Christmas tickets sale by Siberia Airlines on December 18 - 28, 2003


The size of discount for the majority of the flights will be in the order of 50% of the basic tariffs and shall be valid for both domestic and International flights of Siberia Airlines. Please find the «Siberia Airlines’ Christmas» tariff schedule for its various flights below. Christmas” Tariffs (round trip): 600 rbl. Moscow—Nizhniy Novgorod (the number of seats sold under the tariff was increased) 1990 rbl. Novosibirsk — Nizhnevartovsk Novosibirsk — Ulan-Ude Irkutsk — Blagoveschensk Khabarovsk — Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Vladivostok — Ulan-Ude 2990 rbl. Moscow — Vladikavkaz Moscow — Murmansk Moscow — Sochi Moscow — Mineralnye Vody Moscow — Makhachkala Moscow — Nizhnevartovsk Moscow — Krasnodar 3990 rbl. Moscow — Omsk Novosibirsk — Irkutsk Novosibirsk — Vladivostok Novosibirsk — Norilsk Irkutsk — Vladivostok 4490 rbl. Moscow — Novosibirsk Moscow — Barnaul Moscow — Tomsk Moscow — Kemerovo Moscow — Novokuznetsk 4990 rbl. Moscow — Norilsk Novosibirsk — Khabarovsk Novosibirsk — Yakutsk Novosibirsk — Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Novosibirsk — Saint-Petersburg Irkutsk — Yakutsk Vladivostok — Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 5990 rbl. Moscow — Novyi Urengoi Novosibirsk — Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 6990 rbl. Moscow — Irkutsk Moscow — Ulan-Ude 99 $US Moscow — Kiev 149 $US * Moscow — Munich Moscow — Hanover Moscow — D?sseldorf Moscow — Frankfurt-on-Main 299 $US ** Novosibirsk — Frankfurt-on-Main Novosibirsk — Hanover Novosibirsk—Seoul Omsk — Frankfurt-on-Main Omsk — Hanover 399 $US Novosibirsk — Tel-Aviv * 149 EURO — when bought in Germany ** 349 EURO — when bought in Germany It is the third year in succession that Siberia Airlines has held such a Christmas tickets sale and it has become a welcomed tradition. This discount allows the company to attract new passengers in the season-specific, low demand periods of decreased passenger flow. At the same time Siberia Airlines’ customers are provided with an opportunity to purchase their tickets at tariffs that are sometimes below those for railway transport. A «Christmas» tariff ticket shall be issued only for a round trip ticket with a fixed date of departure. Booking of tickets for any flight segment, their execution and payment shall be made simultaneously. Siberia’s own ticket offices, as well as its authorized offices are entitled to offer these discounts. The number of discounted tickets is limited. More detailed information on the sale procedure and ticket prices can be accessed on the Siberia Airlines official Website at:, in the company’s representative and ticket offices, and in the air agencies of campaign participants. According to the data provided by the Transport Clearing Organization as per the end-of-first-half year of 2003, Siberia Airlines was ranked first among Russian airlines in passenger traffic on domestic flights and second—on international flights. In June 2003 Siberia Airlines became the first Russian company declared the winner of Flight International Aerospace Awards under the category «Corporate Strategy».