First Siberia Airlines - flight to Dalian


Dalian is already the fifth city of P.R.China, which Siberia Airlines executes its flights to. Also Siberia Airlines executes its regular and charter flights to Peking (Beijing), Urumqi, Shenyang and Tianjin.
In 1992 Siberia Airlines began to execute its flights to China and from 1996 its regular flights to Urumqi. In December 1998 the representative - office was opened, and they began to execute regular flights to Peking (Beijing). Also Siberia Airlines representative offices were opened in Shenyang and Urumqi.
From December 2000 Siberia Airlines - Western Siberia branch works in Irkutsk what is the economical, scientific and cultural center of Western Siberia. There are three offices of the airline in the city and in international terminal, and also they have a network of the own booking offices there. Now Siberia Airlines executes its flights from Irkutsk in 8 domestic and 2 international routes and executes some charter flights too.