerovo airport for S7 flights


The introduction of the SITA DCS is an important stage in Kemerovo Airport’s integration into the global air carriage system, of its changeover to the use of electronic tickets, of improving its operations and of raising the level of its services and of aviation safety at the airport.

The SITA DCS makes it possible to speed up the check-in process and to effectively process and transmit all the information required about passengers and their baggage, improving the quality of service for different passenger categories. It can be used to make a complete check of passengers’ passport details, thus making it harder for criminals to board aircraft. The introduction of this system is not just one of the stages in the planned changeover to the use of electronic tickets, but also a necessary condition of the development of other modern services such as checking in using the Internet or a mobile phone and the introduction of self-service check-in desks at airports.

“Once the system has been introduced, the flight check-in procedure will become simpler. This innovation is particularly convenient for passengers on transfer routes. A Kemerovo passenger traveling, for instance, to Sochi or Hannover with a transfer at a Moscow airport will be able to check in for the entire route, which will spare him/her hassle in Moscow,” said Sergey Stepanishchev, Director of S7 Group’s Siberian regional branch.

At present, S7 Airlines is using SITA DCS at more than 10 airports, including its Moscow, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk bases. Thanks to this, up to 350,000 passengers a month were checked in through the system in the summer season —more than 50% of S7’s total passenger traffic.

You can find a flight timetable, check seat availability and book tickets on the company’s official website,, or by calling (free from within Russia).