Carriage of passengers booking flights through


In relation to enquiries about the on-line travel agency Sindbad, which has ceased trading, we wish to confirm that all S7 Airlines tickets which have been purchased through Sindbad are valid.

Passengers can check the details of their booking in the “My Bookings section” of the site.

We recommend passengers to check that their ticket number starts with 421. If it does not, then the ticket has been printed on a ticket blank belonging to another airline. In that case the passenger must contact the airline indicated on the ticket.

We would also like to remind passengers that it is cheapest to buy air tickets through our site: Passengers can be confident that buying tickets through the airline’s site is a convenient and reliable, as well as the cheapest, way to buy tickets. On passengers can also take advantage of discounts on additional services, including excess baggage, Extra Space seats or a choice of seat.