Electronic Ticket Technology Implemented on S7 Airlines Flights in Tomsk


The transition to electronic tickets is one of the highest priority tasks for the airline industry both in Russia and abroad. Substantial preparatory work was done to introduce the electronic tickets in Tomsk. At the Tomsk airport an automated system for checking in passengers and luggage was installed thus allowing check-in using an electronic ticket. Prior to that, more than 40 Tomsk ticket sales agents had been trained for free by the specialists of S7 Airlines. More than 300 electronic tickets have been issued in Tomsk through sales offices, which suggests that people are very interested in this option. Electronic ticket issuance is becoming an additional tool in the competition to win over passengers both for airlines and ticket agencies.

Electronic tickets are already being offered and accepted for all S7 Airlines flights departing from the following cities of Russia:

    »  Anapa (AAQ);
    »  Astrakhan (ASF);
    »  Barnaul (BAX);
    »  Vladivostok (VVO);
    »  Vоlgоgrad (VOG);
    »  Irkutsk (IKT);
    »  Kazan (KAZ);
    »  Kemerovo (KEJ);
    »  Krasnodar (KRR);
    »  Moscow (DME);
    »  Nizhnevartovsk (NJC);
    »  Nizhny Novgorod (GOJ);
    »  Nоvy Urengоy (NUX);
    »  Novosibirsk (OVB);
    »  Оmsk (OMS);
    »  Perm (PEE) domestic flights;
    »  Rostov-on-Don (ROV);
    »  St. Petersburg (LED);
    »  Tomsk (TOF);
    »  Ufa (UFA);
    »  Khabarovsk (KHV);
    »  Chelyabinsk (CEK);
    »  Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (UUS);

Electronic tickets are also available on all of S7 Airlines’ international flights from the following cities:

    »  Baku (BAK);
    »  Bangkоk (BKK);
    »  Hanover (HAJ);
    »  Dublin (DUB);
    »  Dusseldоrf (DUS);
    »  Innsbruck (INN);
    »  Kiev (KBP);
    »  Munich (MUC);
    »  Pavlоdar (PWQ);
    »  Beijing (BJS);
    »  Sanya (SYX);
    »  Seoul (ICN);
    »  Tashkent (TAS);
    »  Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK);
    »  Frankfurt (FRA);
    »  Shenyang (SHE).

In the near future, electronic tickets will be offered on other S7 Airlines routes as well. Together with the routes that are already in service, this is the main thing that sets S7 Airlines apart from the other Russian carriers.

A detailed description of the advantages of electronic tickets, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and the routes on which electronic tickets can be issued are available on the airline’s website www.FlyS7.com.

S7 Airlines is Russia’s largest domestic carrier and is positioned amongst the top 50 airlines in the world in this segment. Based on the total number of transferred passengers, S7 holds second place amongst Russian airlines. In 2006 S7 Airlines completed more than 40 thousand flights on which 4.9 million passengers and more than 28,000 tons of cargos and mails were transferred. The S7 fleet is comprised of 62 aircrafts including Airbus A310, A319, Boeing 737-500/400, Il-86 and Tu-154M.