Balance of the work of Siberian Airline for six months of 2002 year


Number of flights of "Siberia" in January-June increased in 44% in comparison with six first months of 2001year. 12 new flights appeared in a regular schedule of "Siberia", which were not last year, including 3 international. Percentage of seat occupancy during flights of "Siberia" made up 70,5%, and a percentage of an enplaned traffic - 67,1% (in 2001 year - 67,0% and 66,8% accordingly).
Conveyances by domestic air - service made up 58,5% from the total number of carried passengers, part of international conveyances made up 41,5%. The main part of international conveyances contains chartered flights from Moscow. There was a sizeable expansion of traffic flow in german (in1, 4 times) and Chinese (in 1,9 times) directions in international cheduled air service.
Except increase of quantitative indexes, work efficiency of the airline is also marked. In January-June right line margin increased in 2,1 times in comparison with the same period in 2001 year. Thus, total work efficiency of company increased.