Double miles with TAM Airlines


Double miles with TAM Airlines

The action is ended

In conjunction with official joining of TAM Airlines to oneworld alliance from 31 March 2014, S7 Airlines holds a mutual Double miles promotion from 01 MAY 2014 to 31 MAY 2014 on all TAM Airlines flights.1

Registration period for the promo is 15 APR 201 - 31 MAY 2014 and the flights are within 01 MAY 2014 to 31 MAY 2014.

TAM Airlines eligible booking classes for double miles earning.

About S7 Priority

Airline - partnerEligible booking classes
TAM Airlines (JJ) F, P, A, C, D, J, Z, Y, B, E, U, S, H, M, K, G, Q, V, L, N

1 S7 will consider the flights in accordance with booking classes which may apply for accrual Double miles and flown after the registration in this action.